Chapter 470 – Calamity at the Palace

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Chapter 470: Calamity at the Palace

While playing chess within the garden with Ye Ming, the king was startled to hear an explosive sound ring out. Straight away, the both of them flew up from their seats and looked in the direction of the palace.

“What has happened?” The king asked with narrowed eyebrows. When he saw the fiery light flash over the sky, he instantly realized something bad had happened.

Ye Ming stared in that direction with confusion for a moment before a change of expression washed over his face. “Not good, there’s a mishap going on.” With that, Ye Ming’s body instantaneously disappeared as he flew toward the palace at high speeds.

Right at the location of the palace gates, the previously grand looking palace walls had crumbled to mere rubble that lay strewn across the ground. About twenty bloody soldiers could be seen unconscious around the rubble, but whether they were alive or not remained to be seen. The azure-colored marble that paved the ground had burned remains from the fierce fire that had flashed over it, making the entire place as hot as the inside of a steamer basket.

Above the broken city walls, ten men wearing different colored clothing could be seen floating twenty meters in the sky. Each one of them were Heaven Saint Masters and observed the sight below them with an icy stare.

The commotion in the area caused all of the guards within the palace to come running along with the experts to this part. But whenever someone arrived and saw the ten experts floating up above them, each one of them grew extremely pale in the face.

“Goddamn, those are Heaven Saint Masters! Sound the alarm, the enemies are here!” An Earth Saint Master cried out an order with quivering lips. Ten Saint Masters was a number that the Gesun Kingdom would find hard to repel.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The sounds of several battle drums could be heard soon enough with their sounds reverberating through the air and throughout the palace. This alarm was the highest level alarm that hadn’t been heard for more than a few dozen years. In the case that it was rung, it meant that the palace was in immediate danger of an extremely large threat. It was an alarm that forced everyone to put down whatever they were doing and defend the palace against the enemy.

The alarm caused every single soldier and any other expert not yet there to be startled into disbelief. Quickly, they gathered themselves up and immediately headed for the palace gates to see what had happened.

A single large source of energy could be felt from within the palace as the water attributed Ye Ming came flying forward. In an instant, he came to a stop right in front of the palace gates. Staring hard at the ten Heaven Saint Masters, his concentration was focused solely on them and not on the broken rubble beneath him.

“Who are you?” Ye Ming asked.

Among the ten, a single rich-dressed elder laughed coldly, “We are from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Bring out the princess of the Gesun Kingdom as well as the one called Changyang Xiangtian right away. It would be best if you don’t force us to look for them ourselves; otherwise, the consequences for your kingdom would be far too dire to accept.”

“The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom? So you dare to behave so atrociously toward our Gesun Kingdom? You really take us to be a kingdom that is easily bullied.” Ye Ming growled with an extremely serious expression. With there only being a single Heaven Saint Master at the imperial palace and the other people strewn about without power, there was no way for the Gesun Kingdom to call on enough strength in such a short amount of time to withstand the ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

“You speak correctly. There has been nothing of any importance that our kingdom found to fear from your kingdom.” Another red-wearing middle-aged man spoke with a look of disdain.

Ye Ming gave a snort. As a single person, he was not afraid of the ten in front of him. “Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, if you don’t wish to bring trouble upon your own head, you would do best to retreat. If not, then the Qinhuang Kingdom will not let this matter slide. Do you not understand the connection our two kingdoms have with each other?”

“Pah, you bluff. Don’t even bother trying to convince us that your Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom have some sort of secret connection. We aren’t three year old children, we cannot be fooled that easily.” An elder laughed. They had heard from the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom that there was no connection or friendship between the two kingdoms, so they weren’t afraid of the power that the Qinhuang Kingdom held.

“Hurry up and call out the king and his daughter. Otherwise, your Gesun Kingdom’s palace will be razed to the ground this very day.” A suntanned elder spoke dangerously with eyes that seemed as if they could shoot lightning.

By now, the imperial palace had already gathered a thousand of the finest Black Armor soldiers. However, when they saw the ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, they were stunned. A Heaven Saint Master was an entity that stood at the very top of the world. They weren’t enemies that any one of the Black Armors could contend against. Despite having over a thousand Black Armors, they were completely powerless in the face of these Heaven Saint Masters.

By now, the king had finally appeared with several of the strongest Black Armors from the garden. Upon seeing the ten floating Heaven Saint Masters, the king had a look of utmost concentration. However, his forward pace hadn’t stopped for a moment and continued to walk with his head held high.

One of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom noticed the king straight away and began to whisper to his comrades, “Take a look, that’s the king of the Gesun Kingdom.”

The ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom began to look at the king. Then, one of them nodded, “That should be him, let this old man take him.” Then, that very same person flew down to the king.

“Don’t think you will get away with this!” Ye Ming roared as he moved to block the elder. Without hesitation, he brought out his Saint Weapon and sent a furious slash of energy toward the incoming elder.

With a icy glare of his own, the elder took out his own Saint Weapon to block Ye Ming.

“A battle to be won is a battle that is over quickly. Bai Lie, let us two help elder Mo.” Another elder immediately brought out his Saint Weapon to attack Ye Ming.

The elder he had been talking to nodded his head and immediately entered the fray, making it a three on one battle.

The strength of the three Heaven Saint Masters were by no means weaker than Ye Ming. One of the three had actually been a step higher than Ye Ming in strength. With it being one against three, the pressure on Ye Ming was abnormally high; with three people focusing on him, it was very hard to dodge or even retaliate.

After all, he was not on the same level of those from the Qinhuang Kingdom or Chang Wuji from the Gesun Kingdom.

The four men continued to battle passionately. Each strike of their Saint Weapons led to a large amount of energy sloughing off of their weapons. It sounded like lightning striking from the ninth layer of the heavens. The large amount of energy was enough for the palace walls to be battered again and again, inflicting several serious blows to them.

The imperial palace had already been thrown into disarray from all of this. With over a thousand of the finest soldiers running amok, they seemed as if the sky above them was sending down a disaster.

“Your Highness, please get away from here!” The Black Armors guarding the king immediately gauged that the situation wasn’t clearing up and immediately called for the king to escape into the palace depths. They all knew that against ten Heaven Saint Masters, there was no way for them to stop them. The only solution here was to flee.

One of the men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom instantly noticed the Black Armors running away with the king. With a sneer, he spoke, “Pah, where do you think you’re going? Do you take us as wall decorations and someone to ignore as you run away?” As he spoke, a strong amount of earth attributed Saint Force wrapped around his body and trailed behind him as he sped toward the king.

One of the Black Armors grew startled and cried out, “They’re chasing us! Take his Majesty and escape from here, I’ll hold them off.”

“Yes, captain!”

“Take care of yourself, captain!”

Several Black Armors called out with serious faces. Their forward movement toward the palace hadn’t stopped for a moment as they continued to escort the king with haste toward the imperial palace through a hidden passageway.

The captain of the Black Armors brought out a brilliantly silver machete and swung it toward the incoming Heaven Saint Master with a large shout.

“Bi Clan First Sword Form — Sky Opener!”

The silver machete instantaneously transformed into a dark green color which then exploded out from the machete’s blade with a brilliant resplendent light that filled the sky. The entire world was dyed with a dark green color that shot toward the Heaven Saint Master with blinding speed.

At the same time, a heaven-oppressing amount of pressure suddenly filled the entire area. The glow from the machete had locked onto the Heaven Saint Master with a fierce light. To the Heaven Saint Master, the entire area seemed as if it was locking him into a quagmire that made just moving a difficult matter.

“This… this is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill!” The Heaven Saint Master that was chasing after the king cried out in shock. He had briefly been unable to believe just what had transpired. No matter what he thought of, there was no way he ever would have thought that an Earth Saint Master of the Gesun Kingdom would have a priceless Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

“What? The captain has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill?!” Those Black Armors that had been escorting the king paused for a moment. Their eyes opened wide in shock as they turned to look at their captain in disbelief as well.

Up in midair, the news of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill had caught the interest of the remaining six Heaven Saint Masters in the sky above. Each one gave a startled cry as they looked to the Black Armors captain that had been using the Heaven Tier Battle Skill to fight. Their eyes held a coveting look that did nothing to hide their desire on wishing to learn the Heaven Tier Battle Skill that the Black Armors captain was using.

Even the three Heaven Saint Masters fighting against Ye Ming were tempted by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill. The three let out a loud cry while simultaneously landing a single serious blow on Ye Ming. As he let out a mouthful of blood and fell back down to the ground, the three men instantly charged at the Black Armors captain.

The Heaven Saint Master that had been locked in place due to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill let out a cruel smile. “I didn’t think that a tiny Earth Saint Master would have a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. How unexpected this was, but with your strength, you cannot bring out the entire might of the battle skill. Even if it is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it isn’t enough to pose a problem to me. Allow me to show you my Earth Tier Battle Skill then!” The Heaven Saint Master’s Saint Weapon began to glow with a fierce earthen glow as he prepared to use his Earth Tier Battle Skill against the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

The two sides collided with a fierce explosion of wind, causing the area around the imperial palace to crack into several large fissures.

Although the battle skill from the Bi clan was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, he was an Earth Saint Master. This meant that the power of his Heaven Tier Battle Skill would be lessened. Unless he was a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master, using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill would not be effective against a Heaven Saint Master. So when the Heaven Saint Master’s battle skill struck Bi Dao’s own, the Heaven Tier Battle Skill was instantly dissipated and the Earth Tier Battle Skill struck Bi Dao in the chest. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and flew a hundred meters back toward the palace, landing on the ground.

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