Chapter 2732: Left to Their Own Devices

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Chapter 2732: Left to Their Own Devices

Jian Chen stared at Bai Jin coldly. Even though Bai Jin did not go into detail, Jian Chen had confirmed his thoughts from his attitude and his reply. This immediately set his killing intent alit once more, surging violently in his heart.

“Great ceremony? You’re still thinking about the great ceremony? You’ve harmed my family, so don’t even think about completing the Darkstar race’s great ceremony successfully,” Jian Chen said coldly as his eyes shone brightly with killing intent.

The Darkstar race was about to hold the great ceremony. This was a life-changing event to every single member of their race. Not only would they be able to break the limitation on cultivation, it was also one large step closer to leaving this prison.

Any member of the Darkstar race would treat the great ceremony with the utmost importance. There were even some people who valued it more than their own lives.

As a result, when they heard Jian Chen say he wanted to get in the way of the great ceremony, all of their expressions changed suddenly. The Godkings who originally feared and admired Jian Chen as a Primordial realm expert leapt up in anger like a cat that had its tail stepped on. Their fear all vanished as they glared at him furiously. They all roared out viciously.

“How dare you, outsider! How dare you get in the way of our great ceremony! The experts of my race will make you feel agony so horrendous that you would wish you were dead!”

“Damned outsider, you really harbouring ill motives. Our great emperor should have never let you outsiders into the territory of our race, where you run amuck!”

“Those outsiders holed up among my race should have been slaughtered a long time ago. Look at this, everyone. Look. These outsiders really don’t hold any good intentions at all. They actually want to get in the way of our great ceremony.”

“And he still wants to save that divine beast. To be able to sacrifice itself in our great ceremony, that’s the greatest honour the divine beast will experience in its life!”

Jian Chen grew colder as he listened to these voices. He was like a piece of permafrost.

“Sir, why don’t you hear me out?” At this moment, Bai Jin raised his hand and silenced the voices behind him. He clasped his hands at Jian Chen, “Sir, with your cultivation at the Primordial realm, you would be a major figure possessing great weight in my race, so why must you become enemies with us? If you’re willing to take a step back, we’re more than willing to forget our grievances and become friends with you. My race can also provide various, scarce resources to you. We even have the power to make you into a Chaotic Prime.”

“But the most crucial part about this is that you have to abandon the divine beast. The divine beast directly affects the success rate of our great ceremony. It must be used as an offering.”

With that, Jian Chen sneered, “I’ll be honest with you as well then. If the divine beast dies, I will annihilate the entire Darkstar race.”

“Your entire race wishes to use the divine beast as an offering, in hopes of being able to break through to a higher cultivation realm. Then as for me, I’m also allowed to destroy your entire race for the sake of this divine beast, so you pay the price for your actions.”

“Sir, must you become any enemy of our Darkstar race?” Bai Jin asked with a sunken expression.

“Hahaha. Your race has captured my family and you want to put him to his death. I’m just saving my family, that’s all, yet somehow I’m in the wrong.” With that, Jian Chen suddenly reached out at the empty space and with that, the spatial barrier around him shrank. It went from thirty kilometers across to just three, before shrinking again to three hundred meters wide.

Finally, as the spatial barrier shrank, the several thousand Godkings trapped inside became squashed like pancakes, firmly pressed together such that they were immobilised.

“You’ve harmed my family. You will all pay the price. Since your Darkstar race has already extracted so much essence blood, I’ll settle this part of the debt with you lot first,” said Jian Chen. He used his powers of space to trap the several thousand Godkings, before taking them with him and flying into the depths of the Two World Mountains.

“W- what are you doing? Release us!” As they watched Jian Chen venture deeper into the Two World Mountains, some of the Godkings cried out in absolute terror.

It was as if the depths of the Two World Mountains were even more terrifying than dying by Jian Chen’s hands.

“H- he’s taking us into this depths. This fiend, this fiend of absolute wickness. I curse him to a horrible death!”

“We have to kill all the outsiders among our race. We have to kill them all. We can’t spare any of them!”

Jian Chen ignored their bellows. He hurried along with the Laws of Space, moving with startling speed. He would cross ten thousand kilometers with each passing moment, rapidly venturing into the depths of the Two World Mountains. The surrounding mist grew thicker and thicker.

Along the way, he would leave behind a soul imprint from time to time, to prevent himself from getting lost after venturing too deeply inside.

Very soon, Jian Chen returned to the depths of the Two World Mountains. The journey that had taken Jin Hong and the others several months to complete only took Jian Chen a few minutes.

“I- is this the depths of the Two World Mountains?” Bai Jin was pale and filled with despair, along with some shock and disbelief.

This was because the outskirts of the Two World Mountains was tens of million kilometers away from the depths. The journey would be filled with danger as well, where the slightest carelessness would result in death. Even peak Godkings needed over a month to cover such a large distance.

But now, they had arrived in the depths in just a few minutes, which made Bai Jin feel like he was dreaming. It all seemed so surreal.

After reaching the depths, Jian Chen released the spatial restraints on the several thousand Godkings. Without a single exception, all of them were sheet-white as their eyes were filled with fear, because they had already recognised what this place was.

“The depths, it’s the depths,” some Godkings babbled as their legs trembled. They were utterly terrified.

In the depths of the Two World Mountains, the suppression was even greater. Some early Godkings had actually been suppressed to the cultivation of Overgods.

Some mid Godkings had even been suppressed to peak Overgod. Late Godkings had fallen to early Godking.

Bai Jin, the thirty-six lords and the one hundred and eight kings were all experts who had reached peak Godking many years ago. Now, the limit of their strength was mid Godking.

In short, all of them had lost a minor realm of cultivation at the very least after setting foot in the depths.

“Whether you can survive now will all be up to you. If you can escape from here, then that’s your fortune.” Jian Chen did not personally take action to kill them. Instead, he left behind that message and vanished.

Basically as soon as he had vanished, a series of beast roars rang out from deep within the mist. The ground began to shake as large herds of Life-devouring Beasts gathered over.

And, it was not just from a single direction. The roars of Life-devouring Beasts appeared from all directions, their voices filled with excitement. The trembling ground only indicated the Life-devouring Beasts were getting closer and closer.

Bai Jin seemed to think of something and immediately yelled at everyone, “Quick, quick, quick! Conceal your presence! Life-devouring Beasts are extremely sensitive to our presence. We can’t let any of it leak out.”

“City lord, what do we do?”

“What else can we do? Run. Everyone, run! This is the depths of the Two World Mountains, a forbidden zone to us. We can’t remain here unless we’ve reached the Primordial realm. Escape outwards. Everyone escape outwards,” Bai Jin said frantically, before immediately flying towards the outskirts of the mountains.

Outsiders would struggle to find their way around in the depths of the Two World Mountains, but not the Darkstar race. After venturing deep enough here, all members of the Darkstar race would be able to sense the territory of the Darkstar World.

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