Chapter 2676: Surrounded by Admirers

Chapter 2676: Surrounded by Admirers

“Be careful of causing problems for the organisation behind you?” Jian Chen sneered. The old man’s cultivation level was even higher than Xu Ran’s. He was an expert who had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime. It was impossible for Jian Chen to fend off someone like that unless he fused the twin swords. As a result, Jian Chen could only intimidate him; he had to strike fear into his heart to stop him from acting recklessly.

The old man immediately paled in anger as he looked at Jian Chen’s mocking expression. He was a mighty Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, a great elder of a peak clan in the Saints’ World. His status was so great, so revered, yet he was being made fun of by a junior here. It immediately vexed him. Faint killing intent began to build up within his heart.

People like him would treat their pride with extremely great importance. Jian Chen’s attitude directly trampled over his pride.

However, before he could do anything, Jian Chen’s next words made his face change drastically.

“I came to the Spirits’ World under the escortment of senior Heartless from the Myriad Bone Guild. Do you plan on creating trouble for senior Heartless of the Myriad Bone Guild today on the Starsource Continent?” Jian Chen said relaxedly.

“What? What did you say? The Myriad Bone Guild? Do you come from the Myriad Bone Guild?” The old man who tried to threaten Jian Chen immediately paled in fright.

Just what kind of existence was the Myriad Bone Guild? Even though they were just an organisation of assassins, they stood at the pinnacle of the Saints’ World. They had truly reached the apex, a terrifying organisation only second to Grand Exalts.

In the Saints’ World, the weaker cultivators would not necessarily have the right to learn about the Myriad Bone Guild, but these Chaotic Primes knew exactly what it represented.

The Myriad Bone Guild was an organisation they could only look up to, but it also struck fear into their hearts. Let alone them, even the powerful clans behind them held deep fear towards the Myriad Bone Guild.

“He’s actually from the Myriad Bone Guild…”

With that, all of the Chaotic Primes gathered there could no longer remain calm. Just the three words ‘Myriad Bone Guild’ had frightened quite a lot of them.

They deeply understood just how powerful the Myriad Bone Guild was. If they offended the Myriad Bone Guild, not only would they be dead for sure, but even the organisations behind them would be destroyed.

“Wait, what did you just say? Senior Heartless of the Myriad Bone Guild? Isn’t this senior Heartless…” At this moment, the expression of one of the Chaotic Primes changed. He asked with a voice that trembled slightly.

“I’ve basically heard about all the famed experts of the Myriad Bone Guild. There’s no one who goes by the name of Heartless among them…”

“No, there is one. I- is he…”

Immediately, all the Chaotic Primes gathered there seemed to think of something. Their faces changed abruptly. As for the old man who had threatened Jian Chen first, he had already become sheet-white.

“Impossible! Impossible! The Heartless Child is the second boss of the Myriad Bone Guild. He reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime a long time ago, and it’s said that he’s extremely close to the Ninth Heavenly Layer now. His status is so great, so why would he personally escort a junior to the Spirits’ World?” A Chaotic Prime cried out in disbelief. The Heartless Child’s reputation was far too great. Even to the peak clan behind him, it bore the weight of a mountain. He was an existence they could never afford to provoke.

“So you’re actually from the Myriad Bone Guild. I am Zhan Yun. I come from the Heaven’s sect from planet Cangmang of the Saints’ World. Our Heaven’s sect has made many deals with the Myriad Bone Guild in the past. We’re one of their biggest clients, so speaking of which, we’re not really strangers.” A heavy voice boomed out from the sky. A sagely old man descended with a group of disciples from the Heaven’s sect. It seemed like he had just entered the Starsource Continent.

“It’s actually the people of the Heaven’s sect. The Heaven’s sect is the unofficial ruler of planet Cangmang. Their strongest ancestor is the planet lord there…”

“Zhan Yun is one of the six Heaven great elders of the Heaven’s sect. The great elders of the Heaven’s sect are divided into three levels, Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. They correspond to late Chaotic Prime, mid Chaotic Prime, and early Chaotic Prime. The people who usually accompany their juniors to the Spirits’ World are Mortal and Earth great elders. I never thought they would send a Heaven great elder this time. How rare…”

The arrival of the great elder of the Heaven’s sect immediately raised the attention of many. Planet Cangmang ranked among the top ten out of the eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World. As their unofficial ruler, the Heaven’s sect was extremely powerful among all the peak organisations of the Saints’ World.

The great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, glided over through the air. He smiled and seemed approachable, arriving before Jian Chen in just a few steps. He sighed in amazement. “I was fortunate enough to see you earlier when he crossed through the tunnel between the worlds. However, a supreme expert accompanied you, so you moved with astonishing speed. I was on a sky vessel, and with its speed, I could only catch a single glance of you before you vanished. I was utterly amazed by that senior’s terrifying cultivation. I began to contemplate just which important figure of the Saints’ World had ventured to the Spirits’ World. Only now have I learnt from you that it’s senior Heartless of the Myriad Bone Guild.”

“In all these years I’ve lived, I’ve only heard about senior Heartless’ great name. I’ve never had the right to witness his might in person. I never thought I would actually brush past the famous senior Heartless in the tunnel earlier. It really is a stroke of luck for me…” Zhan Yan was rather excited, behaving as if it were a great honour to brush past the Heartless Child. Even as a Chaotic Prime, he struggled to maintain his demeanour.

However, with that, Jian Chen’s identity became even more consolidated. There were people who doubted whether Jian Chen really came from the Myriad Bone Guild or not earlier, but they firmly believed it now.

Everyone’s gazes towards Jian Chen underwent an overwhelming change. They struggled to imagine just how great his status was in the Myriad Bone Guild to be personally escorted to the Spirits’ World by the Heartless Child.

Even if they were a hundred times braver, they would still never dare to offend someone like that. Even the ancestors behind them would never dare to.

As for the old man who had threatened Jian Chen earlier, he was filled with regret. His attitude experienced a one-eighty transformation, and he lowered himself to apologise to Jian Chen.

He could not afford to not apologise. If he did not resolve this slight falling out as soon as possible, he would probably be punished by his ancestor when he returned.

After all, they could not afford to offend the Myriad Bone Guild, much less someone personally accompanied by the Heartless Child. The status of such a person would be unimaginably great.

The great elder from the Heaven’s sect did his best to establish a good relationship with Jian Chen. He treated Jian Chen so kindly that it made the disciples of the Heaven’s sect behind him widen their eyes. They were in a state of disbelief.

At that moment, the great elder had done something that completely toppled their understanding. The proud disciples of the Heaven’s sect struggled to accept this.

It was not just the great elder from the Heaven’s sect either. The other Chaotic Primes gathered here had lowered themselves as well, smiling as they conversed with Jian Chen.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen became the centre of attention. He became a target that all the organisations tried to appease. He was surrounded by admirers.

However, Jian Chen instead felt pressured. He knew that his relationship with the Myriad Bone Guild was a collaboration at most. It was completely different from what everyone imagined it to be. If the truth was revealed and the Chaotic Primes realised that they had been toyed with, they would never drop the matter.

As a result, he did not stay any longer. He came up with a reason to break away from them before stepping onto the teleportation formation and leaving the Starsource Continent.

Even the five-colored divine crystals for the teleportation formation were covered by a few Chaotic Primes. They took the initiative to pay for him.


With a flash of white light, Jian Chen vanished from the teleportation formation. He had left the Starsource Continent.

The Darkstar Continent was another sacred land in the remnants of the Spirits’ World. It was much larger than the Starsource Continent, equivalent to the Cloud Plane.

Of course, this was not the complete Darkstar Continent either; it was just a broken fragment.

The rules on the Darkstar Continent and the Starsource Continent were basically the same. It was mostly the same apart from their differing names. Darkstar City was the only major city on the Darkstar Continent, and it was protected by formations from a Grand Exalt. It possessed the only teleportation formation on the entire continent.

However, the Darkstar Continent was much more prosperous than the Starsource Continent, as the number of cultivators gathered there amounted to several dozen times more.

This was all because of the miniature world sealed here, the World of the Fallen Beast renowned in the Spirits’ World.