Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 145 and 146!

Chapter 145

Chapter 146

Li Qingshan tries a new lifestyle while Qian Rongzhi deals with some unfinished business

6 thoughts on “Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 145 and 146!

  1. He had been taken away by a great battle in a history book. He failed to notice it.

    Didn’t really understand this paragraph even though i understood every other part, is it also refering to the relaxing mind set after battle like the bow metaphor on the paragraph right after?


    1. I just managed to try to understand after the next paragraphs. I believe it is that since he went away from fights and killing he was able to reflect about his atual situation both in battle style and in his personality. I could be worng after all. But without the next one or two paragraphs it is dificulty to understand that one without the context.


    2. That’s my bad, I’ll change it so it’s easier to understand.

      It’s been changed to “He failed to notice that he had become completely engrossed by a great war within a history book.”

      Hopefully that makes better sense.


      1. Yes i think it’s better like this, though it might have been just me not being able to understand i thought it would be better to say something.


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