Chapter 277 – Strange Five Colored Stone

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Chapter 277: Strange Five Colored Stone

There were a variety of mysterious things within the fourth floor of the Treasure Pavilion. A large slab of stone was floating a meter in the air while slowly glowing with a faint azure color. There was nothing underneath the slab to support it, so anyone that saw this slab would know that this was no ordinary thing.

On another red pedestal, there was a small pile of iron sand. The iron sand was darkly colored and exuded a constant black flame. Nothing for fuel but the air around it, the fire burned constantly without ever being extinguished.

Aside from that, there were a few other strange crystals that glowed brightly along with a few ancient looking pottery vases.

The fourth floor to the Treasure Pavilion didn’t have as many people as the first floor. There were only twenty expensively dressed men that casually walked around and selected an item that caught their interest.

Jian Chen began to follow the sensations he was feeling from the azure and violet Sword Spirits before stopping right in the middle of the room. Right in front of him on a counter were countless of shining stones. Each one was about the size of an adult hand that emanated a weak light similar to a night pearl, but these weren’t night pearls, they were just strange looking stones that had a faint amount of energy pulsating within.

Following the deep sensation he was feeling, Jian Chen’s eyes landed upon a thumb sized gem. This gem was perfectly round and glimmered with many different colors. There was a strange pattern within the stone that was particularly eye catching.

Jian Chen knew that this strange five colored stone was the reason why the Sword Spirits were so happy, meaning that this was not an ordinary stone.

Calling over the manager of the fourth floor, Jian Chen inquired about the price.

The manager of the Treasure Pavilion’s fourth floor was a white haired elder. Although he was quite old, both of his eyes shined brightly as if both pupils were a shining star. The manager looked at Jian Chen as if to size him up before speaking with a grand smile, “My lord has such a sharp eye to be able to spot this special gem. This type of gem is known as the Multicolored Stone. Although this gem is seemingly small, it’s price is rather expensive compared to the other gems. It’s selling price is 15,000 purple coins.”

Jian Chen stifled his breath so that he would not be heard gasping in shock. This price was far too expensive; it was practically beyond what was believable.

Noticing the change in Jian Chen’s expression, the elder knew that Jian Chen had been intimidated by the price. With a smile, he said, “My lord, please do not look down upon the Multicolored Stone. Although I do not know what this stone is or what it is used for, but this is the absolute price.”

Swallowing his breath, Jian Chen tried to calm himself as he stared at the thumb sized stone. “Honored elder, could you please explain to me just what’s so special about this stone?”

“Then please allow this elder to explain it to you, my lord.” The elder cleared his throat with a cough before explaining, “If we are to disregard the auspicious light of the Multicolored Stone, it is already a stone of grace and refinement. Although it is only the size of a thumb, it is incomparably strong. Not a single item is able to leave a mark on its surface and its weight changes in accordance to the weather itself. Truly, this is a mysterious stone.”

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he became interested before speaking with some doubt. “To be able to change weight in accordance to the weather? Honored elder, could you please explain this in detail?”

The manage of the fourth floor laughed, “My lord, while this Multicolored Stone has only come to our Walaurent City a few days ago, it has already been placed as merchandise for many people to see in our Treasure Pavilion. The stone’s mysterious grace has already been noted quite clearly to us.”

“On a day with clear skies, the Multicolored Stone will begin to glow five different colors as it is right now. When the weather is quite nasty or is raining heavily, then the stone will glow with an intensely bright luster that could light up the entire Treasure Pavilion. However, what must be carefully noted is that if the Multicolored Stone were to touch a single drop of water, then it will grow extremely heavy. Its weight will be so heavy that those without enough strength will be unable to pick it up.”

“Oh? It has this type of mysterious change?” Jian Chen asked with doubt.

By this point, the other men on the fourth floor had all heard the price of the Multicolored Stone and began to converge at the same spot to look at it.

“Not a single one of my words are false!” The elder nodded his head with conviction before saying, “This was found out because when the Multicolored Stone was dipped in water to polish it, it instantly grew so heavy that the stone fell a kilometer within the ground. It was only after our Treasure Pavilion hired a strong expert that the stone had been excavated once more with difficulty.”

“How fake is this, a stone that fell several hundred meters into the ground?”

“I’m sure this is nothing more than a scam, I don’t believe it at all…”

“Just what type of person is strong enough to be able to pull out a stone from that far below?”

Jian Cen didn’t say a word as the other men around him began to voice their doubts.

“Whether or not you believe me is up to you, but with the reputation of Treasure Pavilion on the line, it is below us to lie about such a thing.”

“I didn’t think that this stone would be such a mysterious object. I am quite taken by it, honored elder, I would like to buy this stone.” Jian Chen smiled at him.

Jian Chen’s actions had instantly made Ming Dong leap in shock. Grabbing at his clothes, he asked hurriedly, “Jian Chen, don’t be crazy! Even if this stone is as magical as they say, it isn’t worth the money they are asking for.”

Jian Chen chuckled before stating, “I have a reason for buying this stone.”

“But…even if this stone is so magical, it’s still 15,000 purple coins. This is far too expensive.” Ming Dong said, with this price, he didn’t feel that the stone was worth it.

“My lord, do you truly wish to spend 15,000 purple coins for the Multicolored Stone?” The manager looked at Jian Chen with a surprised look. This object truly was quite mysterious and had caught the eye of many people. The very moment each one of them saw the excessively high price, they would instantaneously lose interest. So this mysterious Multicolored Stone had been passed over and sent to Walaurent City’s Treasure Pavilion.

Jian Chen held out his Purple Card, “Honored elder, I truly wish to buy it.”

Seeing the Purple Card in Jian Chen’s hand, the manager looked at Jian Chen with disbelief as if trying to see if he was joking. Swiftly a smile appeared on his face as he took the Purple Card, “My lord is truly a positive person. This Multicolored Stone has been passed around within our Treasure Pavilion’s circle for dozens of years, but now it has finally found an owner.”

After that, the manager of the fourth floor immediately had someone bring a person from a nearby bank to come and take out 15,000 purple coins from the Purple Card. Then, the Multicolored Stone was given to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen took the thumb sized Multicolored Stone and looked at it closely. Although this stone was very small in his hands, he had a hard time imagining that with a drop of water, the stone would instantly become extremely heavy.

“In this huge world, nothing is truly too bizarre.” Jian Chen sighed to himself.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirits within his dantian pulsated once. At the same time, the Multicolored Stone in Jian Chen’s hands felt as if it was reacting to the Sword Spirits as five different colored lights burst out from the tiny stone. The entire fourth floor of the Treasure Pavilion was basked within it’s multicolored light. With the entire area illuminated, everyone within eyesight immediately felt wide awake as if in an instant, their spirit had suddenly grew stronger.

“Heavens, just what is happening?”

“What an auspicious light, this stone is truly a treasure!”

“What a complicated and mysterious stone this is to have such an effect. Ai, if I had known about this earlier, I would had bought it first.”

“How blind I am in order to miss such a treasure…”

Everyone on the fourth floor immediately began to talk to each other about the stone, causing the previously quiet area to become a noisy ground full of chatter. Everyone had been animatedly talking to each other while secretly regretting to themselves that they didn’t have as sharp of an eye as Jian Chen who had spotted this treasure. Many of the men there had already started to look at the Multicolored Stone in Jian Chen’s hand with an avaricious look.

“W-wh….what just happened?” The elderly manager of the Treasure Pavilion cried out in a stupefied manner. He had already been a manager for the Treasure Pavilion for many years and had researched many things. However, this situation right in front of him was the very first time he had ever see something like it.

Even in the strongest of storms, the Multicolored Stone wouldn’t release such an intense light. Furthermore, he could tell that this multicolored glow of light was not like the usual light.

“Could it be, the Multicolored Stone and this young lord were destined to cross paths? Many people have seen this stone, but were instantly scared away from the prices. However this lord didn’t even shy away from the thought of buying it.” The elderly manager secretly thought to himself. Right now, he didn’t have a single word that he could say about this situation.

Jian Chen too had been shocked by the sudden rays of light from the Multicolored Stone. He reacted quickly and stored the stone within his Space Ring. As soon as the Multicolored Stone disappeared, the light that had illuminated the building instantly disappeared with it.

The men who were on the fourth floor of the Treasure Pavilion instantly snapped to awareness as well following the disappearance of the light.

“When the ray of light basked over me, I felt so comfortable. My head had never felt so awake!” A richly dressed man exclaimed as he walked over.

“That’s right, I too felt that my mind has cleared up.”

“Good heavens, this isn’t a lie, my spirit has strengthened many times over!”

Straight away, as soon as everyone became coherent, they each discovered a new change in their body. The look of joy on their faces could hardly be contained as they cried out their findings in shock.

“Sh*t!” Seeing everyone’s reaction, Jian Chen’s heart immediately stopped beating for a moment. Grabbing Ming Dong, the two flew toward the stairs so that they wouldn’t stay in this place any longer.

“Halt!” A middle aged man immediately sensed that Jian Chen was about to escape. With a single shout, he bounded forward to block his path.

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