Chapter 2748: Fruit of Nurturing Ways

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Chapter 2748: Fruit of Nurturing Ways

When Jian Chen looked at them, many of the hall masters and vice hall masters from the nine other divine halls all looked at Jian Chen as well.

The second hall master Arna and the tenth hall master Feng Xue had mixed expressions, while the seventh hall master Getti smiled mockingly, taking full delight in his ‘misfortune’.

The other hall masters and vice hall masters were mostly indifferent. They were not affected by this much at all.

Clearly, the fifth hall master Kun Tian’s loss of memory was no longer a secret among the ten divine halls of the Darkstar race. Basically everyone knew about it.

All of their reactions were similar to the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall. They did not doubt Kun Tian’s identity at all. Instead, they found that this made perfect sense.

They all knew about the horrors of the Land of Soul Destruction. Kun Tian had remained there for three whole years, without setting a foot out. If his soul was fine, that would be strange instead.

That was because even they were not bold enough to remain in there for so long. Their souls were unable to endure the constant attack of the planetary beast’s slivers of consciousness over long periods of time.

The only reason why they found that nothing was out of the ordinary was exactly because Kun Tian’s soul was injured.

“Kun Tian, do you still remember the matters of the past? Do you remember who I am? Do you remember who these people are?” As the seventh hall master Getti approached his teleportation formation, he did not forget to mock ‘Kun Tian’. He smiled from ear to ear. He was delighted.

Behind Jian Chen, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin’s expressions all became ugly. They were all from the fifth divine hall, so now that their hall master had been mocked, they all felt humiliated as well.

However, they felt utterly helpless against the seventh hall master due to the tremendous disparity in their identities and strength.

Jian Chen looked over. Two vice hall masters followed the seventh hall master. They were a Third Heavenly Layer and a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Aside from them, there was also a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime who had ventured to the Darknight City.

On the other hand, out of his fifth divine hall, Bing Yuan was the weakest, a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Following him was Tarot, a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Dou Wujin was the strongest, at the Fourth Heavenly Layer.

In terms of strength, the seventh divine hall was indeed slightly stronger than the fifth divine hall.

“This hall master obviously knows you. You’re the seventh hall master, Getti. However, I’ve heard that you’ve always worked against this hall master?” Jian Chen glanced over without any intention of shying away as he sneered a little. He also spoke in a straightforward manner, without trying to bend his words.

“Hahaha, you can’t say that. Why would I work against you?” Getti laughed as he seemed to look down on Kun Tian. His face basically told them that Kun Tian had no right to oppose him..

“Though, you do seem quite a bit more confident after breaking through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, Kun Tian. Hahahahaha.” As he laughed, Getti had already arrived in the teleportation formation with his two vice hall masters. With a flash, they were gone.

The hall masters and vice hall masters from the eight divine halls in the surroundings watched on indifferently. It was no longer anything strange to them for the fifth divine hall and seventh divine hall to have a little bit of conflict.

In reality, it was not just the fifth divine hall and seventh divine hall that were on bad terms with one another out of the ten divine halls. Some of the other divine halls were also on bad terms with one another. They would have their overt and covert struggles with each other too.

However, these struggles would just be small skirmishes and small conflicts. They would only erupt on a small scale. It would never lead to battles to the death.

Jian Chen had learnt about some of this from the three vice hall masters.

Jian Chen looked at where the seventh hall master Getti had vanished as he smiled mysteriously. He thought, “In the recent thousand years, the Darkstar race is under the rule of Getti, and he’s the sole reason behind the large-scale hunting of outsiders as well as the attack on the Hundred Saint City. Looks like I need to make proper use of this identity as Kun Tian.” Jian Chen thought rapidly. From time to time, slivers of light due to his calculations and predictions would flash through his eyes. It was extremely obscure, having been purposefully hidden by him, so no one could sense it.

After all, with his current strength, it was still quite easy for him to hide things from Infinite Primes.

As he thought, Jian Chen had already entered the teleportation formation with Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin. As it lit up, the four of them vanished.

Through the teleportation formation, Jian Chen traveled far away from the capital city, arriving in an unknown land in the Darkstar World.

As soon as he was transported here, Jian Chen sensed extremely dense origin energy. The origin energy did originate from the Darkstar World. It belonged entirely to the Saints’ World.

The Darkstar World and the Saints’ World were two different worlds, so the energy they possessed were different as well. People of the Darkstar race were unable to absorb energy from divine crystals for cultivation, but cultivators of the Saints’ World could not absorb energy from this world either, completely relying on the divine crystals they brought with them to recover their strength.

Now that he had entered an environment filled with origin energy, Jian Chen even felt like he had returned to the Saints’ World.

He looked around. There was no one around him from the nine other divine halls. There were various flourishing plants as far as he could see. Every single one of them pulsed with rather powerful energy. They had already begun metamorphosize into heavenly resources.

As a matter of fact, it was possible to say that these plants have already become heavenly resources, but they were just too young, so their grades were insufficient.

Suddenly, powerful pulses of energy appeared from behind Jian Chen. The three vice hall masters who had come with him all struck out, condensing their energy into blades and cutting up the heavenly resources in the surroundings.

With the three Primordial realm experts at work, all of the heavenly resources that Jian Chen could see were cut up cleanly in just a while, turning the lush sea of greenery into empty plains.

Jian Chen turned around and looked at the three of them in uncertainty.

The three vice hall masters knew their hall master had forgotten everything, so one of them immediately explained, “Hall master, the medicinal garden is just up ahead. Because this place is far too close to the medicinal garden, the plants here end up growing so quickly due to energy leaking out of the medicinal garden. However, as long as these plants exist, they will constantly drain away the energy of the medicinal garden, which is why we have to clean up the plants here from time to time to prevent energy from being wasted.”

Jian Chen came to a realisation. These plants, even the herbs that had already evolved to heavenly resources, were just weeds in the eyes of the Darkstar race.

He could not help but expand the senses of his soul. Very soon, he discovered the nine other hall masters in various other places, as well as the so-called medicinal garden of the Darkstar race.

The medicinal garden was actually just a circular plot of land a hundred kilometers across. The entire place was enveloped by a powerful formation as misty light churned around inside. The energy in there was extremely dense, so dense that it had already formed mist. As a matter of fact, some of it even condensed into droplets.

From time to time, there would even be a light drizzle formed out of pure energy.

The energy in the medicinal garden had already reached an extremely startling level.

There were ten teleportation formations constructed in the surroundings of the medicinal garden, which corresponded to the ten divine halls. They had been surrounded by lush greenery as well, but now, they had all been reduced to flat land. Only a thick layer of tiny plant cuttings laid on the ground, pulsing with energy.

There were formations underground which absorbed the energy of the plant cuttings and channelled it back into the medicinal garden.

A Fruit of Nurturing Ways? There’s actually a Fruit of Nurturing Ways in there?” Suddenly, Jian Chen’s mind shuddered. He could clearly see a tiny tree that had not been obscured by the mist-like energy in the centre of the medicinal garden with the senses of his soul.

The tree was only as tall as a man, but there was a thumb-sized fruit at the very top.

Jian Chen had only read about Fruit of Nurturing Ways from some ancient records in the Saints’ World. This was the first time he had seen it in person.

This was because Fruits of Nurturing Ways were extremely rare in the Saints’ World, so rare that they would be the stuff of legends even in the eyes of some Primordial realm experts.

It was extremely precious as well, so precious that even peak organisations with Grand Primes would fight over them.

This was because the effects of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways were just unbelievable. It did not nurture energy, but the ways of the world. It was said that once it was ingested, the ways of the world would be conjured before the person for them to comprehend.

Jian Chen had even learnt from the ancient records that people who ingested the fruit had an eighty to ninety percent of breaking through.

What made it even more unbelievable was that not only was it effective on Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes, it even had the same effect on Grand Primes.

Once Grand Primes ingested the fruit, they would have an eighty percent chance at breaking through by a minor level of cultivation!

The only issue was that the grade of Fruit of Nurturing Ways that Grand Primes required was just too high.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways is a God Tier heavenly resource. Heavenly resources are also split into nine grades, which would also correspond to low grade, mid grade, high grade and supreme grade. Low grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways were only effective on cultivators below the Primordial realm, while mid grade were effective on Infinite Primes, high grade on Chaotic Primes and supreme grade on Grand Primes.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways right in front of me has already reached the peak of mid grade. It’s making its way into high grade. No, it’s already begun to evolve. Once it finishes evolving, it will be a high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways.” Jian Chen’s chest heaved as he struggled to maintain his composure.

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