Chapter 2059: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden (One)

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Chapter 2059: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden (One)

“I’m fine,” Kai Ya said calmly as if she did not realise just how out of character what she just said was.

Jian Chen did not continue the conversation. He looked at Kai Ya with surprise and doubt.

An increase in strength can indeed make people more confident. And with Kai Ya’s battle prowess when she was still an Overgod, her current strength should be no weaker than mine after becoming a Godking. Has her mental state changed because her status is increasing due to her increase in strength?” Jian Chen thought. He could not help but worry for Kai Ya.

He did not know what had happened to Kai Ya, nor did he know whether it was good or bad. If this continued, would Kai Ya become even colder and even more emotionless when she broke through to the Primordial realm?

According to his knowledge, many supreme experts would become emotionless in both the Saints’ World and the Immortals’ World, viewing all life forms as ants.

“Kai Ya, aren’t you progressing too quickly? If this continues, your mental state won’t be able to adjust. You should slow down in the future and focus on your mind,” Jian Chen said sincerely and sternly.

“Yep,” Kai Ya’s heart warmed up when she saw Jian Chen’s care, and she answered gently. Her face became gentle once again, no longer cold and serious like before.

“What should we do next? Directly deal with the fifth prince?” Master Chanlong asked.

“Since you’ve agreed to Hei Ya, we can’t let the fifth prince go,” Kai Ya looked at Jian Chen and said.

Jian Chen lowered his head in thought, “There’s no hurry in dealing with the fifth prince. He still has quite a lot of people around him right now, so killing him will pose some difficulty. However, battles are commonplace in the Neptunean Divine Palace. I think he won’t be able to avoid various battles as long as he moves about in here. And as long as there are battles, his people will definitely become injured or sustain losses. Once his people have suffered heavy casualties, we can deal with him, and it won’t be too late either.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Yun Xin will die?” Kai Ya suddenly asked.

Jian Chen shook his head with a smile, “Our relationship with the Yun family is only as business partners. Although Yun Xin has left with the fifth prince, preventing us from keeping up our end of the deal of protecting her for a month, we’ve allowed the Yun family to obtain a Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways after all, which is more than enough to make up for everything. As a result, we don’t owe the Yun family anything. Whether the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways turns out to be a curse or a blessing for Yun Xin will be up to her.”

“Of course, if she can conscientiously leave the Neptunean Divine Palace sooner, she’ll be much safer. However, we’ve already done everything we can. What Yun Xin chooses now has nothing to do with us.”

“Let’s go to the Divine Medicinal Garden. With our current strength and master Chanlong, harvesting the God Tier heavenly resources there should be much easier.”

The three of them were all confident. Not only had their strengths increased drastically, but they also had the Neptunean Mountains as a path of retreat. Even if they encountered opponents they could not defeat, they could retreat to here.

Afterwards, the three of them hurried back to the Divine Medicinal Garden with Xiao Zheng, leaving the vicinity of the Neptunean Mountains. Jian Chen asked Chanlong secretly, “Master Chanlong, can you control the formations of the Neptunean Divine Palace right now?

Chanlong tried to sense his connection silently and shook his head, “I can’t. I can only control the Grand Exalt’s formations within the Neptunean Mountains.

Jian Chen nodded. He understood the situation now.

Very soon, they returned to the Divine Medicinal Garden under Xiao Zheng’s lead. However, just when they were about to enter the garden from the winding path, they were all surprised.

The huge garden was covered with God Tier heavenly resources, which gave off pure pulses of energy. However, it was completely devoid of people at this moment.

“There’s something wrong. This is very abnormal. Unless the Neptunean Divine Palace is about to close up, it’s impossible for the garden to be completely empty. There must have been something that happened recently. I’ll go ask someone about the situation,” Xiao Zheng said sternly before immediately heading out to investigate the matter.

Very soon, Xiao Zheng returned. He said to the trio, “A Chaotic Prime’s legacy appeared several hundred thousand meters away from the Divine Medicinal Garden. The legacy is somewhat different, where it goes to whoever gains its recognition. As a result, many people have hurried over in hopes of trying their luck. All the people in the garden should be there as well.”

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered from that. He asked Chanlong, Kai Ya, and Xiao Zheng, “Are you interested in a Chaotic Prime’s legacy?”

Chanlong and Kai Ya both shook their heads.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m interested. Without even thinking, there must be a lot of people gathered there. The difficulty of gaining the legacy’s recognition goes without saying, so it is basically the same as wasting time. It’s much better if we do something useful with that time instead,” Xiao Zheng sighed gently. He knew himself very well.

Jian Chen nodded. He no longer paid attention to the Chaotic Prime’s legacy and directly began to break the formations around for the heavenly resources.

The formations protecting the heavenly resources were extremely tough, but no matter how tough a formation was, they needed a source of energy. As a result, master Chanlong cast down his Heaven’s Blockade Formation around a Flower of Ways, which cut off the formation’s power source. As a result, it was impossible for the formation to replenish its energy.

“I’ve already cut off the formation’s energy source. I’ll let you attack it and waste its remaining energy. That way, we can control our power better,” said master Chanlong.

Afterwards, the four of them attacked the formation. Multi-colored pulses of energy surged out as the entire garden turned into a huge storm.

The formation around the Flower of Ways was very powerful. Even with Chanlong’s Heaven’s Blockade Formation that had cut off its power source, it took them an entire day to waste away all of the formation’s energy.

Crack! With a gentle sound, the formation collapsed, and the Flower of Ways protected in there was completely presented before them.

Jian Chen’s breathing became slightly ragged as he looked at the Flower of Ways with a burning desire to possess it. He could clearly remember that fairy Hao Yue had gone as far as to offend the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire over a single Flower of Ways, flattening the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair.

“It’s said that the Flower of Ways can increase the chances of a peak Godking’s breakthrough to Infinite Prime by fifty percent. It’s extremely precious in the Saints’ World,” Xiao Zheng looked at the Flower of Ways eagerly as well. He coveted it deeply.

Jian Chen immediately took out a jade box and stored the Flower of Ways away carefully. He said, “There is still quite a few Flower of Ways in the garden, over a dozen of them. Let’s dig them all up before splitting them.”

No one objected. Master Chanlong continued to cast down the Heaven’s Blockade Formation around a second Flower of Ways.

In the blink of an eye, the four of them had already remained in the Divine Medicinal Garden for half a month, and they had dug up all the Flower of Ways there, leaving none behind. Only the roots remained, which would allow it to bloom once again after quite a long time.

They did not stop. After digging up the Flower of Ways, they continued onto other God Tier heavenly resources.

There were many God Tier heavenly resources in the garden, and there were many varieties as well. They did not recognise most of them, where even the knowledgeable Xiao Zheng had no idea what they were. They were only certain that these heavenly resources were extremely precious, where their value was unimaginable.

All the Flower of Ways that had been dug up were like a drop in an ocean compared to the other God Tier heavenly resources in the garden.

At this moment, a burly, middle-aged man appeared in the Divine Medicinal Garden. He watched Jian Chen carefully stow away a God Tier heavenly resource and was immediately stunned. Afterwards, he subconsciously looked around and discovered that the Flower of Ways had all been dug up, reduced to a few roots. His face immediately changed, and he cried out in shock, “Y- y- you’ve taken away all the Flower of Ways?”

“Trap him. We can’t let this matter be exposed,” Jian Chen’s face sank, and he charged towards the man without any hesitation, striking out firmly.

Kai Ya attacked at the same time, erupting with shocking battle intent. She used the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Destruction together against the man with Jian Chen.

The man was only a mid Godking. Both Kai Ya and Jian Chen could kill him easily when they were alone, let alone now when they fought together. From a single clash, he was trapped. Then Jian Chen rendered him unconscious with a single punch.

“Do you want me to place down a formation at the entrance to stop people from coming in?” Master Chanlong asked.

Jian Chen turned down his suggestion without any hesitation. He said, “Wouldn’t that just make it obvious? We can’t do that. We need to get through these formations faster.” As he said that, Jian Chen took out the Anatta Tower and threw the man in there.

The man would wake up very soon. Even if he was immobilised, it was impossible to ensure that he would not spread the news through some other method. Jian Chen would only stop worrying after he had thrown him into an isolated world like the Anatta Tower.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the Anatta Tower. An idea flashed through his eyes. Suddenly, he raised the Anatta Tower into the sky, and under his mental control, it rapidly expanded, becoming ten meters tall. It directly fell on the formation that protected the God Tier heavenly resource.

Immediately, the formation’s light flickered rapidly, and its power weakened at an unbelievable rate.

With just that, the formation had lost as much as eighty percent of its power.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. He carefully controlled the Anatta Tower’s power and made it crash down a second time, wanting to break through the formation in a single stroke.


In the end, the Anatta Tower directly crushed the formation and struck the ground with force several thousand times greater than a mountain. It caused the entire ground to tremble heavily as if an earthquake had happened.

It went without saying that the God Tier heavenly resource had been crushed to pieces.

However, the four of them did not feel any pain because of it. Instead, they were all overjoyed.

“I never thought that this tower is actually so powerful. It’s basically a god artifact that specialises in breaking formations. Fantastic, this is absolutely fantastic. With this tower, we can collect these heavenly resources much faster. We can even clean out the entire garden. However, we have to control the power and only use it once. We can’t use it twice on the formations,” master Chanlong said excitedly.

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