Chapter 2677: The Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill

Chapter 2677: The Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill

The World of the Fallen Beast was extremely famous in the Spirits’ World. It could be said that all cultivators who possessed a great grasp over information or had spent some time in the Spirits’ World would know about its existence.

This was because the World of the Fallen Beast possessed the only race that completely survived after the Spirits’ World’s destruction.

That was one of the peak races that roamed the Spirits’ World in the past, the Darkstar race!

It was also because of the Darkstar race that the piece of land had been named the Darkstar Continent.

When the Spirits’ World was still intact, this land was a tiny piece of the vast territory under the Darkstar race’s control.

Of course, the Spirits’ World was now in tatters. Only five fragments of land in somewhat better condition remained. As a result, the Darkstar Continent’s area was less than a tenth of the Darkstar race’s former territory.

In terms of territory alone, the Darkstar race’s former land was even vaster than the Prosper Plane, one of the seven sacred planes of the Saints’ World.

Of course, that was just in terms of area. It did not mean that the Darkstar race in the past was stronger than the current Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

The structures of the two vastly different worlds varied as well.

The Spirits’ World was basically completely divided into races. The entire place was carved up by a few powerful races, with many other subsidiary races below them.

As a result, the Spirits’ World in the past was completely divided between the peak races with Grand Exalts; it was a place completely different from the Saints’ World.

The Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World had no desire for conquest. Even the undisputed greatest expert of the past, the War God of the God clan, had only occupied the Godnigma Plane. Even with the title of greatest clan in the Saints’ World, they did not interfere with the matters of other planes.

The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng only developed quietly on the Prosper Plane. They enjoyed their supreme status, but they did not conquer the entire place.

At this moment, Jian Chen sensed something and suddenly looked into the distance.

At the end of the wide street was a cluster of powerful presences. They formed a surging billow, sweeping out into the surroundings.

A group of cultivators in similar attires slowly walked uniformly.

There were over a thousand people in total, and without any exceptions, they were all early Godkings.

These people clearly belonged to an extremely powerful organisation. Wherever they passed by, the surrounding cultivators would all step aside and show a sliver of fear.

Even a few Infinite Primes would stand aside quietly when they saw the group.

Jian Chen looked at the people and frowned slightly. From all the Godkings, he sensed something very off, as they definitely were not ordinary cultivators or ordinary Godkings.

He could clearly sense that all of their presences were unstable. Their vitality fluctuated about, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. A portion of them even seemed like they had reached the end of their lives. They seemed lethargic.

Moreover, all of the Godkings had gloomy eyes and numb expressions. They gave off a heavy presence of death. They did not possess the energy that regular cultivators did.

“They’re the sacrificial soldiers of the Wei family. Sigh, these people are all tools raised with the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill. They can only live for a hundred years at most…”

“The sacrificial soldiers of the Wei family have been mobilised again. There are actually more than a thousand of them this time. What is the Wei family doing, mobilising so many all together…”

“These sacrificial soldiers raised with the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill are the deterrence trump cards of those peak organisations in the World of the Fallen Beast. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to sustain their business in the World of the Fallen Beasts…”

“Strange. Why have these large organisations sent sacrificial soldiers into the World of the Fallen Beast time and time again lately? Is something big going to happen in there?”


Many cultivators discussed quietly near the street. Jian Chen obtained a lot of information from eavesdropping.

Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill? What kind of pill is that to be able to raise so many Godkings?” Jian Chen wondered. He was in great doubt. He immediately clasped his fist at a middle-aged man beside him and asked.

The middle-aged man was a mid Godking. He showed a sliver of impatience. Originally, he was reluctant to pay attention to Jian Chen, but when he sensed the vague but tremendous presence Jian Chen gave off, he immediately shivered inside and answered in a hurry, “Senior, you must have come to the Spirits’ World recently, right? It’s normal for you to not know what the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill is. The Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill is a pill refined from a heavenly resource that only grows in the World of the Fallen Beast. The reason why it’s called the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill is because of its unfathomable power. Even if a mortal who hasn’t cultivated at all consumes it, they’ll be able to reach Godking in an extremely short amount of time.”

“What? There’s a pill as incredible as that? Even a mortal can reach Godking in an extremely short time after ingesting it?” Jian Chen was surprised. The effects of the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill had toppled his understanding of pills altogether.

Who knows how long and how many resources it would take for a mortal to reach Godking. However, he had just heard about a single pill that could elevate a mortal to Godking right now. This was no longer a matter of being incredible. It was like a fairy tale.

“Even though the pill is utterly incredible, it comes with great consequences as well. Anyone who ingests the pill can only live for another hundred years at most. They’ll definitely die after the century passes,” the middle-aged man continued.

“A century. Even though it’s just a century, it’s still not enough to obscure the pill’s power. A single pill is equivalent to a Godking. If you have several tens of thousand, several hundreds of thousand, or even millions of them…” Jian Chen was amazed. He dared not think any further.

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly when he heard that. “Senior, you can’t treat Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills as invaluable as regular heavenly resources. The main material for forging them is Hundred Tribulations Grass. They only grow in the World of the Fallen Beast and is extremely valuable. Most of the time, there’s none for sale. Normally, only those extremely powerful organisations have the ability to get some from the World of the Fallen Beast, and it won’t be a lot. It’s impossible to reach numbers as terrifying as what senior mentioned.”

“That’s because if there really was so much Hundred Tribulations Grass, the peak sects won’t necessarily have the wealth to buy it all. And even if they did, it’s impossible for the World of the Fallen Beast to produce so much.”

“Senior, look at the Wei family. With the tremendous strength of the Wei family, they’ve basically mobilised everything they have with all these sacrificial soldiers raised with the Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill this time.”