Chapter 410 – Underground Labyrinth

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Chapter 410: Underground Labyrinth

Upon hearing his response, the two Heaven Saint Masters looked at each other in surprise, since when did the Gesun Kingdom have such a talented individual as this one? They had never heard of such a person before.

Without mincing words, Jian Chen’s hands grabbed at the sky. Almost instantly, two giant swords of fire materialized in his hands before shooting straight for the two Heaven Saint Masters.

The final two Heaven Saint Masters of the Pingyang Kingdom decided to no longer use words to talk after realizing that Jian Chen was a member of the Gesun Kingdom. A fight was unavoidable at this point, and unless one of the two sides died, there would be no end. Deciding not to hold back, the both of them instantly brought out their Saint Weapons to block the fire swords.

With a clanging sound, the fire swords were shattered apart and filled the sky with their residual flames. The two Heaven Saint Masters chose to use a layer of Saint Force to protect their bodies instead of dodging. They charged into the sea of flames toward Jian Chen.

Still expressionless, Jian Chen hovered in midair while watching the two Heaven Saint Masters. Despite the flames licking away at their bodies, he was still able to clearly see them within his mind thanks to his omnipresence ability.

A bright essence of pure azure and violet light began to glow on top of Jian Chen’s fingers before solidifying to become a sword. Adopting a blitzkrieg strategy, he formed the Origin energy in his hand to end the fight as soon as possible.

As soon as the Origin energy solidified, the two Heaven Saint Masters reemerged from the sea of flames headed toward Jian Chen. Both of their Saint Weapons had a large amount of pressure radiating from them as they shot toward him. By a tacit agreement, both Heaven Saint Masters had agreed to use their Earth Tier Battle Skills on him.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed brightly; although he had lost his Saint Force, the Chaotic Force had changed his body so that it was now way stronger than before. Even his speed had received a large boost after the Chaotic Force. A flash of azure and violet could be seen before Jian Chen’s right hand slammed the Origin energy against both Saint Weapons of the Heaven Saint Masters.

Upon contact, a tremendous ripple of energy flew out from where the three weapons struck against each other in every direction. Jian Chen and the two others were sent flying back because of the result.

When the two Heaven Saint Masters finally stabilized themselves, they both instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. With a terrified gasp, they looked down at the Saint Weapon in their hands.

Right in front of them, a ragged jag could be seen on their Saint Weapon. When a Saint Weapon was injured, the owner would receive a large amount of damage as a result.

Looking from their weapons to each other, both Heaven Saint Masters turned to look at Jian Chen in an awestruck fashion. Then, one of the two immediately cried out, “Carry out the highest safety warning!”

From farther away, near the imperial palace, there was a group of soldiers watching the battle take place. Among this group was an elderly man wearing a purple and gold dragon robe; the very moment he heard the words of the Heaven Saint Master, his eyes narrowed.

This purple and gold dragon robed elder was the king of the Pingyang Kingdom. By his side were his personal bodyguards, but when each one of them heard what the Heaven Saint Master called out, their faces turned sour.

“The highest safety warning? Your Majesty, quickly, into the labyrinth!”

“Escort His Majesty to the underground labyrinth, now now now!”


The bodyguards besides the king began to whisper to each other frantically before surrounding the king and bringing him away from sight in a flash.

Within the sky, Jian Chen started to use the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits to limit the attacks of both Heaven Saint Masters. By now, they were no longer able to do anything but desperately fend off the strikes before finally being killed by Jian Chen.

With the death of the two, there was no longer anyone capable of stopping him. Descending to the ground, Jian Chen stretched out his omnipresence for a circumference of fifteen kilometers. Step by step, Jian Chen drew closer to the biggest hall within the central palace.

Not too long after, Jian Chen was surrounded by countless of soldiers once more like moths to a flame. These soldiers were all a hundred meters away from him with looks of dread on their faces. Their legs staggered away from him as if afraid of charging toward their death.

Jian Chen was not the type to continue with a massacre like this. Walking forward, he finally came to the deepest part of the central palace and walked in while the soldiers stood behind anxiously. Not a single one of them dared to follow him in.

Jian Chen’s slaughter of the two Heaven Saint Masters had been seen in full detail by each of the soldiers here, scaring them to the point of utter panic. Even as elite trained soldiers, they had long since been intimidated to the point of wanting to run away as far as possible.

Although this was the very first time Jian Chen had been in the imperial palace of the Pingyang Kingdom, he had a good grasp on the inner arrangements of the place. Walking straight to the throne room, Jian Chen noticed that there was a hidden button right next to the throne. With a screeching sound after being pushed, the throne began to move back before revealing a two meter wide hole that seemed to have a set of stairs leading downward.

“Hmph, no matter where you shoot off to, don’t think that you can escape from me.” Jian Chen snorted before descending into the hole.

The inside of the cave was extremely dark and every thirty meters there was a night pearl illuminating the way through the darkness with a weak glow.

After descending for what seemed to be a thousand meters, Jian Chen finally reached the deepest point of the place. There was no more earth to be seen here, instead, only steel could be found.

Continuing to make his way forward, Jian Chen walked down the passageway. This place was an underground labyrinth fashioned completely out of cold hard steel. Even if the earth above it were to collapse, this labyrinth would be completely unaffected by it.

With the assistance from his omnipresence, the entire labyrinth was mapped out so that nothing was hidden from Jian Chen. However, he felt something strange—the entire labyrinth seemed to be alive. Within, the steel walls could be automated to move about freely and change the layout of the entire labyrinth so that an originally free path would become a dead end. With this, one would be stuck walking in a circle forever and would be doomed to die in here.

At this thought, Jian Chen couldn’t help but click his tongue in annoyance. It boggled his mind to think just how long it would take to create such a complicated labyrinth with a function like this.

Strolling down the paths with ease, Jian Chen simply swatted down the paths that blocked his path with the Sword Qi to advance.

If a Heaven Saint Master were to be stuck down here, even they would be stuck down here for some time, but this place was of no obstacle to Jian Chen.

Suddenly, a gray smoke began to fill up every single pathway of the labyrinth. In a flash, the labyrinth was filled with a poisonous fog that even a regular antidote would fail to cure. Although it would fail to kill a Heaven Saint Master, it would still do a certain amount of damage after being infected.

Seeing the poisonous mist within the labyrinth, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel a little contempt. With his Thousand Immunity body, there was practically no poison in the world that could affect him.

Without any delay in speed, Jian Chen continued to walk down the pathways while cutting holes through whatever passageway moved to block his path.

Currently, within the deepest parts of the labyrinth, the king of the Pingyang Kingdom and thirty of his most loyal followers could be seen huddled together with grim expressions.

Their current position was the safest part of the labyrinth and was protected by four steel walls about ten meters wide in thickness. Even a Heaven Saint Master would find difficulty in breaking through them, and there was also a large surplus of food that was enough for a hundred people to live for several years, making this place incredibly safe.

“Just who is this terrifying person if two of our Imperial Advisors were unable to stop him?” The king spoke with a grief stricken face.

“Your Majesty, your servant believes this person must be from the Gesun Kingdom. Previously, I heard that during the battle between our kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom, they had an expert declare retaliation upon us.” A guard spoke.

The king nodded his head faintly, “I heard that as well, but do you think that person will be able to find this place?” The king spoke with worry.

“Your Majesty, please don’t worry. This labyrinth is extremely complex and can even change its layout a countless different permutations along with many different traps. Unless there is a traitor, there would be no way for the man to find this place.” Another guard spoke. These were his most devoted followers who placed the king as a high importance.

“Your Majesty, please do not worry. Our experts defending the strongholds will be here soon and force that man away from here without any hope.” Another guard spoke. But what he didn’t know was that every single one of the Pingyang Kingdom’s Heaven Saint Masters had already died since the news of their death from the strongholds had not yet been heard here.


Jian Chen continued to cut away obstacle after obstacle until at last, he had arrived at the deepest part of the labyrinth where a resplendent but thick steel wall could be seen.

Seeing this steel wall, Jian Chen let out a cold smile before forming the Origin energy on his fingers. The Origin energy grew ten meters long in length before immediately cutting through the steel wall as if it were tofu.

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