Chapter 2673: Past Acquaintances

Chapter 2673: Past Acquaintances

After the various Chaotic Primes entered the Starsource Continent, the space returned to peace again.

Of course, it was only peaceful on the surface. The hearts of the cultivator who stood in the long lines were in turmoil, thumping heavily and speeding up the flow of blood through their bodies.

“Heavens! Surely that can’t be real. Four late Godkings actually heavily injured the Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Yan Mo.”

“It was just one strike. They used one strike to incapacitate Yan Mo, forcing him to flee onto the Starsource Continent. T- this is unbelievable…”

“Even the low quality god artifact was split into two. How powerful is that? Are the four of them really just late Godkings…”

“Oh my god, four Godkings are actually hunting down a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Are they disciples of a sovereign…”

“Even the disciples of sovereigns aren’t that powerful. They used a terrifying sword formation…”

“A sword formation…”

After the momentary silence, the surroundings exploded into a hubbub. Everyone was amazed. They showed shock, disbelief, and so on.

There were even a few late Godkings who rubbed their eyes, struggling to accept what they had just witnessed.

The Starsource Continent was not large, but the land was used much more effectively than the Cloud Plane’s land.

The Spirits’ World was already destroyed. Only five pieces of land remained in the entire world, so basically all the cultivators from the Saints’ World gathered there. Naturally, the place was overpopulated, making every inch of it precious. They used up everywhere they could to build various structures and stores.

Even a few places that could not be used were claimed by weaker cultivators to set up temporary dwellings.

The inns on the Starsource Continent were extremely expensive. No one besides descendants of large clans and organisations could afford them. As a result, all they could do was remain outside and brave the wilderness, facing constant danger.

There were several dozen cities of various sizes on the Starsource Continent. Basically all of them were under the control of a few large clans or organisations from the Saints’ World. The largest city was Starsource City.

Starsource City was named after the continent. Not only was it the largest city on there, but it was also one that had weathered time and survived. It had stood there since time immemorial.

Over the years, the cities on the continent would constantly be replaced. After wars and battles, they would be destroyed and rebuilt. However, Starsource City had survived all that.

The city was a part of the Starsource Continent, protected by the Grand Exalt’s formation. In a place were even Grand Primes were unwilling to stay, Chaotic Primes basically stood supreme, so it was obviously impossible for it to be destroyed.

Jian Chen had arrived in Starsource City because the teleportation formation between the five sacred lands of the Spirits’ World was located there. It was also the only teleportation formation on the entire continent.

The Spirits’ World was ruined. Space was incomplete, unlike the Saints’ World. The five sacred lands were extremely distant from each other as well, so building a long range teleportation formation was basically impossible. Even some peak organisations in the Saints’ World did not have the ability to construct a long range teleportation formation under such harsh conditions.

The only teleportation formation on the Starsource Continent was apparently personally cast down by the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths countless years ago.

Only teleportation formations personally cast down by Grand Exalts could ensure safe travel over this tremendous distance.

Jian Chen directly made his way towards the centre of the city where the teleportation formation was located. He looked around along the way, studying the stores on the sides of the streets.

The buying power of divine crystals is actually so great. I can actually purchase a low quality god artifact for half the price compared to the Saints’ World. And not just that, even the cultivation methods of various levels are cheaper here,” Jian Chen wondered in interest. He knew that divine crystals were simply far too valuable in the Spirits’ World. As a result, their worth had increased. If he could bring in the divine crystals from the Saints’ World and buy a bunch of god artifacts and cultivation methods here before reselling them in the Saints’ World, it would be an extremely fast way to make money.

Of course, there were people who did that.

“A low quality god artifact just retrieved from the burial region! It’s perfect, only for five hundred thousand supreme grade divine crystals! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Come get it before it’s gone…”

A call rang out. An old man sat on the ground up ahead, laying out a shining sword and some fragments that clearly belonged to other god artifacts.

“Five hundred thousand supreme grade divine crystals for a low quality god artifact? For real? Let’s go have a look…” With that, many cultivators immediately made their way over.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. Five hundred thousand supreme grade divine crystals for a low quality god artifact was indeed too cheap. Even with the buying power of divine crystals here, it was impossible for a god artifact to sell for that cheap.

He immediately made his way over as well out of curiosity. He could tell with a single glance that the interior of the god artifact was completely destroyed, and its perfect shell had clearly been handled as well. The resplendent light was due to a formation that disguised its interior, so it seemed to be in perfect condition.

If it really was used, it would completely collapse on itself after a few attacks.

Jian Chen continued on his way and discovered that there were quite a few people doing such things. There were scams everywhere. The slightest carelessness could cost a great deal.

Of course, he did discover some impressive items, such as heavenly resources that a few cultivators had managed to find out of pure chance from zones of danger, as well as impressive materials for refining weapons.

He swept the surroundings with the senses of his soul and even discovered a fragment of a high quality god artifact in a store protected by formations.

The Spirits’ World had once experienced a devastating war. Far, far too many experts died here, so there would obviously be a few remnants remaining. As a result, this place became a treasured land for training and exploration.

Jian Chen had almost arrived at the teleportation formation now.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly looked at the sky and discovered a ball of fire shooting over at lightning speed. It moved extremely quickly, crossing the sky and heading directly for the teleportation formation.

Jian Chen recognised the person with a single glance. It was Yan Mo, who he had injured with a single strike.

“Move, all of you, move! Let me use the teleportation formation first!” Yan Mo bellowed out. He was frantic.

Jian Chen ignored Yan Mo. Instead, he looked behind him, and his eyes narrowed suddenly.

A strand of sword Qi followed Yan Mo. It gave off powerful sword intent and also moved extremely quickly. It was no slower than Yan Mo.

However, what Jian Chen saw was the interior of the sword Qi. There were four figures wielding a powerful sword formation, fusing as one to create the sword Qi that pursued Yan Mo.

The Nirvanic Sword Formation. It’s the presence of the Nirvanic Sword Formation…” At the same time, the silent sword spirits awakened in the depths of Jian Chen’s consciousness. They began paying attention to the outside world for the first time in quite a while.

“It’s them. Why would they appear in the Spirits’ World?” A strange light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes, as well as undisguisable excitement. He had already recognised the four of them. They were the four brothers who had obtained the partial legacy of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt back on the world of the Tian Yuan Continent, A’Da and his brothers.

Suddenly, he looked at the fleeing Yan Mo and formed a sword with his fingers, directly extending it towards Yan Mo.