Chapter 2730: You’re at the Primordial Realm?

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Chapter 2730: You’re at the Primordial Realm?

A shocking pursuit unfolded between the Darknight City and the Two World Mountains. In the front, a burly man covered in blood fled desperately with a huge axe as blood sprayed from his mouth from time to time. His vitality was extremely weak, such that he seemed to be severely injured, as if he was already on his last breath, unable to last much longer.

Behind, a total of several thousand Darkstar race Godkings pursued relentlessly. All of them erupted with their presences, giving off startling killing intent. Gathered together, their activity was earth-shaking, which lead to an extremely spectacular sight. All of the outsiders and members of the Darkstar race who happened upon this as they travelled were left stunned in utter shock.

“Heavens, what on earth is happening? There’s so many Godkings from my race who seem to be chasing a cultivator from outside. This is just crazy!”

“Hmm? The person at the front seems to be the city lord of the Darknight City. He’s one of the strongest Godkings in our race in this day and age. B- but look at the city lord’s arms. Someone seems to have cut one off!”

“This is huge! This is absolutely huge! One of the invincible Godkings of the Darkstar race, the city lord of the Darknight City Bai Jin, is actually missing an arm. Look at him lead all those Godkings in pursuit of the outsider. Did the outsider cut off his arm?”

“How can that be possible? The city lord is basically invincible among Godkings. Only the lords of other cities can match him. Don’t tell me the person who cut off city lord Bai Jin’s arm is a Primordial realm expert?”

While the Darknight City was the city closest to the Two World Mountains, it was still quite a distance away. They would obviously come across a few cultivators along the way. There were many cultivators, both foreign and Darkstar race, which led to quite an uproar.

At the same time, the news of the city lord of Darknight City leading several thousand Godkings in pursuit of an outsider spread like wildfire. It spread like a viral infection, reaching the nearby cities very soon, creating a huge disturbance.

Obviously, no one believed a rumor like this in the very beginning.The invincible strength of the thirty-six city lords of the Darkstar race had already been well established in the minds of people. Even if they were Godkings, they were invincible Godkings. There was not a single outsider that had the right for them to personally take action, let alone for something as absurd as a city lord leading several thousand Godkings in pursuit of a single person to happen.

However, there just happened to be some people of the Darkstar race who had used items like memory crystals to record it down. When Bai Jin and the stump of his arm was vividly displayed, when the scene of several thousand Godkings behind him hunting down a single outsider in such an aggressive manner was clearly presented, everyone could not help but believe this preposterous rumor.

These cities who learnt about this first were immediately taken aback in shock. Afterwards, the news spread even faster, reaching the other cities through teleportation formations.

The startling news of the Darknight City was currently spreading across the entire Darkstar race rapidly.

To the other side, Jian Chen rapidly fled in the direction of the Two World Mountains in a desperate manner. Behind him, the city lord Bai Jin, the remaining hundred and eight kings, the thirty-six lords and the many Godkings formed a long line in the sky as they chased after Jian Chen.

“City lord, this person’s constantly burning his essence blood to unleash greater speeds at the cost of his own vitality. He’s already run out of strength. He can’t last much longer. We have to take back the Space Ring,” the vice city lords could not help but add when they saw Jian Chen slow down evidently as they followed behind Bai Jin.

Bai Jin nodded his head. He also could tell that the fleeing outsider was becoming slower and slower, while his presence was growing weaker and weaker too.

He obviously knew what that entailed. The outsider could not last much longer.

However, just as they drew closer, Jian Chen suddenly bellowed out in front like he had used some secret technique. His burly body immediately began to wither, as if he was squeezing out the final bit of potential and life from his body. He actually sped up significantly.

God dammit!” Bai Jin could not help but curse inside when he saw this. He felt both frantic and resentful. They were getting closer and closer to the Two World Mountains now. The Two World Mountains suppressed them just too much. Once people of the Darkstar race entered the Two World Mountains, even if they were peak Godkings, the strength they could unleash would be suppressed to mid Godking.

“We have to stop him before he enters the Two World Mountains,” Bai Jin gritted his teeth as his face darkened from anger. All the Godkings behind him nodded, locking onto Jian Chen with their eyes.

However, they failed to catch up to Jian Chen in the end. They only saw Jian Chen dive into the mist of the Two World Mountains with his heavily injured body that had become as thin as a stick, before gradually making his way further away.

“It’ll be troublesome now. We actually let him escape into the Two World Mountains.” Outside the mountains, the vice city lord Si Wuqing’s countenance warped. The Two World Mountains had always been a forbidden zone to the Darkstar race. None of them would set foot in there unless they had absolutely no other choice.

All of them held deep fear for the Two World Mountains.

Bai Jin hovered in the air as he looked at the Two World Mountains shrouded in mist. He said sternly, “There’s no need to worry too much. He must have used up the last shred of his strength to escape into the Two World Mountains. He no longer possesses his peak battle prowess in his current state. We just need to catch up to him and we can still kill him effortlessly. Let’s go. Enter the Two World Mountains with me.” With that, Bai Jin entered the vicinity of the Two World Mountains first, stepping into the mist.

As soon as Jian Chen had entered the mountains, he slowed down. He stopped after just travelling a few dozen kilometers. Afterwards, all the exhaustion on his face vanished, while his paleness was rapidly replaced by a healthy glow. He was brimming with energy, as fit as a fiddle. He did not seem to be heavily injured at all.

With a slight shudder, he shook off all of the blood on his body, revealing his bronze skin.

He maintained his appearance as a burly man, but all of his wounds had already vanished. There was not even a single scar left behind.

Let alone scars, there was not even a mark.

A few seconds later, Bai Jin’s group shot over with lightning speed, finally arriving before Jian Chen. However, when they saw Jian Chen’s current appearance, all of their expressions changed. They were in disbelief.

“Y- you…” Bai Jin stared at the unscathed Jian Chen with widened eyes. Even with his mental fortitude, he was stunned by this. He could only stutter.

Jian Chen looked at the Space Ring in his hand. With a gesture from his finger, the essence blood of a divine beast drifted out from the Space Ring. He looked at the altered essence blood in sorrow. He murmured, “I originally had no ill feelings for you Darkstar race. I was originally willing to avoid all contact with your Darkstar race, but you just had to touch someone you should not have. You have forced me into making certain decisions.”

“Sir, who are you? Are you a Primordial realm expert?” The city lord struggled to suppress his shock. He could tell with a single glance that the person before him was an outsider. A Primordial realm expert had actually entered the Darkstar World from outside. This made his heart surge as he struggled to calm himself.

Despite his shock, he still managed to communicate secretly to the people at the very back that a Primordial realm expert had entered from outside. This matter had to be reported back to the race as quickly as possible.

Among the Darkstar race, they even forbid the existence of late Godking outsiders, so Primordial realm experts would go without saying.

After hearing Bai Jin’s message, the crowd at the back immediately experienced a disturbance. Afterwards, people immediately turned around and fled in fear and surprise.

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