Chapter 357 – Winged Tiger God

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Chapter 357: Winged Tiger God

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel awkward a little, he knew that this wouldn’t be an easy assignment.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen spoke, “Could you tell me just what problems you have, and how I should help you?”

At that moment, the sounds of yelling could be heard as the amalgamation of powers suddenly charged toward the tiger with all fifty Earth Saint Masters.

“Hou!” The tiger’s eyes gained a dangerous gleam before turning its head to the skies and roaring so loudly that the entire valley shook. All those within the valley couldn’t help but shiver with dread as they began to fear for their lives.

The tiger who hadn’t climbed up for two days suddenly shot straight up. With a furious blood thirsty glare, it leaped into the group of fighters.

The tiger wasn’t gigantic in scale, it was only three meters tall, but it had a terrifying amount of strength. With the tiger among the humans, it was like a wolf among lambs. With a single swipe, it caused a massacre since no one was able to evade its claws. Anyone that was hit by the claws naturally perished to them, and not a single person was able to strike it successfully.

In a short ten breaths, each and every single one of the fifty Earth Saint Masters from each faction had been eradicated. Not a single one was left, and no matter where the tiger turned, there was no one left to see.

After killing all fifty Earth Saint Masters, the tiger glared dangerously at the leaders of the factions, causing everyone to flinch back in fear.

Instead of advancing to kill off the rest, the tiger slowly turned around toward the cave, but the weakness in its eyes grew more and more clear.

Slowly laying back down on the ground, the tiger lay its head on the ground and closed its eyes again.

The leaders of the powers all looked at the white tiger with an equally white face. Unable to say anything for a very long time, they couldn’t help but just stand there in utter shock.

“Th… this… this is… a magical beast that’s far stronger than even a Peak Class 6 Magical Beast.” At last, one of the leaders spoke with a trembling voice in complete and utter shock.

“We’re no match for it, what should we do? Even if we were to fight now with just us leaders, we wouldn’t be an opponent.” Another spoke.

“This is wrong, that magical beast is abnormal! With so much strength, why didn’t it kill even us? For the sake protecting its child, this is abnormal behavior.”

“That’s right, this is far too strange. Take a look at that magical beast, just why is it so listless? It’s even napping with its eyes closed.”

“The rumors said that it was severely weak due to the wounds it has, is that why it didn’t fight all of us?”

After the shock of the recent massacre, everyone began to talk among themselves. A magical beast’s protection of its cub was absolute and would definitely not let go of any human that would dare try to steal it away. Anyone that would try would face the wrath of the magical beast, so this white tiger’s actions were a tad queer.

At that moment, the tiger’s voice came into Jian Chen’s mind once again. “Human, I cannot hold on for much longer. I beg of you to promise me that you will bring my child away from here. You are the only one among this crowd that I can trust. I do not wish for my child to be left in the hands of any other.” Right now the tiger’s voice was even weaker than before.

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed before nodding his head, “Fine, I promise to take care of your child.”

“Human, I cannot thank you enough. My intuition tells me that entrusting my child to you is the most sensible path. I can also sense that whatever danger my child comes across in the future, you will be able to help him, is that right?” The white tiger spoke happily.

“Correct!” Jian Chen nodded without hesitation.

“Human, I, Rum Guinness am truly grateful to you. Although this will add onto your troubles, I have no other solutions. Enter the cave and I will explain some things to you.” The tiger spoke.

Without hesitation, he flew out past the crowd and into the cave behind the tiger like a bolt of lightning.

“F*ck, who’s that, are they trying to die?”

“That guy doesn’t wish to live anymore…”

Not a single one of the group had tried to block Jian Chen and instead looked at him go toward the white tiger as if he was an idiot.

However, much to everyone’s complete and utter shock, Jian Chen managed to slide into the cave without any problems before disappearing from sight. The white tiger in front of the cave seemed to have completely disregarded Jian Chen as if it didn’t even sense him.

“Is the tiger asleep or something?”

Plenty of men began to shift around uneasily as they all thought with jealousy about how easily Jian Chen had managed to slip in. Most of the men in fact had been tempted to follow in his footsteps.

Then, two figures came bursting out of the crowd and flew for the cave behind the tiger with a speed comparable to Jian Chen’s. This was all for the sake of the tiger cub inside the cave.

“Hou!” Suddenly, the white tiger that had been motionless until now let out a ferocious roar as it swiped its claws. In an instant, the two figures had been cut in half in midair and fell to the floor in a rain of blood and gore.

The two had been Earth Saint Masters, but they were easily killed as well. At the same time, this had also shut down any notions that anyone had about following Jian Chen in.

After killing the two, the white tiger glared dangerously at the rest before slowly walking into the dark cave, disappearing from sight. The tiger’s actions left everyone completely puzzled on why the tiger had left the first person that entered the cave untouched,

Within the cave, a single night pearl hung overhead, illuminating the cave with some light. All around the cave was dark shadows, and in the corner of a cave, the tiny tiger cub was curled up sleeping. This sight was rather cute, but the wings on its back made it seem anything but normal.

The white tiger slowly walked into the cave and looked affectionatel aty the tiger cub. Then, its entire body took on the shape of a middle-aged woman before Jian Chen’s amazed eyes.

The woman was rather tall at two meters in height, which was taller than Jian Chen by a head. Even her physique could comparable to Qin Xiao’s.

Jian Chen stared at this previously tiger shaped woman in a daze. Although he knew that a Class 7 Magical Beast could transform into a human, this was still the very first time he had seen such an event. This was quite mystical, almost far too mystical for anyone to believe.

If he were to see this sight in his previous life, he would have called this woman an evil spirit. An evil spirit that could cultivate and was a tiger.

When Jian Chen came to this world, he knew that it was far different than the world he used to live in. The average lifespan for a person here was around 200 years old, an Earth Saint Master could live up to 500 years old, and a Heaven Saint Master could live up to a thousand years old. Back in his old world, even the experts that stood on top of the world could only live up to 100 years old. Dugu Qiubai himself was the only being that had been able to live to be 200 years old.

The newly changed woman embraced the cub affectionately before turning to look at Jian Chen, “Human, I thank you for looking after my child. Your kindness is something that I, Rum Guinness, will never be able to return.”

“Eh…that is, would you tell me what trouble you came across? I can see that you are extremely weak, could you be at the end of your lifespan?” Jian Chen didn’t know what to ask, he still found it hard to believe this motherly like woman was actually the ferocious white tiger from before.

With a sorrowful sigh, the woman spoke, “Human, I shall not hide anything from you. Allow me to explain everything in detail. I can only hope that you will not abandon my child after listening.”

“You needn’t worry, I, Jian Chen, do not go back on my word after it is given. I am not one that breaks their word.” Jian Chen pledged.

The woman’s eyes grew bright as she looked at Jian Chen, the weakness in her eyes could still be seen. “I believe you, my intuition tells me that you are not a human of deception.”

The woman went silent for a moment as if she was remembering painful memories. “On Cross Mountain, there lies a magical beast clan that commanded the entirety of the mountain with high ranking magical beasts. This clan was called the Gilligan clan.”

“Within the Gilligan clan, there are two kings that are separated between the land based magical beasts and the sky based magical beasts. Those of the tiger based magical beasts and the roc based magical beasts are considered royalty within the Gilligan clan. That is because the king of the land magical beasts was a Golden Fur Tiger King, and the king of the sky magical beasts was the Legendary Roc. As for I, I was a high ranking elder of the Gilligan clan.”

“The father of this child was a Golden Fur Tiger King who was the younger brother of the current king of the land magical beasts. Another Class 7 Magical Beast as you would. The father and I loved each other for over a hundred years, but it was not until twenty-two years ago that I grew pregnant. Maturing for twenty years, it wasn’t until two years after that much to the delight of the father and I, I had given birth to the race of the ancient emperor of tiger based magical beasts – the Winged Tiger God.”

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