Chapter 381 – The Disappearance of the Little White Tiger

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Chapter 381: The Disappearance of the Little White Tiger

After the guards left, Jian Chen had a faint smile on his face. Bringing up his right hand for a moment, a Space Ring suddenly flew out the window before landing on his hand.

This Space Ring was the ring that was holding both the Seal of Treasure Mountain and the Duanyun Sword.

With the ring in his hand, Jian Chen looked into the Space Ring only to find both the Seal of Treasure Mountain and the Duanyun Sword still stored inside. They had not been taken just yet.

Jian Chen could barely hide his joy at this. He knew that the third elder of the Shi family had a method of finding their clans Ruler Armament, but the Space Ring had managed to avoid detection within the Huangpu clan for days. Something like this was a joyous occasion to celebrate.

On the way here, Jian Chen was worried that the hidden Space Ring would have been discovered, but now that he was here, those worries were completely superfluous.

Letting out a sigh in relief, a happy smile appeared on Jian Chen’s face. He slowly closed his eyes, and in two breaths time, the well within the Huangpu clan compound exploded as a purple and gold box flew through the air. Then, as if attracted by a mysterious power, it flew straight to Jian Chen’s hand.

Opening up the box, Jian Chen could see the silver Space Ring tucked away inside. With the other Space Ring still in his hand, he took that other Space Ring and threw it into the second one along with the box and left.

Not too long after Jian Chen left, a group of nervous people quickly scrambled over to where Jian Chen was. Among the crowd was the master of the Huangpu clan.

But Jian Chen had already left the area. Even after searching for a moment, the master of the clan could do nothing else but give up.

Flying through the air, Jian Chen quickly made his way out of Mingyang City. On the way, countless people looked up at the sky with expressions of amazement and wonder, but Jian Chen didn’t stay around long enough to see. His first priority was to find the whereabouts of the white tiger and to ensure that it wasn’t in any danger.

In midair, Jian Chen took out the white patches of fur given to him by Rum Guinness. This patch of fur had a special way of finding where Rum Guinness was as well as where the white tiger was.

After following the directions Rum Guinness had told him with the white tiger cub’s fur, it began to straighten up before curving at the edges as if pointing Jian Chen in a specific direction like a compass.

Jian Chen looked in the direction where the fur was pointing only to discover it was where he had just come from.

“Did the white tiger cub run off to the mountain range?” Jian Chen thought. The mountain range in question was connected to Cross Mountains and contained one of the kings which was the white tiger cub’s enemy. If the white tiger cub were to fall into the king’s paws, then it would be over for the cub.

“Crap, I hope the cub hasn’t been discovered by the king of Cross Mountains.” With a serious expression and no hesitation at all, he flew off in the direction the fur pointed.

Four hours later, Jian Chen had deviated from the path back to Longevity Valley and was instead headed toward Cross Mountains a good distance away.

As he flew closer and closer to Cross Mountains, Jian Chen’s face began to grow more and more unsightly. He could practically confirm that the white tiger cub was most likely in Cross Mountains.

Slowing down, Jian Chen floated in midair as he started to think. If the white tiger cub was found by the king of Cross Mountains, he was doing nothing but charging toward his death.

Suddenly, elder Xiu’s image appeared in Jian Chen’s mind, almost as if he was giving Jian Chen a rope to save his life.

“Could elder Xiu be of help here?” Jian Chen thought as he began to calculate things. Elder Xiu’s cultivation was immeasurably deep, he could possibly be the only one that could withstand the might of the Gilligan clan. But then again, elder Xiu had grown weary of mortal conflicts and preferred to keep to his isolated days. Jian Chen didn’t wish to bring elder Xiu into his affairs for his own personal interests as well. After all, the Gilligan clan of Cross Mountains was a huge power. He didn’t wish to add to elder Xiu’s troubles by having him help accomplish an unknown task.

After floating in the air with some doubt, Jian Chen bit his lip and flew in the direction of the white tiger cub. At this moment he wasn’t able to tell if the tiger cub was captured or not. If the tiger cub had been taken by a weaker magical beast, there was still a chance.

Like a compass, the white tiger fur led Jian Chen in the same direction for two hours. Finally, Jian Chen arrived at one of the mountain peaks and began to look down at the scenery.

By now, Jian Chen was nearing the border to Cross Mountains. Underneath him, a group of Spirit Apes were gathered nearby. Standing on top of the tall trees, they gnashed their teeth as they howled at the floating Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked at the fur in his hand. From this, he could tell that the white tiger was somewhere nearby. After putting the fur away, he began to scour the ground below. He confirmed that he was already deeply entrenched within a nest of Spirit Apes with an innumerable amount of them standing nearby with even more rushing to the area. Even more so, there was also the scent of several other Class 5 Magical beasts. If he wasn’t flying, then he would have been surrounded by the apes a long time ago.

Suddenly, several golden figures could be seen flying through the air. There were five, three meter tall golden Spirit Apes that were surrounding Jian Chen. Each one of them had a ferocious glare that boded nothing well for Jian Chen.

Jian Chen began to grow serious now. He had been underestimating the Spirit Apes before, but he hadn’t thought that there would be a Class 6 Spirit Ape, let alone five of them.

Now that there were five Class 6 Spirit Apes, Jian Chen didn’t dare be careless anymore. With his mind, countless of tree leaves began to launch into the sky from the forest below. Then, with an azure and violet glow, they flew around Jian Chen’s side as a sort of protective layering.

This strange display of magic stunned the five Class 6 Spirit Apes, but one of the Spirit Apes narrowed his eyes and roared. Then, he began to charge at Jian Chen with his fists raised high in the air.

Immediately, the tree leaves that were flying around Jian Chen transformed to become two swords that were used to slash at the Spirit Ape.


As the two sides struck each other, a loud bang could be heard. The swords made from tree leaves were blown apart by the Spirit Apes fist, but the fist had two conspicuous looking wounds. Even blood could be seen flowing down from it.

Seeing how the hand of the Spirit Ape was bleeding, the other Spirit Apes were stunned. Each one looked at the human with astonished eyes as if trying to understand how the inexplicably weak tree leaves had managed to become so sharp.

“Zhizhi!” One of the Spirit Apes let out an indistinguishable sound, but it was apparently an order as the other four Spirit Apes brandished their fists and flew in to attack him.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with the two colors as he began to control the leaves flying around him. In an instant, they formed into ten swords and shot toward the five Spirit Apes.

Another explosive bang rang through the air as the Spirit Apes attacked the swords. Like before, their fists gained new deep scars.

But instead of stopping to wonder, the Class 6 Spirit Apes continued to fly at Jian Chen and tried to attack him with a rippling amount of energy. Hurtling their fists through the air, they tried to block any of Jian Chen’s escape paths.

Both of Jian Chen’s hands were empty now. As he floated in midair, the tree leaves began to glow brightly with the azure and violet Sword Qi before flying toward the five Spirit Apes like a moth to a flame.

Knowing just how strong this Sword Qi was now, the fists of the Spirit Apes began to ripple with even more power before at last, there was a golden glow to their fists that made them invulnerable. Then, with those fists, they struck out at the tree leaves.

But because of the sheer amount of tree leaves that covered the sky, almost every inch, the five Spirits Apes weren’t able to diffuse them all. Many of the tree leaves began to shoot into their skin, breaking through their rather strong fur. Jutting into their bodies, they left scar after scar, dying their entire body red with blood. In a flash, their golden skin was more crimson than gold.

“Zhizhizhizhi!” The five Spirit Apes began to howl in panic and pain before they utilized the earth attributed energy they had to form outside of their bodies as a secondary form of earthen armor.

The usage of the earth attributed energy would form an incredibly strong defensive armor. Even when the azure and violet Sword Qi infused leaves shot into it, all they did was leave a scar behind; they were not able to break through the armor.

Taking an opportunity to retreat, he flew away from the enclosure the Spirit Apes had trapped him in. Then, pushing his empty hands, a dozen of the trees below exploded into wooden shrapnel. Transforming into a flood of wood, they flew into the air and in an instant, they flew toward the Spirit Apes relentlessly.

But with the armor, the Spirit Apes didn’t even bother to take notice of the wood flood. Brandishing their fists, they chased Jian Chen with a reluctance to give up.

Continuing to fly backward, Jian Chen watched as the wood flood he had created surrounded the apes. Covering the entire sky for them, the shrapnel began to shoot straight into the Spirit Apes mercilessly.

Suffering from such an intensive attack, the armors of the Spirit Apes were riddled with holes and were smashed apart an instant later. Another surge of energy rippled from their body, but it was quickly battered down by Jian Chen’s attack: forced to break apart once again. But disregarding this, the Spirit Apes continued to chase down Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed brightly with color as he lifted his right hand up. A single blade of pure Sword Qi began to form as Jian Chen began to use the Origin energy for the Sword Spirits.

While his normal attacks were able to injure the Class 6 Magical Beasts, they were unable to land a killing blow. If he wanted to heavily injure the Class 6 Magical Beasts, he would need to use the Sword Spirits.

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