Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 523!

Chapter 523

Conclusion of the war! What do y’all think?

2 thoughts on “Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 523!

  1. Thanks for the chapters! Interesting end to the volume. I feel a certain someone became Golden core a bit too easily… Looking forward to the abilities of his fourth transformation as well as the remaining transformations. I was assuming the 4 divine transformations would be based on the classic ‘4 sacred beasts’ that are referenced in eastern works with the white tiger, vermillion bird, azure dragon, and black tortoise. however, we already have a demon tiger so a sacred beast tiger might be redundant. And it wouldn’t make sense to have sacred and demonic versions of the same beasts since we already have the Ox demon which breaks the pattern. The elements also don’t seem to match so I’m curious how things will unfold.


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