Chaotic Sword God chapters are all up now!

I’ve managed to get all the Chaotic Sword God chapters up on this website!

You can see them at

I’ll try and have the SYWZ chapters uploaded here tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Chaotic Sword God chapters are all up now!

  1. hey pipipingu. Thanks for uploading these here. I am wondering are you gonna continue translation CSG on this site now that GT books are all under being published on the WN site? Or is this the end? Anyway I just wanna say thanks for all the years of translations I been reading CSG since the previous translator worked on it and I still consider CSG to be my fav webnovel and it has been a joy reading it untill now.


    1. Yes, I am going to continue translating CSG. It’s just that unfortunately, I’m currently in a rather busy patch of my life, so the next CSG chapters will be quite delayed.


  2. Dang it thank you also that dang Webnovel is pure garbage man can’t find any of the novels I was reading on the page before it went down.


  3. Soooo the table of contents and all of chapters other than the latest one are just straight up gone. Are they coming back or no?


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