Chapter 406 – Strong Assisting Army (Two)

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Chapter 406: Strong Assisting Army (Two)

Suddenly, two furious roars could be heard as a red and yellow streak of light flew toward the Gesun Kingdom’s strongholds. With a huge amount of power radiating from their bodies, the soldiers below suddenly felt themselves breathless.

Two of the Heaven Saint Masters sent to protect the army had instantly gone berserk when they saw the heads.

Stepping forward bravely, Chang Wuji prepared himself to stop the two Heaven Saint Masters. At the same time, another ripple of energy surged from within the stronghold as another Heaven Saint Master stood by Chang Wuji’s side.

The newcomer was an yet another elder with white hair that flew about in the wind haphazardly. Although ruffled looking, this was the headmaster of the Gesun Kingdom’s Kargath Academy—Khafir.

When the two Heaven Saint Masters saw the floating heads of the four dead men on the Gesun Kingdom’s stronghold walls, their entire bodies began to shudder and shake. Combined with the two Heaven Saint Masters Chang Wuji had killed earlier, that had meant the Pingyang Kingdom had now lost a total of six Heaven Saint Masters. A loss of this magnitude was far too much for the Pingyang Kingdom to accept.

The four Heaven Saint Masters stared at each other with furious eyes, but not a single word was said. With a ripple of energy, the already teetering gates of the stronghold had begun to shake once more.

Chang Wuji and Khafir had both experienced countless of battles and were injured after such a prolonged war. At their peak, they were Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters, but previously, Khafir had been struck through the chest with an explosive amount of Saint Force, greatly damaging his inner organs.

“Khafir, you stand back. I’ll deal with them.” Chang Wuji snarled as a dangerous gleam took over his eyes. In a sudden explosion of power, his fighting strength suddenly tripled at the sight of one of his opponents charging straight for Khafir and instantly went to protect him.

While Chang Wuji wasn’t fully recovered, he was still considerably strong. Not only was he able to block the two Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters, but he had the advantage.
“He must be using some strange method in order to empower himself.” The two Heaven Saint Masters clearly understood that Chang Wuji had managed to strengthen himself.

But Chang Wuji remained silent, knowing that he couldn’t continue at this pace forever. It would require his entire concentration so that he could continue fighting. After several exchanges, one of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom had already been forced to take damage from one of Chang Wuji’s Earth Tier Battle Skills. All that remained was the other Heaven Saint Master who immediately felt the pressure on him.

Khafir looked at the battle with a pale face. With his inner organs nearly completely destroyed, he had already lost his ability to fight in the meantime. Despite his willingness to fight, he could only stand and watch from the sidelines without being able to join in.

“Headmaster, please come down to heal.” A middle-aged man walked up to Khafir’s side. This concerned man was the vice headmaster of Kargath Academy, Bai En.

Khafir shook his head, “The wounds on me are far too heavy. Even the Radiant Saint Masters within the fort are unable to heal me. Even if they could, they have expended far too much energy these past few days and are now powerless.”

“Headmaster, please don’t worry. Senior Wuji is extremely strong, he will definitely beat the Pingyang Kingdom people.” Bai En consoled.

Shaking his head again, Khafir spoke, “His situation isn’t too different from me. All of the Radiant Saint Masters within the Gesun Kingdom have been scattered to the cardinal strongholds, but even they aren’t enough to compare to the might of our enemies. The wounds Chang Wuji suffered surely haven’t recovered yet; even if he were to heavily injure the two Heaven Saint Masters, it’d be of no use with the army of Radiant Saint Masters they have with them. If we do not kill them quickly, then they’ll just heal themselves up.”

“First Form of the Wild Python!”

A large roar could be heard as Chang Wuji’s body began to exude Saint Force in violent waves after waves. The Saint Weapon in his hand ascended into the air before a giant amount of pressure blanketed the area as if the entire world was under his control.

The entire world began to darken as a fierce gale began to blow. Sand blew everywhere, covering the skies with a gray mist as if foretelling the end of the world.

“This is his Heaven Tier Battle Skill, retreat!” The two Heaven Saint Masters blanched in shock. Without any further delay, they quickly began to fly backward.

Unfortunately only one of them had been able to escape with their life. The other one had been locked into place due to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill’s might. With the restriction from the battle skill, he had no chance of moving at all.

During the initialization period of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, Chang Wuji had let out a roar before releasing the earth destroying energy down onto the head of the stuck Heaven Saint Master, cleaving him in two.

The surplus power from the Heaven Tier Battle Skill continued on down to the ground, splitting the earth underneath, leaving behind a ten meter long rift. The surrounding soldiers from the Pingyang Kingdom were afflicted by the attack as well, many of them dying.

After the usage of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, Chang Wuji’s body began to sway side to side violently before ultimately falling to the ground. His already pale face was now devoid of color and looked disease-stricken.

The final remaining Heaven Saint Master from the Pingyang Kingdom had a look of dejection on his face. This war could be considered a heavy loss for the Pingyang Kingdom with already seven Heaven Saint Masters dead. This battle alone had ended in their loss despite their advantage in numbers as well.

Suddenly, a formidable amount of energy could be felt from behind as several strong looking people came flying through the air.

“Pingyang Kingdom, our Hidden Dragon Kingdom have come to provide assistance in your invasion!” An elderly voice suddenly called out.

Upon hearing the identity of the newcomer, every single person within the Gesun Kingdom instantly fell into despair.

Even the headmaster of Kargath Academy sighed, “The Heavens have forgotten about our Gesun Kingdom.”

Chang Wuji looked off toward the four flying Heaven Saint Masters in despair as well before sighing and returning to the walls of the stronghold.

Khafir and him were the remaining two Heaven Saint Masters left protecting the northern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom. With the both of them having no more strength, they would not be able to last against five united Heaven Saint Masters.

Quickly, the Pingyang Kingdom and Hidden Dragon Kingdom converged together. Looking at the Heaven Saint Masters from the other kingdom, the remaining Heaven Saint Master from the Pingyang Kingdom had a gleeful smile on his face, “Could it be your Hidden Dragon Kingdom has already broken through the western stronghold?”

Laughing out loud, one of the elders from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom smiled, “Naturally. We’ve already broken through the defenses and slain two Heaven Saint Masters while the third one fled. As of right now, our army is marching toward the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial city. We heard that the northern stronghold was being quite stubborn, so the four of us decided to come as support. I’m convinced that the eastern stronghold will be soon destroyed by the Blue Wind Kingdom.”

The elder from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom spoke with a loud voice to attack the morale of the soldiers within the stronghold.

Sure enough, as soon as they heard those words, many of the soldiers began to lose their fighting courage. Several of them had dropped to the ground with stony face while others had already started to strip themselves of their armor and adopted a surrendering position.

“Gesun Kingdom, lay down your arms and we will spare you.” The elder spoke out from midair; his voice was magnanimously grand from way high in the air.

“Our Gesun Kingdom has no cowards! We would rather die than be slaves!” One of the commanders called out without fear of death.

“Impudence!” The elder’s eyes took on a dangerous glint as he waved his hand. A yellow colored sword suddenly materialized out of thin air before flying straight for the commander.


The earth element sword struck the commander instantly and killed him without delay.

“Commander Ling!”

“Commander Ling!”


The commanders nearby began to cry out grievously at the death of their friend.

Chang Wuji and Khafir both sighed before giving each other a knowing look. Both of them had a resolved face as they both floated into the sky toward the five Heaven Saint Masters. They would both rather die in battle than be resigned to their fates as slaves.

The Heaven Saint Master from the Pingyang Kingdom looked at Chang Wuji with a look of utmost loathing, “Chang Wuji, Khafir, you two truly wish to die? Then allow me to help you on that path! Comrades, let us combine our strengths and kill them completely!”

“Fine with me. I’ve heard rumors say that Chang Wuji has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill; just in case anything unexpected happens, let us fight together.” The elder from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom spoke.

Soon after, the Five Heaven Saint Masters flew at the two others with an intent to kill.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were both expressionless, but their hearts were steeled with their resolve.

Just at this crucial moment, another force of tremendous energy could be felt coming from far away. The only thing that could be seen from far away was the fact that there were five Heaven Saint Masters that were enveloped with a brilliant spectrum of light as they flew over.

At the sudden appearance of these five, even the Pingyang and Hidden Dragon Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters stopped in surprise as they looked at the incoming figures.

“Did the Blue Wind Kingdom already finish breaking through the eastern stronghold and sent people to assist us?”

“Not possible, the Blue Wind Kingdom wouldn’t be arriving from that direction!”

The Hidden Dragon Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters began to talk among each other for a moment before turning grim and looking to the five newcomers.

Quickly, the five Heaven Saint Masters stopped a hundred meters away. There were four elders and a single middle-aged person. Leading the front was an elder with a pure white magical beast in hand whose curious eyes continuously observed its surroundings.

By now, each one of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were on guard since these five newcomers were all complete strangers. They didn’t know a single one of them, meaning that they were not from around here.

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