Chapter 351 – Hero Saving the Girl (One)

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Chapter 351: Hero Saving the Girl (One)

Half a day later, Jian Chen had managed to evade detection by following the caravan out of Mercenary City. Walking without leaving behind any tracks, not a single person was able to detect him.

After some distance away, Jian Chen split off on his own path, away from the caravan, and the moment he saw no one around, he dismounted from his magical beast and began to use his Illusionary Flash.


With the Illusionary Flash being utilized, Jian Chen shot forward like an arrow, leaving behind only the faintest of his mirror image as he flew at tremendous speeds.

Running at full speed, Jian Chen’s ears could only feel the wind blow past them in a deafening manner, causing him to be unable to hear anything. Even the scenery on both sides of him was rapidly blurring away, allowing him to only see a mixture of color, nothing too specific.

This was the very first time that Jian Chen could use the Illusionary Flash to travel at high speeds across such a vast space of land, so the speed he was traveling at had astounded Jian Chen himself. With this speed, Jian Chen was certain that he could beat a Sixth Cycle wind attributed Earth Saint Master in speed and only a flying Heaven Saint Master would be able to keep up.

With this inconceivable speed brought to him by the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen could only feel an intense amount of satisfaction. He wouldn’t fear even a Heaven Saint Master chasing him now, plus, his mastery over the Illusionary Flash was only limited to the very basics still. Jian Chen couldn’t help but wonder, if he were to master it to an extremely high level, just how fast could he travel?

The Illusionary Flash was endlessly profound. Jian Chen had spent a long time just reaching a mastery over the basics. The difficulty as he grew to a higher level of understanding would only grow more. Ever since the beginning, when he had first started to learn the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen felt that there was a deep connection with space regarding the Illusionary Flash. This had meant that Jian Chen would need to understand the profound mysteries of the world, which by extension had also meant that until he was a Saint Ruler, he would not be able to master the Illusionary Flash to a high extent.

“It’s no wonder that this was an ancient skill that the past races had deemed to be a supreme technique that surpassed most in its complexity.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

Flying southward with the use of the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen was trying his best to avoid the Jiede clan and Shi family’s Heaven Saint Masters should they come.

Across the vast plains, Jian Chen’s figure had turned into a missile that flew across the world. With the battle skill that allowed him to travel far beyond what he used to be capable of doing, the intense gales of wind had kicked up a giant dust trail. It was quite a stunning sight, but fortunately for Jian Chen, there was not a single person around, so no one would be able to see it.

Two hours later, Jian Chen had traveled countless of kilometers away from Mercenary City. In the past, if Jian Chen were to try to guess how much he could travel within this same time span, he would never guess the amount he was traversing now.

However, in these two hours, Jian Chen’s Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master level of Saint Force had already been halfway used up. The Illusionary Flash was a supplementary battle skill of the Heaven Saint Tier level and not a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Thus, the amount of Saint Force used for this battle skill was terrifying and Jian Chen himself would be only capable of keeping it up for four hours.

“Hou!” Suddenly, five kilometers away, a three meter tall black Devil Panther had discovered Jian Chen and instantly flew toward him like a speeding bullet.

Any panther modeled magical beast was especially adept in speed. Furthermore, this was a Class 5 Magical Beast so its speed was even higher.

Staring at the Devil Panther with contempt, Jian Chen ignored it and continued to blow past it with his speed maxed out.

The panther’s maw bit at empty space before howling angrily and chased after Jian Chen. Despite it being extremely fast, Jian Chen was even faster, so the distance between the two only increased more and more.

Another hour later, Jian Chen had traveled over at least a thousand kilometers away from Mercenary City. With no other choice but to stop, he looked for a safe looking spot to rest for a moment. Taking out a Class 5 Monster Core, he began to absorb the energy within to recover.

After those three hours of running, Jian Chen had already used up three quarters of his total Saint Force. If he didn’t recover and he were to come across any unexpected trouble, he would be in no shape to deal with it.

After four hours, Jian Chen’s Saint Force had been fully recovered, allowing him to travel with the Illusionary Flash once more.

Two days later in Mercenary City, the men on the watch for Jian Chen hadn’t seen any signs of Jian Chen. However, each one had thought that Jian Chen was merely stuck within a deep meditative study. After all, men of their caliber would often go for days without eating or drinking in order to focus on their cultivation. So this did not worry the stalkers too much. There were also countless men surrounding the inn day and night as well. Even a housefly wouldn’t be able to escape if they wanted, let alone a person.

At this moment, several mercenaries entered the inn. After a meal, one of them climbed up to his reserved room.


Very quickly, a loud sound could be heard throughout the tavern as a furious person roared from the second story, “Mother f*cking bastard, shopkeeper, just what kind of broken inn are you running?! Just how could there be a hole on the ground, f*ck, I goddamn fell from the third floor to the second floor!”

Hearing the angry roar, all of the people in charge of watching out for Jian Chen were all stunned and instantly responded. Immediately running for the second floor where Jian Chen’s room was, they flung open the door only to discover that a single man was swearing furiously on the floor. On the ceiling was a single half meter wide hole.

“Not good, he escaped!” Everyone instantly grew pale as they immediately reported to the others before setting out to look for him.

Not too long after, news of Jian Chen’s sudden disappearance had been reported to the Jiede clan and Shi family elders. Immediately, the two elders exploded with rage as they rained curses on their men.

“Useless, you useless pieces of trash! Are each and every single one of you blind? You are all truly trash! With so many people watching just one man, he still managed to slip away from under your nose! Hurry up and look for him! If you can’t find him, then don’t even bother coming back!” The fourth elder of the Shi family howled.

The third elder was calmer than the fourth and looked down at the kneeling men in front of him. “You didn’t see Jian Chen leave or even when?”

One men instantly reported all that he knew to the third elder.

Hearing this, the elder hummed in contemplation. “It seems that this Jian Chen had altered his appearances and slipped away in secret. I didn’t think that he would have such a skillset like this, how extraordinary.”

“Third elder, then what should we do now?” The fourth elder spoke. The third elder had been the smarter one of the two and so he wanted to see just what new plan could be made.

“What else? Have everyone start searching for Jian Chen and send news back to the clan so they can send over some help. Then, have someone go and put a bounty on Jian Chen.” The third elder spoke.

“Jian Chen is the King of Mercenaries, if we were to go to the Mercenary Union and place a bounty on him, then wouldn’t the entire Mercenary City know that we are his enemies? This would reflect poorly on us.” The fourth elder was afraid of the repercussions.

“Don’t worry, fourth elder. Even if they know the city wouldn’t bother to interfere. It would be only if they had a connection with each other that they would interfere, but other than that, they won’t.” The third elder spoke with confidence.

Putting his faith in the third elder, the fourth elder commanded to the others, “You’ve all heard the third elder’s words, go and do it!”

At the same time, the two Jiede clan elders were glaring dangerously at the group of men in front of them. The ones responsible for watching over Jian Chen, “A pile of trash! Hurry up and look for him! Hire some men to comb the city, and if you don’t find him, then don’t ever return!”

“Yes yes, we will go immediately.” The few men all spoke as if hoping to gain amnesty before retreating out of the room.


After two whole days of constant journeying, Jian Chen had figured that he had already traveled over ten thousand kilometers away from Mercenary City and was now temporarily safe.

Within a small brook nearby, Jian Chen began to bathe himself. Then, taking a new set of clothes from his Space Belt, he changed his appearances once more to resemble an ordinary looking youth before setting out once more.

Because of the tournament, many people knew of Jian Chen, thus, he had no other choice but to change his appearances.

Afterward, Jian Chen slowed down his pace. From what he knew of his position on the map, there was another Second Class City a hundred kilometers away.

The sounds of battle could be heard not too far away. Upon closer observation, Jian Chen noticed that it seemed to be a battle royale with around a hundred ordinary looking people riding on horses. Judging from their appearances, they looked to be bandits. The opposing side only had thirty men who were all desperately trying to defend a luxurious looking caravan.

At this sight, Jian Chen couldn’t help but think about the time when the Boundless Bandits had attacked him when he was escaping from the Gesun Kingdom. At that moment, Jian Chen had only been a lowly Saint and had been driven to the brink of exhaustion by a Saint Master. At that time, a Great Saint Master had been an unbearably strong expert.

But now, several years had passed. Even the strongest of Great Saint Masters was only a horsefly to him, but this still didn’t prevent Jian Chen from sighing.

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