Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2774 + Quite a Big Update!

Chapter 2774


First of all, that’s the chapter. Sorry for being so late. Been a little busy lately with uni + LGS.

Anyhow, cutting to the chase, the CSG releases have basically revived in the raws. I’ll just paste the translation of the author’s message here:


Releases Update

First of all, let me tell you something. So far, Chaotic Sword God has already begun to recover its releases.

The releases aren’t exactly very fast right now, just one chapter a day.

However, Xiaoyao (the author) wants to say that Xiaoyao is doing his best right now.

Doing his best to write, striving for a faster release.

It’s one chapter a day right now, but Xiaoyao is working hard towards the goal of two chapters, or three chapters a day.

Of course, just like how you eat meals mouthful by mouthful, you take steps one at a time, so let’s not get too far of ourselves. Right now, let’s focus on maintaining the release speed, followed by striving for faster releases.

Finally, Xiaoyao requires everyone’s support and everyone’s encouragement. Your support is what motivates Xiaoyao the most.

Then how can you offer your support? All I ask of you is to go to the primary release site of Chaotic Sword God, which is 17k webnovels, and leave a review, so you can show Xiaoyao just how many brothers have hung around, accompanying Xiaoyao and the novel, without leaving.

A single review, a single message from you will give Xiaoyao tremendous motivation!


Xiaoyao (the author) posted this on August 15. I broke the news in my discord server the moment the author posted it, but I held back until now publicly mainly because I didn’t really have an opportunity, and also because I wanted to do some things beforehand.

One of these things included keeping an eye over the author’s releases for a while to see how reliable his message was. Sure enough, the author did end up missing a few days every now and then in the past two weeks, but he did uphold his promise of (almost) a chapter a day, which is fantastic news.

Though, I’m still in the same situation as I mentioned earlier in this post. I don’t have too much time to do CSG right now, but I’m aiming to keep up with the author’s releases at the very least.

As for the backlogged chapters between the translations and the raws, I’ll release them as I go. I may end up saving them for when I have exams, so there’ll be consistent CSG releases for a few weeks even if I can’t translate during that time.

tl;dr: Author announced that CSG is releasing to 1 chapter a day, and he’s mostly carried through with it. Translator’s a little busy, but hopefully 1 translated chapter a day some time soon as well.

3 thoughts on “Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2774 + Quite a Big Update!

  1. That’s good news! One release a day would be very nice, it’s better then three in one day followed by a dry spell. Of course if you’re busy that’s a whole different story and we’ll take whatever you can spare.


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