Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 209, 210 and 211 + Patreon + Some Things to Say!

Chapter 209

Chapter 210

Chapter 211

Why three chapters today? Because I’ve lost a bet against one of my fellow readers, AMAᴅEUSɢRIM, in my discord channel. You too can earn extra chapters by betting against me in my discord channel, at the cost of finding errors for me!

Anyhow, if you haven’t realised from my CSG announcement post, I’ve got a patreon up and running (finally) for LGS! There are four tiers up right now, which correspond to $1 for 1 chapter, $3 for 2 chapters, $5 for 3 chapters and $10 for 5 chapters ahead of normal release, charged on first pledge and at the beginning of each month after that! Better get in quick to make the most out of this month 😛

Also, I will be temporarily increasing the release rate for LGS to 3 chapters a day now that I have essentially caught up with CSG. As I’ve said in a previous announcement post, I aim to release 3 chapters a day, with Chaotic Sword God taking precedence. However, with the irregular release rate of the CSG author, the days without CSG chapters will have LGS chapters instead!

For example, there was a CSG chapter today, so there should only be 2 LGS chapters, but I lost a bet, so it’s 3. If there were no CSG chapters today, it would be 4 instead.

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