Chapter 292 – Midair Shrine

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Chapter 292: Midair Shrine

The two men stopped a far distance away from the poisonous clouds as Ming Dong stared at with a serious expression, “The summons is coming from this direction, but with this poisonous cloud blocking our path, we’ll be unable to enter. Although I have some detoxification pills, I’m not sure it would work here.

Jian Chen had a meaningful smile on his face as he patted Ming Dong’s shoulders, “Don’t worry, these mere clouds won’t be able to harm me, I’ll be right back.”

“Then if you would please try one of these.” With that, Ming Dong took out a small bottle and took out a small medicinal pill from within before handing it over to Jian Chen.

Declining the pill, Jian Chen said, “I don’t need this, the poison won’t be able to harm me.”

Ming Dong doubted that Jian Chen had no fear of poison, but he knew it must be one of Jian Chen’s secrets, so he didn’t ask any more questions. With no more words being said, he followed Jian Chen within the mountain range.

Twenty meters within the poisonous smog, Ming Dong’s face suddenly changed color before immediately puking out a stream of blood.

Immediately running back, he took out a white jade bottle from within his Space Belt and took out a black colored pill. Without a moment’s hesitation, he tossed it into his mouth and swallowed.

After swallowing the pill, Ming Dong’s face grew to a better shade of color before looking at the poisonous fog with a serious look, “This poison is too strong. The deeper we go, the stronger it gets! I’ve already used my best detoxification pill, but even then I’m afraid it won’t protect me for more than fifty meters. We’re unable to enter this place then.”

Jian Chen brought out a water canteen from his Space Belt silently. Cutting into his wrists, he began to drip the blood down into the canteen.

“Jian Chen, just what in heaven’s name are you doing?” Ming Dong cried out in shock as he watched Jian Chen’s movement.

Jian Chen wrapped up his wrist with a simple bandage and herbs before handing the canteen to Ming Dong, “My blood is the best panacea for poisons, drink it.”

An incredulous look greeted Ming Dong’s face as he spoke, “What did you say, is my hearing going bad? Your blood is the best panacea, just how could that be?” Ming Dong’s face was almost as shocked as if he just discovered a new world.

Seeing the shock on Ming Dong’s face, Jian Chen revealed a smile, “I’ve long since accomplished the Thousand Immunity, there are very few poisons in this world that can injure me now.”

“Thousand Immunity? Was there such a thing in this world?” Ming Dong stared blankly with some doubt, clearly he had never heard of such a thing.

“Drink it, that way we’ll be able to walk on through this poisonous mist.” Jian Chen spoke without explanation.

“Fine then, let’s see just how effective this blood of yours is.” Ming Dong took the canteen and drank all of the blood within. As soon as the blood entered his body, a strange energy rippled through the entirety of his body and flushed away the remaining poison within Ming Dong’s body.

Feeling the change within his body, Ming Dong’s face was startled. “Jian Chen, your blood really does have a detoxifying effect. It’s even stronger than the detoxification pills I have! I can guarantee that if you were to sell your blood, then you would be able to make a sky high profit!”

Hearing this, Jian Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Okay, let’s hurry up and move forward!”

After drinking Jian Chen’s blood, the poisonous cloud no longer bothered Ming Dong. Jian Chen followed close behind Ming Dong, the two continued on deeper into the mountain.

The poison grew more and more toxic with each step they took, even their visibility became extremely limited as the cloud grew denser. Even with the toxicity steadily increasing to at least ten times the amount as when they first felt it, it held no effect on the two. This caused Ming Dong to be utterly astounded at just how effective Jian Chen’s blood was.

Following the call, Ming Dong and Jian Chen walked in a linear path toward it. Occasionally, they would come across some poisonous magical beasts, but those were quickly killed by Jian Chen.

After walking for six hours within the poisonous cloud, Jian Chen and Ming Dong finally arrived at an area not affected by the cloud. Right in front of their eyes was a graceful looking valley filled with plenty of verdant grasslands. Compared to the barren wasteland outside, this area was filled with the abundant opportunities of life.

Suddenly, Ming Dong turned grave, “Crap, the call just vanished! I can’t sense it anymore!”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. This was a good omen for them, taking in the view in front of them, he began to think, “Let’s search the area, I’m sure the call is coming from this place.”

After thinking for a moment, Ming Dong said, “Okay, let’s look for now and see if anything can be found.”

With that, Jian Chen and Ming Dong began to look all over the greenlands in hopes to find the feeling that Ming Dong could feel before entering this area.

“Jian Chen, come quick, I found something!” Suddenly, Ming Dong’s voice called out from some distance away.

Hearing his voice, Jian Chen immediately flew toward Ming Dong only to discover him standing right next to a multicolored array that was slowly emitting a faint amount of power.

“This is a Space Gate!” Jian Chen spoke with shock. He didn’t think that within this poisonous mountain range, there would be a Space Gate.

The two looked at the Space Gate for a moment before Ming Dong said, “Why don’t we head on through it?”

Jian Chen had a moment of hesitation before agreeing to follow along with Ming Dong’s proposal. Immediately, Jian Chen deposited five Class 5 Monster Cores to power up the Space Gate. Once the gates opened, the two immediately walked through it.

After walking through the Space Gates, the two men were suddenly greeted with a beautiful world where plants of different varieties could be seen and different wonderful fragrances could be smelled. With each breath, the two could feel themselves calming down.

Suddenly, Jian Chen felt something above them and looked up. Straight away his eyes grew wide as his jaws dropped down in shock.

An enormous palace floated a hundred meters in the air. The presence radiating from this place was abnormal almost as if this was a shrine that had always been cut away from the outside world. It was completely unattached to anything and floated freely in the air; anyone who saw it would be unable to believe it and would be truly shocked.

Ming Dong followed Jian Chen’s stare upward and immediately had the same exact reaction as Jian Chen. Both of his eyes grew wide as a look of awe washed over his face as he stared at the shrine.

Then, a white robed elder fell down from the skies before landing on the ground in front of Jian Chen and Ming Dong. This elder had his white hair bound together behind his back into a long whip like fashion. His entire body emitted a relaxed demeanor and it seemed almost as if he was immortal.

The elder had a gentle smile on his face as he spoke, “Honored guests, our lord has already waited a long time, allow me to escort you in.” Before waiting for either two to answer, the man waved his hands, causing a bubble of energy to wrap over Jian Chen and Ming Dong before they floated into the air toward the shrine.

Up until this point, both Jian Chen and Ming Dong were speechless and dumbfounded. By the time the two regained their spirits, they were already well within the shrine gates.

“Honored guests, please follow this old man. I’ll bring you to see the lord.” With that, the elder walked into the shrine.

“One moment! Honored senior, just what exactly is this place?” Jian Chen cried out in a hurry. The elder’s words had already confused him to the point where he was utterly mystified at the situation.

“This old man was merely here to greet the honored guests for the lord. Everything else like the finer details would best be left for the lord to answer.” The elder laughed in the manner of a kind grandfather.

“Honored senior, are you sure you didn’t receive the wrong person? We might not be the guests you are waiting for.” Ming Dong cried out in worry from behind. This mysterious lord of the floating shrine was undoubtedly an extremely strong person. In the case that the two of them weren’t the ones he was waiting for, then what would happen to them was a mystery.

Hearing Ming Dong talk, the elder couldn’t help but laugh, “Just what type of person do you think the lord is? The lord possess an unbelievable amount of power, just how could he make such a tiny mistake? There is no need to ask anymore questions, please wait for the lord, he will naturally answer them for you. The rest of your questions I have no rights to answer them.”

The two followed behind the elder quite nervously while occasionally looking around themselves. The shrine was extraordinarily large and had a large amount of power circulating within it. It was almost as if the shrine was made of pure energy for its architecture.

There were plenty of halls within the shrine, but the entire place was still quiet. Not a single person could be seen, and it felt as if the three of them were the only ones there.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong walked past several hallways before finally ending up in front of an extremely large hallway. By there, the elder cupped his hands and bowed to the closed doors, “My lord, the honored guests have arrived.”

“You may leave!” A dignified voice could be heard. From the sound, the owner of this voice was male.

“Yes, my lord!” The elder bowed once more respectfully before departing, leaving Jian Chen and Ming Dong not knowing what to do next.

“You two may enter.” The grand sounding voice spoke out once more from within. The next moment, the doors began to slowly open for the two to enter.

With a mutual look at each other, the two men hesitated for a moment before walking into the hall.

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