Chapter 408 – Valiantly Storming the Stronghold (One)

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Chapter 408: Valiantly Storming the Stronghold (One)

The five Heaven Saint Masters from the Qinhuang Kingdom didn’t stay at the stronghold for too long. As per the decree from the Imperial Protector, they were to assist the Gesun Kingdom against any hostile action, so they would figure out the situation of the kingdom before splitting paths. After knowing what to do, the Imperial Advisors split paths in order to move to the other three strongholds.

The northern stronghold in the Gesun Kingdom would be defended by Chang Wuji and Khafir after using the Radiant Spirit Pill given to them to recover their health. Thanks to the pills, their health had been quickly stabilized and their bodies healed at a fast rate.

The Pingyang Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters killed one by one, had been a huge detriment to the opposing armies morale. Without any further motivation, the army drew back and out of distance.

Presently, the situation within the northern stronghold had been resolved, but with the four united kingdoms still against them, danger was still imminent.

At this moment, the Pingyang Kingdom had an unexpected guest. After some time, Jian Chen had finally arrived at the imperial palace and strode in expressionlessly.

Despite the kingdom being involved in a war, the palace was filled with people without any anxiety to be seen.

“Halt, who goes there!” As soon as Jian Chen entered through the palace gates, two guards appeared to stop him.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed once as an azure and violet Sword Qi shot forth from his fingers and instantly shot through the throats of the guards.

Without a sound, the two guards fell to the ground dead.

The other people within the palace immediately looked on in surprise, “How brazen! Are you here to cause trouble, arrest him!” Thirty imperial palace guards instantly appeared from both sides. There was no hesitation in their actions as the simultaneously rushed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons.

With a calm look still, Jian Chen raised a finger, causing another jet of Sword Qi to appear on it. Stabbing at the thirty guards, he managed to pierce through each and every single one of their throats, causing a small finger sized hole to appear in them. Blood instantly splayed in the air like the image of a flower.

Without even able to cry out in pain, the guards all fell to the ground in a flash of blood and qi. As they lay on the ground, their blood began to pool underneath their bodies.

Immediately, a whistling sound could be heard as one of the palace guards began to sound the alarm. This alarm was long and panicked, meaning it was the highest possible warning throughout the kingdom.

Not too long after, a wave of hurried footsteps could be heard coming from within the palace as if there was a battle taking place inside. At the same time, the closed gates to the palace slowly swung open as a couple of armored soldiers stepped out in formation. Each one was expressionless, but their eyes contained a frosty glare as if barely holding their honed killing intents as elite soldiers.

Right in front of this squadron of elite soldiers, a white armored middle-aged man came riding forward on a Class 3 Magical Beast mount. His eyes swept across the dead bodies of the thirty guards and then right onto Jian Chen. With a wave of his hand, he barked out an order, “Arrest him!”

The soldiers behind him immediately rushed forward in an attempt to hen Jian Chen in.

Sneering, Jian Chen waved his fingers, allowing Sword Qi to gather once more. Even against such a formidable amount of Sword Qi, none of the soldiers had any hesitation and continued on. But before they could respond to Jian Chen’s next move, he had already stabbed several of them through the throats.

In an instant, another fourteen soldiers fell to the ground.

The middle-aged man on top of the Class 3 Magical Beast Mount narrowed his eyes before forming a three meter long yellow spear. Leaping down from his mount, he charged toward Jian Chen and stabbed toward his throat with his spear.

The middle-aged man was a First Cycle Earth Saint Master, meaning his strength was someone that was absolutely beneath Jian Chen’s notice. With a wave of his finger, a jettison of Sword Qi shot forward and slammed against the man’s long spear.


Following a crisp sound, the middle-aged man’s body began to violently shake as the Sword Qi that slammed into him forced his body to go numb from shock. Flying back through the air, he met the ground and was dragged back several meters.

Another blade of Sword Qi formed on Jian Chen’s fingertips and immediately flew toward the man’s throat before he could even get back up.

“Hou!” The black panther that was the man’s mount immediately let out a powerful snarl before charging toward Jian Chen.

The Sword Qi hardened on Jian Chen’s finger as he took notice of the panther. As soon as it got closer to him, his right hand flickered into motion, instantly beheading the panther’s head with the Sword Qi blade on his finger.

There were about two hundred elite soldiers gathered here, but when they saw this display of strength, they were instantly terrified.

“Quick, sound the war drums!”

“Sound the war drums!”

The remaining soldiers instantly realized that Jian Chen wasn’t someone they could defend against and turned around to run back into the palace.

“Dong dong dong dong dong!”

The war drums began to sound throughout the palace with a strong echo, allowing everyone within the palace to be able to hear them.

Upon hearing the war drums, every single person within the palace was confused. They had already forgotten just how long it had been since they had last heard the war drums. After several seconds, they immediately began to react to the war drums and began to panic.

Squadrons of armored soldiers began to appear throughout the palace as they rushed toward the palace gates. Even the hidden experts within the palace didn’t dare delay their movements as they approached the gates as well.

The two gigantic bronze lions standing in place next to the palace gates began to raise into the air due to Jian Chen’s control. With a burst of azure and violet, they flew at the walls of the imperial palace.

“Bang!” Following two loud explosions, the palace walls began to crumble away after being destroyed by the two bronze lions, revealing two large holes.

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