Chapter 411 – Seize The King

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Chapter 411: Seize The King

Within the northern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom, it was temporarily quiet. Every soldier was starting to treat their wounds while a few Radiant Saint Masters continued to treat everyone as much as they could with their Radiant Saint Force. On the wall, several of the bandaged soldiers were out patrolling the area; with the heads of nine enemy Heaven Saint Masters mounted on the wall, the morale of the soldiers was at an all time high.

On both sides of the wall, many blacksmiths could be seen at work trying to mend it with a variety of items laid out a meter around them. As they stripped away the damaged pieces and replaced them with newer ones.

Outside the stronghold, several soldiers from the Gesun Kingdom were digging holes and burying the bodies of the dead soldiers in it. Right about now, the army from the Pingyang Kingdom were fifteen kilometers away and stood completely still without making any intentions of moving forward. After seeing the Heaven Saint Masters die right in front of them, they were far too shocked to continue attacking.

Within the stronghold, thirty armored commanders were convened together with a serious expression.

“Everyone, I’ve just received a messenger pigeon from the other three forts. As of now, the enemy army has broken through them and are now making their way toward the imperial city. We have taken serious casualties, and a Heaven Saint Master has died at the hands of the enemy with the other Heaven Saint Masters taking heavy damage. As it is, we are in a dire situation.” An elder spoke grimly.

Everyone’s faces hardened as they listened. With the other three strongholds breached, if there was no more further attempts at stopping them, the imperial city would be attacked and the Gesun Kingdom would truly be over.

“In my opinion, even with the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom helping us, it will be of no use. The difference in strength between both sides are too vast, and with just five people, it won’t do much.” Another commander spoke.

“I hope that the Imperial Advisors’ strength will be enough to intimidate the enemy. It is in my belief that they won’t dare offend the Qinhuang Kingdom or else risk a million elite soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom destroying their kingdoms.”

“I don’t believe the situation is that simple to resolve. Everyone knows that the Qinhuang Kingdom is a large distance away from us; there isn’t a significant relationship between the two kingdoms either. I bet that the enemy will believe that the five Imperial Advisors are faking their identities and are only just hired help for the Gesun Kingdom.”

“You have a fair point, I can see that scenario happening. Despite the Qinhuang Kingdom’s magnificent power and prestige, it won’t matter much to our situation if our imperial city is invaded. Our defense of this stronghold would be of no use and would just lead to our surrender.

The commanders began to talk among each other passionately as everyone spoke about their perspective on the matter with a tone of panic.

“What about this. We will send several squadrons to the other three forts to provide assistance. Everyone, what do you think?” An elder proposed.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes narrowed before another person spoke. “But our soldier reserves are currently three million strong with practically everyone injured or tired. Furthermore, there are countless of mercenaries with absolutely no discipline at all. I believe we should send the vanguards over to the other forts only.”

“This is our only possible solution, I agree to this proposal.”

“That’s correct. This is our only course of action now that the northern stronghold has been stabilized. The Pingyang Kingdom is down eight Heaven Saint Masters with only two of them protecting the imperial palace. I can bet that they won’t make any rash moves and will move their army to the other three strongholds. While we cannot defend against the attack, we can at least delay them.”


After a fierce deliberation, the commanders finally came to a conclusion. The strongest and uninjured commanders would lead two million soldiers and split into three paths toward the strongholds. Even the Radiant Saint Masters were split into groups of three.

Not too long after, the two Heaven Saint Masters in the northern stronghold obtained new information. Before Chang Wuji and Khafir could fully recover, the two immediately traveled to the eastern stronghold with the rest of the Changyang clan members.

With two million soldiers leaving, the northern stronghold was all but empty now. All that was left were several hundred thousand; however, many of them were injured and/or disabled.

The two million soldier strong army standing right outside the northern stronghold had a dozen of its commanders gathered together with a furious look. Many of the commanders here had a senior that was one of the Heaven Saint Masters that were killed.

“General Hong, what are you hesitating for? There’s only the crippled and injured left in the stronghold. If you can signal the invasion, then we will be able to successfully invade the stronghold! Then, those Heaven Saint Masters of the Gesun Kingdom will lose their heads in revenge for our ancestor.”

“No. Our Pingyang Kingdom has already lost a devastating amount of power as a result of those eight Heaven Saint Masters dying. Our strength isn’t even a half of what it used to be; therefore, we should be thinking about how to defend ourselves from the Gesun Kingdom instead of how to invade it.” An armored elder spoke seriously. The Pingyang Kingdom had lost eight Heaven Saint Masters, these were the pinnacle fighters of their nation, and so their deaths made their kingdom utterly powerless.

At the elder’s words, another person opened his mouth. “General Hong is correct. Right now our Heaven Saint Masters are down to two—both of them are back within the imperial palace. If the Hidden Dragon Kingdom, Blue Wind Kingdom, and the Andreas Kingdom were to invade the Gesun Kingdom, who will guarantee us that they will not take advantage of our weakness and turn on our own kingdom?”

“Could you mean that the death of our ancestor won’t be avenged?” Another commander spoke with a heavy glower.

“Don’t worry. This time, the Gesun Kingdom will surely fall. Those Heaven Saint Masters will die soon as well. When they die, your ancestor will be avenged. Don’t tell me you wish to try and kill a Heaven Saint Master with your Earth Saint Master strength?” General Hong spoke coldly.

At this, the general with the slain ancestor sighed. He knew that he did not possess the strength to do such a thing.

The army of the Pingyang Kingdom had no reason to attack the Gesun Kingdom’s stronghold. All they could do was to stand thirty kilometers away and wait.

Not too long however, the Pingyang Kingdom’s stronghold finally came with some information from the imperial palace. The report said that an unknown Heaven Saint Master had entered the borders of the Pingyang Kingdom and had started to lay waste to the imperial palace.

The moment this piece of information was announced to everyone, the commanders let out aghast looks before quickly ushering the army back as quickly as they could.


In the underground labyrinth, the king of the Pingyang Kingdom and his several bodyguards were looking closely at a sealed space where a jade table could be seen. This jade was an oddity within the continent, and was called the Jades of the Motherly Twins. There was two pieces to this set, and in the case one of them broke, then the other piece would disintegrate quickly afterward.

One of the jade pieces was located in the underground labyrinth while the other was in a top secret location. Only a select few knew of its existence, and once the danger to the kingdom was removed, then the men on the outside would destroy the jade piece and notify the hidden king.

Right now, every single one of the bodyguards and the king were desperately waiting for the jade table to shatter into pieces.

Suddenly, the king and his bodyguards could hear a strange noise heading in their direction. As they turned to look, the steel wall protecting them suddenly began to glow with an azure and violet ray of light.

Everyone immediately paled in fear and despair as they looked at the lights. They didn’t know just what they were, but a deep premonition began to well up within them, “What is that?” Even the king found it hard to maintain his calm composure.

Not a single person answered the king however. Hidden away in their spots, they could only stare intensely at the hole in front of them.

The azure and violet gleams of light began to move around before spreading out all over the steel wall. As the light washed over the walls, cracks could be seen spreading throughout the steel material.

“No, he’s breaking the walls even more!” One of the soldiers cried out in pure fear. The steel wall was built to be ten meters thick and could withstand even a Heaven Saint Master. But right now, it had already been smashed apart by their enemy. Just how strong was this invader?

The soldiers and king began to stagger back in fear as they watched the two lights continue to destroy the steel wall in front of them.

“Impossible, this isn’t any regular wall to be destroyed! Is our enemy a Saint Ruler?” The king couldn’t hide any of his trepidation now with his voice struggling to stay coherent.


At the moment the king had spoken, another explosion could be heard as pieces of the wall came flying off before crumbling to the ground. A fierce shockwave could be felt as each steel piece slammed into the ground, and the wall suddenly gained a two meter tall hole.

The crisp sounds of footsteps could be heard walking toward them. A figure dressed in a white robe with blood on it slowly came into view. This person wasn’t old by any means and could be no older than his early twenties. There was barely an inch of hair on him, but there was a regal air to his figure.

The king and the other soldiers all looked at the figure in fear while their legs continued to bring them backward.

“Wh… who are you?” The king asked.

Jian Chen said no words and stalked toward the king with his cold eyes piercing straight into him. The king of the Pingyang Kingdom was a senile old man with a purple and gold dragon robe and crown; he had even a noble air to him, but under the piercing eyes of Jian Chen, he was absolutely cowed.

Striding forward, Jian Chen was soon at the corner the group was hiding in.

“Protect the king!” One of the guards cried out before throwing away his fear and charging at Jian Chen.

With one man leading the charge, the others dared not fall behind. With one final breath of hesitation, they too flew at Jian Chen.

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