Chapter 2675: Threat

Chapter 2675: Threat


A sound rang out in the wide streets, and Yan Mo’s corpse struck the ground heavily. It kicked up dust.

The people in the surroundings continued to stare at Yan Mo’s corpse; they were dumbfounded. All of them felt like they were dreaming. They dared not accept what they had just witnessed.

The four brothers slowly descended from the air. They stared at Yan Mo’s corpse coldly. They were filled with undisguisable hatred.

This hatred was so deep that it did not subside even after they killed Yan Mo.

Jian Chen suddenly vanished from the other side. He had crossed several streets using the Laws of Space, appearing near Yan Mo’s corpse. He stared at the four brothers and revealed a rare smile.

The four brothers had already removed Yan Mo’s Space Ring. They seemed to sense something, and they suddenly turned around to look behind them.

Immediately, their gazes all gathered on Jian Chen. His familiar face and familiar presence made their eyes narrow.

“Jian Chen!” In the next moment, they instinctively called out. They were filled with joy, and their voices were filled with surprise and shock.

They probably had not thought that they would be able to meet an old acquaintance from the lower world in the vast Spirits’ World either.

Back on the Tian Yuan Continent, the four brothers were not particularly close to Jian Chen, much less anything close to being sworn brothers. However, they were friends. In this foreign land, this friendship was precious, so the four brothers obviously became overjoyed.

Unknowingly, their hatred towards Yan Ma faded by quite a lot after they saw Jian Chen.

Just when Jian Chen wanted to say something, he suddenly frowned. He looked at the only place with entrances to the Starsource Continent in the air, and his face changed.

“Quite a few Chaotic Primes have come. They are probably coming for you. You better leave quickly,” Jian Chen said sternly.

The four brothers seemed to sense the arrival of the Chaotic Primes as well. They also became stern. They could deal with Infinite Primes like Yan Mo with Jian Chen by their side, but Chaotic Primes were nothing like Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. They did not have the slightest confidence in facing a Chaotic Prime.

Moreover, they too could sense that there was far more than one Chaotic Prime coming for them right now.

I founded a Tian Yuan clan on the Cloud Plane of the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World. You can come find me there in the future,” Jian Chen said secretly. He had no idea if he could find the four brothers again in the Spirits’ World after separating here, so he took the initiative to give them a method of contact.

The four brothers nodded. Time was extremely tight. They dared not tarry at all. Immediately, they fell into a sword formation and prepared to escape.

“Stay put…”

“Juniors, don’t go…”

“Fellows, please stay…”


At the same time, various calls rang out together. Several Chaotic Primes gave off astonishing presences in the distant sky, tearing through the air with unmatched speeds. They hurried over like streaks of lightning. They created such a great disturbance that it rumbled like thunder, deafening all the cultivators present. Some of the weaker cultivators even directly fainted.

These Chaotic Primes were clearly the stronger experts who had come pursuing, which was why they had managed to shake off everyone else and arrive first.

Before they even arrived, terrifying pressures had already descended, causing the space around the four brothers to suddenly freeze. The damaged laws of the world in the surroundings fell into a mess. Under the presence, the laws became disordered.

Jian Chen was the closest to the four brothers. He was affected as well. Under the tremendous pressure, he felt his body become as heavy as a mountain. The space there seemed to become quicksand, making it difficult for him to move.

Oh no!” Jian Chen’s heart sank. Even he had been reduced to such a shape, let alone the four brothers. It would be impossible for them to escape under the terrifying pressure.

A vicious light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. The four strands of Profound Sword Qi he had condensed in his soul suddenly jumped to life. Three of them were ready to be used.

He could already tell that these experts were late Chaotic Primes, which was the Seventh Heavenly Layer or even beyond that. Before such experts, only his Profound Sword Qi would have some effect. Perhaps, he could buy some time for the four brothers.

Master, please wait. The four brothers aren’t as simple as you imagine them to be.” Just when Jian Chen was about to draw the Profound Sword Qi, the indifferent voices of the sword spirits rang out in his head.

Jian Chen was surprised. However, before he could ask about it, the four brothers suddenly bellowed out, “Let’s go! With the four swords as one, all shall be destroyed!” Dazzling light shot into the air. The formation from the four brothers seemed to be able to penetrate all obstructions. The four clusters of light suddenly fused together before vanishing.

The restrictive pressures from the Chaotic Primes remained, making the space seem like it was frozen. However, the four brothers were no longer there.

“What? They escaped?” The Chaotic Primes basically arrived where the four brothers had vanished at the same time. They were all surprised. They expanded the powerful senses of their souls to search, enveloping the entire Starsource Continent in an instant.

Afterwards, another dozen or so Chaotic Primes arrived. They all expanded the senses of their souls as well, enveloping the entire place in search of the four brothers.

However, no matter how they looked, the four brothers seemed to have vanished into thin air. They could not find a single trace of them.

“They’ve already escaped. It really is such a pity to miss such a powerful sword formation…”

“Do any of you know what that sword formation is? It can actually display such power in the hands of four Godkings. How terrifying…”

“If we obtained that sword formation, the strength of our clan would increase by quite a lot…”


The Chaotic Primes all gathered there and sighed and shook their heads. Many of them felt very regretful.

“Kid, you seem to know the four of them?” At this moment, a cold voice rang out. Jian Chen immediately felt like a sharp pair of eyes had locked onto him, piercing into him like blades.

The question came from a bald old man in white robes. He was the expert who had arrived first. He was a late Chaotic Prime.

With that, all the Chaotic Primes gathered there looked over. Many of their gazes were piercing.

“Senior, whether I know them or not doesn’t seem to have anything to do with senior,” Jian Chen’s face did not change as he replied steadily. However, he had already started fuming inside.

The old man originally wanted to threaten Jian Chen, but seeing how fearless he was, he ran out of confidence. He immediately snorted coldly. “Kid, which organisation in the Saints’ World do you belong to? You’re so arrogant that you should be careful of causing problems for the organisation behind you.”