Chapter 2668: Unworthy

Chapter 2668: Unworthy

“The Celestial Sword Saint?” Gongsun Zhi’s eyes suddenly lit up when they mentioned that name.

He did not know the Celestial Sword Saint’s cultivation, but the Celestial Sword Saint was the undisputed greatest cultivator on the Desolate Plane. He cultivated reclusively in the Sword God Mountains all year round, never paying attention to the matters around him, nor interfering in any of them. He was an extremely aloof figure.

Xu Zhiping’s words were seemingly enlightening. It allowed countless thoughts to flood Gongsun Zhi’s head in an instant, giving him an idea immediately.

The Celestial Sword Saint holds a very great status, but I am no longer the mere Godking from the past. I am a Grand Exalt’s descendant. The blood of a Grand Exalt courses through my veins. I’m also the master of the greatest protector sword, Godslayer’s sword, as well as the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall. The Celestial Sword Saint will definitely treat me with importance given that,” thought Gongsun Zhi. It opened his mind to many new ideas.

The morning of the next day, Gongsun Zhi prepared a few lavish gifts and created quite a scene by visiting the Celestial Sword Saint with the vice-leaders and some elders of the Radiant Saint Hall loyal to him.

He managed to meet the Celestial Sword Saint as he wished. The Celestial Sword Saint currently sat on the edge of a cliff at the top of the Sword God Mountains like an old, meditating monk. He did not give off any presence at all. As he sat there with his straight back, he seemed like a normal, healthy, old man.

Gongsun Zhi was rather excited as he stood behind the Celestial Sword Saint. In the past, the Celestial Sword Saint had always been a figure of legends to him. Not only did he seem insurmountable, but even just catching a glimpse of him was a dream for Gongsun Zhi.

Now, he was so close to the Celestial Sword Saint. A legend was presented right before him like this, so it was difficult for him to not become emotional.

The Celestial Sword Saint spoke first. He said completely calmly and emotionlessly, “Gongsun Zhi, I know why you’ve come. You want me to deal with the Rain Abbess of the Delight Plane.”

“Senior Sword Saint really does have divine foresight, never leaving the Sword God Mountains but knowing everything that happens in the world. Senior’s level of cultivation is truly admirable.” Gongsun Zhi expressed his admiration from the bottom of his heart. He was arrogant, but he still felt admiration towards the Celestial Sword Saint from the bottom of his heart.

Not only was the Celestial Sword Saint the undisputed greatest expert of the Desolate Plane, but his prestige on the plane had reached an unmatched level as well. He was supreme.

In other words, all cultivators on the Desolate Plane who knew the Celestial Sword Saint would revere him.

“I cannot assist you in that. I must tell you that the Rain Abbess is much stronger than you have imagined her to be. It’s best if your Radiant Saint Hall does not provoke her,” the Celestial Sword Saint continued. He seemed to know everything, refusing Gongsun Zhi’s request before he could even mention it.

Gongsun Zhi was stunned. He had never thought that the Celestial Sword Saint would turn him down before he could even mention the matter. Moreover, he declined in such an absolute fashion, leaving no room for negotiation.

Gongsun Zhi became rather speechless at that moment. All the methods of insistence he had prepared beforehand had been rendered useless by the Celestial Sword Saint’s simple reply.

Only after quite a daze did Gongsun Zhi force out, “Celestial Sword Saint, are you afraid of the Rain Abbess?”

“I’ve only told you that because of Godslayer’s sword in your hands. You will gain no benefits from offending the Rain Abbess of the Delight Plane. That’s all I have to say. Take care.” The Celestial Sword Saint did not waver at all. He remained seated there like an unmoving rock. Only his old voice boomed out.

He did not even glance at Gongsun Zhi, as if he did not take Gongsun Zhi seriously at all. It was like he had only seen Gongsun Zhi because of Godslayer’s Sword.

The Celestial Sword Saint’s straightforward reply became offending in Gongsun Zhi’s ears. He felt like he was being belittled.

Who was Gongsun Zhi? He was the mighty descendant of a Grand Exalt, the youngest leader in the Radiant Saint Hall’s history, and the wielder of the greatest protector sword, Godslayer’s sword. All of these aspects made Gongsun Zhi extremely confident and arrogant. He would not allow anyone to belittle him.

He respected the Celestial Sword Saint very much, but the Celestial Sword Saint’s words had infuriated him.

“Celestial Sword Saint, I respect you because you are my senior. However, don’t take it too far. You may be scared of the Rain Abess, but I’m not. Godslayer’s sword may not be able to take the Rain Abbess’ life, but I refuse to believe that I can’t deal with the Rain Abbess if there’s the Tower of Radiance as well.”

“Don’t forget, I am the Grand Exalt’s descendant. The Tower of Radiance came from my ancestor, so I am the only one who can inherit it. The Tower of Radiance will accept me as its master sooner or later.” As if someone had stepped on Gongsun Zhi’s toes, he snarled at the Celestial Sword Saint furiously.

“No, you’re wrong. You won’t obtain the Tower of Radiance,” said the Celestial Sword Saint.

“What? Did you just say that I won’t obtain the Tower of Radiance? Hahahahaha.” Gongsun Zhi laughed out of anger. He boasted shamelessly, “Across the world, no one is more worthy of obtaining my ancestor’s Tower of Radiance than me.”

“The Tower of Radiance is no ordinary god artifact, nor is it like the protector swords of your Radiant Saint Hall. It is a supreme treasure personally forged by a Grand Exalt. You must fulfil some natural conditions to gain its recognition. Unfortunately, you have not, which is why there is no chance for you to become its master,” said the Celestial Sword Saint.

“Celestial Sword Saint, don’t talk nonsense. The Tower of Radiance is the supreme treasure of our Radiant Saint Hall. No one understands it better than our Radiant Saint Hall. How would you know what we don’t?” Gongsun Zhi barked. His heart had already been set alit with fury. If it were not for the fact that the person before him held supreme prestige on the Desolate Plane, he would have swung Godslayer’s sword at him already.

He treated the Tower of Radiance with absolute importance, even more than Godslayer’s sword in his hands, and this was all because it was a treasure on the levels of Grand Exalts.

As long as he possessed the Tower of Radiance, basically no one could harm him apart from Grand Exalts.

As a result, he could not accept others saying that he was unworthy of the Tower of Radiance. That touched on a soft spot of his.

In the end, Gongsun Zhi failed to get the Celestial Sword Saint to take part. He left the Sword God Mountains with a sunken face.

After Gongsun Zhi left, the Celestial Sword Saint slowly opened his eyes. He stared at the Radiant Saint Hall with a deep gaze.

His gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the formations around the Radiant Saint Hall, directly locking onto the sacred hall floating above the clouds. He murmured, “Jian Chen really is someone that cannot be seen through. However, if he still doesn’t appear, the Tower of Radiance will probably become the Tower of Radiance of the past…”