Chapter 2369: The Underground Cavern

Chapter 2369: The Underground Cavern

Only Jian Chen and Hun Zang remained in the slightly gloomy cave after the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall’s departure.

As he looked at Hun Zang, who stood just like an ordinary person, Jian Chen’s feelings became rather mixed.

Before, he and Hun Zang were complete strangers. They had no ties at all, yet they were brought together because of Martial Soul Force.

However, in order to help him escape from danger, Hun Zang had even gone as far as to offend so many peak experts without any hesitation, paying no regard to the consequences.

His actions had touched Jian Chen deeply.

This was because Jian Chen could clearly sense that Hun Zang’s intentions were completely different from the others. The other experts all acted on their desires, wanting to take the Anatta Tower for themselves.

However, Hun Zang had no interest in the Anatta Tower at all. His only reason for coming to the Desolate Plane was to fetch him.

Even the six other members of the Martial Soul lineage had come to the Desolate Plane, all gathering in outer space and supporting Hun Zang.

The actions of the Martial Soul lineage had changed Jian Chen’s opinion of them.

At this moment, Hun Zang coughed gently and said, “The primary reason why I’ve come to see you this time is to discuss the matter in three year’s time.”

“You can only stay in the Sword God Mountains for three years. You’ll be very safe during that period, but after the three years, you’ll be directly tossed into a storm. It’ll be extremely dangerous. As a result, we need to properly consider how we’re going to break out of the encirclement and leave this place.”

“Right now, Chu Jian and the five others have already returned to the Martial Soul Mountain. They are making preparations for the mountain soul to descend with even greater power in three year’s time. However, the power of the Martial Soul Mountain cannot directly connect with the Desolate Plane. It can only descend in outer space, so the greatest problem we face is making it off the Desolate Plane and onto the mountain soul while we face the obstructions of all these experts.”

“As long as we make it onto the mountain soul, we can use the connection between the mountain soul and the Martial Soul Mountain to cross the tremendous distance, returning to the Martial Soul Mountain in a single instance.”

“Are you really not afraid of offending all those peak experts just for me?” Jian Chen looked at Hun Zang brightly.

“You’re the eighth brother of our Martial Soul lineage. You’re a part of our family. It’s no problem even if we have to go up against the world if we can take you back to the Martial Soul Mountain,” Hun Zang said heroically. In that moment, he seemed to fear nothing.

“Can the Martial Soul Mountain stop the Heaven-splitting Ancestor?” Jian Chen asked. He had already learnt from the Celestial Sword Saint that the Heaven-splitting Ancestor had developed an interest in him. This interest was not a good matter. As a result, he had to consider the existence of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.

Hun Zang became stern with the mentioning of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. He said, “The Martial Soul Mountain indeed cannot stop an expert like the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. However, it’ll still require quite some effort if the Heaven-splitting Ancestor wants to intrude on the Martial Soul Mountain. After all, he is one of the most powerful experts below Grand Exalts. As long as Grand Exalts don’t appear, he is the strongest. There aren’t a lot of places that can stop experts like that across the entire Saints’ World.”

“However, with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’s status, it’s unlikely for him to take personal action just for you.”

Jian Che understood. After a moment of thought, he said, “I have my plans in three year’s time. You don’t need to come to the Desolate Plane.”

“You have your plans?” Hun Zang was surprised. Jian Chen was only a Godking, so how would he be able to avoid so many peak experts?

“If no accidents happen, something major will happen on the Desolate Plane in three year’s time. At that time, I will find a way off the Desolate Plane, so you don’t need to come,” said Jian Chen.

“Are you confident?”

“I am.”

“Alright then!” Hun Zang looked at Jian Chen sternly and passed him a jade slip. He said, “Since you have your own plans, I won’t say anything more. This jade slip records some knowledge about Martial Soul Force as well as how to use it. I learnt from Qing Shan that you have yet to learn all this, so I do hope it can provide you with some assistance.”

Hun Zang passed the jade slip to Jian Chen and continued, “However, the contents are only basic knowledge. It won’t touch upon anything deep. The true, core legacy of our Martial Soul Force is imprinted on the Martial Soul Mountain. It can’t be taken away at all, nor are there any methods to pass it on to you. If you want to obtain it, you need to come to the Martial Soul Mountain…”

After that, Hun Zang bid farewell to Jian Chen and left the Sword God Mountains.

Afterwards, Audriana of the God clan visited the Sword God Mountains as well. She was worried about the situation that Jian Chen currently faced. The descent of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor’ will had demonstrated his determination to take Jian Chen away. Even the hall elder, Tyne, felt powerless and was uncertain about how to handle the situation.

This was because the current God clan really could not deal with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.

Compared to the worried Audriana, Jian Chen was extremely optimistic. He told Audriana to not worry.

“Jian Chen, you need to be careful of the Heaven-splitting clan. The elder believes that it’s not good matter that the Heaven-splitting Ancestor has noticed you. Take care.” Audriana looked at Jian Chen in worry and warned him sincerely before leaving the Sword God Mountains soon as well.

During the next period of time, it was extremely peaceful for Jian Chen in the Sword God Mountains. This was the territory of the Celestial Sword Saint. Without his approval, even the leader of the Radiant Saint Master or the ancestral emperor of the Daohuang Empire did not dare to intrude on this place.

As a result, Jian Chen was completely worry-free. He began to focus on comprehending the Laws of Corrosion.

At the same time, Kai Ya sat on the ground and cultivated deep underground in the cavern cloaked by the concealing formation.

At this moment, she slowly opened her eyes and murmured with a frown, “Why are breakthroughs becoming more and more difficult now? I can clearly feel that I seem to have grasped laws of the world at higher levels, but I just can’t break through with my cultivation. It feels like some power is stopping me.”

Kai Ya sighed gently. Even though she was unwilling to just let the matter be, there was nothing she could do about it.

Her gaze gradually landed on the depths of the huge, underground cavern. As she studied it, she gradually became confused.

“Why do I feel a familiar presence here? But I’ve never been here before,” Kai Ya’s bewilderment gradually increased. In the end, she looked at the very depths of the cavern, and after some slight hesitation, she stood up. Ignoring Jian Chen’s warnings from before his departure, she made her way towards the very depths.

Before long, she had approached the very depths. She clearly saw a colossal, headless corpse as she stood there. The body was floating above a pool of blood quietly.