Chapter 1999: The Ninth Bone Sword

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Chapter 1999: The Ninth Bone Sword

At this critical moment, an extremely powerful sword intent suddenly appeared. It permeated the entire space, causing the expressions of all the people watching on to change drastically.

Two strands of finger-sized sword Qi had appeared above Jian Chen’s head, shining with blinding light.

The strands of sword Qi were small, but the power they gave off was shocking. It filled all the Overgods present with fear, and even the expressions of the Godkings changed.

“That kid with the sword is about to die. It’s just like what I said. Not only is that swordswolf a Godking, but it also possesses the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline. The kid is definitely not his opponent. Hong Mo, it’s your loss this time,” the white-robed old man smiled at the top of the spatial battleship.

“Although the kid with the sword is going to lose to the swordswolf, it’s extremely impressive for him to force a Godking swordswolf to such state as an Overgod. If the swordswolf did not possess the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf, allowing him to use the bloodline’s power, he definitely would not have been able to defeat the young man,” Mu He said gently. Pity filled his face.

“Mu He, why’re you acting all melancholy? What is there to be depressed about? The Saints’ World is so big, and there are so many prodigies out there, but how many people are truly able to make it to the peak? Don’t most of them die along the way? Across the years, who knows how many glorious prodigies have died before me. I’ve grown numb to it,” the white-robed old man said calmly. Then, he looked at Hong Mo, and a sliver of excitement appeared in his eyes. He said, “You’ve lost the best, Hong Mo. According to what you promised us before, you’d give us two third grade God Tier healing pills, right?”

The white-robed old man paused when he reached there. A sliver of surprise appeared on his face, and he could not help but cry out, “What is this sword Qi? It’s actually so powerful! How can a sword Qi like that appear from an Overgod?”

At that moment, the indifferent Hong Mo also revealed a slight smile. He murmured to himself, “I knew it. For the vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An, to personally hunt him down, he definitely can’t be as simple as he seems. Victory remains undecided.”

As soon as the two strands of Profound Sword Qi appeared above Jian Chen’s head, they shot off like two bolts of lightning. Distance seemed negligible before it, and it collided with the red light in a single flash.


The two strands of Profound Sword Qi both dispersed, instantly vanishing. The red light from the ninth bone sword of the Wolf King was clearly much more powerful than Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi. Although it was also dispersed, a third of its power lingered. It continued towards Jian Chen at the same speed as before.

Jian Chen had already recovered his mobility after his Profound Sword Qi had collided with the red power. However, at the same time, basically all the power of his soul had been drained from using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi. He tottered violently and almost lost his footing.

He was unable to dodge the remainder of the incoming attack. He only stabbed at the Wolf King’s head as quickly as he could with the Startling Rainbow sword.


The sword stabbed through the Wolf King’s head and destroyed his soul. Due to it being too forceful, the sword passed through the Wolf King’s head and stabbed into the arena heavily, pinning the Wolf King’s head to the ground.


The cracks on the sword rapidly expanded, covering the entire weapon very soon. It directly fell apart like that, reduced to fragments.

The Startling Rainbow sword had already been damaged. After the battle this time, it had finally given way, ending its use.

At the same time, the power of the bloodline struck Jian Chen. Blood spurted from his mouth on the spot as he was blown away. He collided against the barrier around the arena.

The spatial barrier that separated Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong vanished with the Wolf King’s death.

As soon as the barrier had vanished, Kai Ya immediately rushed over to Jian Chen. She took out the best healing pill on her and fed it to Jian Chen. Concern filled her face.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can’t die,” Jian Chen said weakly. He endured the excruciating pain as he struggled to sit up. Then, he took out a large number of recovery pills from his Space Ring and ingested them. At the same time, he circulated his Chaotic Force to heal.

The battle against the Wolf King had left him severely injured. Fortunately, he had the support of the Chaotic Body. Otherwise, he would have died long ago. It would have been impossible for him to last until now.

Spurt! Suddenly, Jian Chen vomited another mouthful of blood. His face had already become sheet-white and haggard.

His wounds were not the problem. With the recovery rate of his Chaotic Body, he would be in perfect condition again before long. However, Jian Chen had never thought that when the red light struck him, a portion of its power would linger within him.

Even though it was an extremely tiny portion, it was exceedingly powerful. Jian Chen was unable to purge it even when he circulated his Chaotic Force. He could only surround it temporarily with Chaotic Force to prevent it from ravaging his body.

Is this the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline the captain of the Swordswolf adventurers mentioned? It really is very powerful. With my current cultivation, there’s nothing I can do about it,” Jian Chen thought. As soon as he thought about the might that had erupted from the bloodline’s power earlier, he felt a lingering sense of fear.

The power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodine was simply too powerful. He used both strands of Profound Sword Qi, yet he still lost the upper hand. He was only able to disperse a portion of it and weaken it.

Otherwise, if Jian Chen had taken on the entire thing, he would probably be dead even with his Chaotic Body.


A chilling howl rang out. The last Godking of the Swordswolf adventurers died to master Chanlong’s killing formation.

Now, all the experts of the Swordwolf adventurers were dead. Only a few Gods remained.

Clearly, Jian Chen could not recover on the arena of life and death, so after barely stabilising his wounds, he stood up and went to collect the Wolf King’s Space Ring. Afterwards, he arrived before the Wolf King’s corpse and stared at the perfect ninth bone sword.

He could vaguely sense that the power of the bloodline in the bone sword had not been completely consumed in the attack before. A portion of it still remained.

After hesitating slightly, Jian Chen planted a foot on the Wolf King’s corpse and gripped the ninth bone sword with one hand. He pulled hard and directly wrenched the bone sword from the Wolf King’s corpse. He also collected the Wolf King’s monster core before leaving.

Kai Ya and master Chanlong had taken the Space Rings of the two Godkings they had just killed. They left the arena with Jian Chen.

Among the three Godkings of the Swordswolf adventurers, only the captain was a magical beast. Naturally, the two elders did not possess monster cores.

Only quite a while after the trio had left did a great cry ring out from the observers. At that moment, all the people who had just watched the battle went crazy. They had just witnessed three Overgods kill three Godkings in an open battle. To them, this was something of legends. They would never forget this.

Afterwards, news of three Overgods slaughtering three Godkings in the arena of life and death spread across the entire spatial battleship. It caused a great disturbance.

As for the people who caused this disturbance, Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong had already openly claimed the three high class cabins of the Godkings they had slain. They entered seclusion in their rooms to heal.

The three of them had suffered wounds of various severity in the battle this time. Jian Chen had fought against the strongest opponent out of all of them, so he suffered the heaviest injuries.

Currently, Jian Chen sat on the jade bed in his luxurious room. His brows were furrowed tightly. He had already tried to eliminate the residual power from the Skywolf’s bloodline in his body with Chaotic Force, but the power was extremely tenacious to his chagrin. Even when he used all the Chaotic Force in him, he struggled to remove even a tenth of the power.

If he allowed the power of the bloodline to linger in his body, it would begin to ravage his body crazily once his Chaotic Force no longer suppressed it.

However, if he constantly surrounded the power with Chaotic Force to keep it suppressed, it would affect his battle prowess. If he encountered another powerful opponent, he would struggle to use all the strength he had; this matter caused Jian Chen distress.

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