Chapter 2670: A Single Move

Chapter 2670: A Single Move

Jian Chen’s primary reason for coming to the remnants of the Spirits’ World was to go to the World of the Fallen Beast and save Sacredfeather. He wanted to maintain a low profile with everything. As such, even when he entered the Starsource Continent, he would follow the rules. He did not want to complicate matters and create unnecessary problems.

However, things did not go as planned. He had never thought he would come across such an unreasonable Primordial realm expert just when he wanted to pass through the tunnel. This person directly launched such a vicious attack at him right from the start. It immediately made Jian Chen’s gaze turn cold.

He did not want to make trouble, nor did he want to complicate matters, but that did not mean he could let something like this slide like it did not happen.

After all, he was not afraid of trouble.

The flames from the old man contained the power of laws. They roared furiously, and the terrifying heat even forced the guards there backwards. No one dared to stop him, nor did anyone dare to speak up. They all looked at the old man with some fear.

That was the rules of the Starsource Continent. Strength was everything. As long as they did not disturb the stability of the continent, basically no one would interfere.

“Blocking my way. Kid, you better learn in your next life, or you won’t be able to live long in that life either. Though, if you can’t even endure my flames, and your soul is burnt to a crisp, you won’t even have the chance to have a next life.” The old man’s eyes were cold. Clearly, he was a murderous person.

Just when Jian Chen was about to become swallowed by the flames, a powerful and sharp sword Qi suddenly erupted. Compared to his previously ordinary demeanour, Jian Chen had now actually exploded with dazzling light.

The ball of silver light was completely condensed from pure sword Qi. It was powerful and sharp. As soon as it appeared, sword intent flooded forth. Wherever the sword intent enveloped, the space there, the time there, and the various energies there all seemed to merge with the sword intent, transforming into invisible sword qi.

At that moment, the space there had completely become a domain of the sword.

The old man’s fire was affected as well. Under the impact of the powerful sword intent, the roaring flames actually began to tremble. Their power began to plummet, while the Laws of Fire rapidly vanished under the influence of the sword intent.

This is the Laws of the Sword! No, how can the sword intent be so powerful?” The sudden occurrence made the old man’s eyes narrow. Disbelief flooded his face. He was also a Primordial realm expert and a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime at that. He immediately knew where the sword intent came from.

How is this possible? The kid who paid divine crystals to enter is actually at the Primordial realm as well!

However, before he could think much of it, his fire was sliced in half by a strand of silver-white sword Qi. After that, the sword Qi continued onwards, illuminating the sea of stars along the way. Under the stunned and shocked gazes of countless cultivators, it stabbed towards the old man mercilessly.

The red-robed old man paled in fright. He could sense a fatal threat from the sword Qi. It was so intense that it made his hair stand on end and sent a chill down his spine.

However, he reacted extremely quickly. He immediately set up a layer of defence outside his body with the power of his cultivation. At the same time, a low quality god artifact began to appear.

However, before he could equip the god artifact, the space in front of him suddenly pulsed. The powerful sword Qi had actually appeared an inch away from him like it had suddenly teleported.

It was just too close, and the sword Qi was just too fast, so fast that the old man could not react at all. He could only watch as the sword Qi pierced his body.


Blood sprayed. The sword Qi pierced through the old man’s chest as a streak of silver-white light, making his body tremble on the spot as blood spurted out from his mouth.

However, the old man did not die. He stared at Jian Chen like he had just seen a ghost. His eyes were filled with shock and lingering fear as he rapidly retreated.

“I’ll spare you seeing how arduous it was for you to attain your current level of cultivation. If you continue to be so unreasonable and domineering in the future, harassing people as soon as you meet them, you won’t be able to live for long.” Jian Chen stood at the entrance of the tunnel and stared at the old man coldly.

The old man backed up far away as he felt lingering fear. Whenever he thought about the danger he had just been in, he would become covered in cold sweat as chills ran down his spine.

With his cultivation as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he was one of the top of the top. As he wandered this place, his life had been in danger many times, but it had never been so close.

He could not dodge the attack from before at all. With the combination of the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space, he did not even have time to equip his god artifact. It would have been impossible for him to escape.

Fortunately, the mysterious expert who had appeared out of nowhere had no intention of taking his life, or he definitely would have been done for if the sword Qi targeted his soul.

His life was completely up to his opponent’s whim.

“Y- you actually possess such strength, so why do you still pay divine crystals? A- aren’t you…” said the old man resentfully. Originally, he had wanted to ask whether he was toying with him, but he forced back his words. Just a single move had struck fear into his heart. He was afraid of accidentally offending Jian Chen.

However, he did feel aggrieved. He was obviously not an ignorant person to be able to reach his current level of cultivation. He knew who he could provoke and who he could not. Normally, he would never make trouble for juniors of large organisations as long as they had not offended him beforehand.

However, all juniors of large organisations would enter the Starsource Continent under the lead of their seniors. There would be no need for them to pay ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals.

People who traveled alone like Jian Chen and paid the entry fee would all be weaker people of insignificant backgrounds.

Moreover, in the old man’s eyes, he could kill or crush those people as he wished. He had never thought he would bite off far more than he could chew this time.

However, when Jian Chen heard the red-robed old man’s words, he became confused. Was there no need to hand over ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals when using this tunnel?

At this moment, one of the guards made their way before Jian Chen, trembling. As he apologised, he handed back the ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals from Jian Chen with both hands. He was extremely polite.

After a series of questions, Jian Chen learnt that all Primordial realm experts could enter the Starsource Continent through this special tunnel for free.

Only cultivators below the Primordial realm and were not accompanied by Primordial realm experts had to follow a rule like this.