Chapter 472 – Kicking an Iron Panel

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Chapter 472: Kicking an Iron Panel

Within the Changyang Manor in Lore City, Changyang Ba and Chang Wuji were conversing with the five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom in a luxurious looking room. Jian Chen had left several days ago, giving Changyang Ba the time to chat with the five Imperial Advisors in an attempt to pull them closer together.

“Honored Five Imperial Advisors, if living here for the past few days has not been to your liking, or if there is something not satisfactory, then please speak up and we will definitely strive to improve.” Changyang Ba spoke with a laugh. Although his own son was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom — making the five Imperial Advisors his subordinates — Changyang Ba did not wish to treat them impolitely. After all, they were still Heaven Saint Masters in the end.

“Our host has been far too polite. We five have been very comfortable these past few days.” Xiao Tian smiled. Because he was the strongest among the five and was exceptionally talented in his own right, he had become the substitute leader while Jian Chen was away.

During their talks, they did not treat Changyang Ba as if he was lower than them despite his strength as an Earth Saint Master. On the contrary, the five of them had treated him with all the respect they could. It was almost as if they feared angering him so that they seemed more like equals. The reason for this however, was due to his exceptional son.

While the men were joyously chatting together, Chang Wuji’s expression suddenly slipped before standing up with a serious expression. Cupping his hands, he spoke, “Honored Imperial Advisors, my leader, this slave has an urgent matter to attend to!”

“Chang Wuji, where are you going in such a hurry!” Changyang Ba laughed as he looked to Chang Wuji with an eye that regarded him highly.

“Chang Wuji, if you have need for us, then please just instruct us to do so!” Xiao Tian laughed as his own eyes secretly looked to the sky outside the room.

Chang Wuji uttered a single word of thanks before leaving the room.

Standing outside, Chang Wuji’s face grew solemn as he flew into the sky. The light in his eyes twinkled with some confusion before his own body flew higher and higher into the sky above the Changyang Manor.

A Heaven Saint Master could fly at high speeds. After rushing from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the ten Heaven Saint Masters, Bi Dao, and the king of the Gesun Kingdom were already a few several thousand meters away from Lore City. By now, they were on a perfectly straight route for Changyang Manor.

A frail looking man looked at the map in his hands, “Changyang Manor is right in front of us!” He spoke.

“This time our target is the Changyang Clan. They are a minor clan, so let us just annihilate their clan to allow them to know the consequences of offending our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” A crane-haired elder spoke. He was a member of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s royal family so he knew of the finer details of the entire matter more than the others. To completely destroy the Changyang clan was what the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had wanted.

Hearing this, the king of the Gesun Kingdom had a look of contempt on his face as he was carried by a middle-aged man. In his heart, he thought, “Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, this time you’ve truly stirred the hornet’s nest. No one can save you now.”

The ten Heaven Saint Masters quickly arrived right in front of the Changyang clan, but Chang Wuji could be seen staring at them with both his hands folded against his chest.

The men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had come without disguising their power at all. The very moment they had entered the vicinity of Lore City, Xiao Tian and Chang Wuji had both sensed their presence.

Chang Wuji stared grimly at the ten experts before his eyes fell upon the king of the Gesun Kingdom and the still unconscious Bi Dao. With a startled composure, he cried out, “Your Majesty!”

“You must be the strongest of the Changyang clan — Chang Wuji!” The crane-haired elder spoke with cold eyes and an equally cold voice.

With both the king of the Gesun Kingdom and Bi Dao captured, Chang Wuji didn’t need to think to know that these ten were enemies and not friends.

“Who are you!?” Chang Wuji spoke with a dangerous voice.

“We are from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Chang Wuji, have Changyang Xiangtian get out here right now. After offending our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, he cannot leave from here in peace.” The crane-haired elder spoke with a tone that seemed to grow even icier with each word.

Chang Wuji’s eyes flashed dangerously as a spike of energy began to burst from his body. Glowering at the group in front of him, he spoke, “You from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, to dare speak of the fourth master so disrespectfully, did you wish to die so soon?”

“To speak to us in such a manner, you’ll die for this!” The same elder’s face twisted in anger before charging straight for Chang Wuji with his Saint Weapon out.

Chang Wuji let out an unfearing snort before preparing himself for battle. His own Saint Weapon appeared in his hand, and at the same time, a surge of Saint Force began to billow out from within his body in an amount that seemed to exceed his own strength. The waves of energy were so strong that they could be seen rippling through the space around them.

For the sake of deterrence, Chang Wuji had immediately used the Heaven’s Stolen Fortune to multiply his fighting strength of a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master by three-fold. With this, he had already exceeded the strength of a peak Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, and if he couldn’t split the heavens with a single blow, then he would surely be able to split the mountains and earth.


The two Saint Weapons collided with a resounding crash. The elder from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom let out a muffled sound as blood splurted from his lips before he was forced to fly away from Chang Wuji.

With a single exchange, Chang Wuji had defeated a Second Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Such a strength like this shocked the other nine Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. While they did their research on the Changyang clan earlier and knew of Chang Wuji’s strength, they didn’t know that he would be that terrifyingly strong. The reason why Chang Wuji had been able to kill any Heaven Saint Masters in the battle of the four kingdoms against the Gesun Kingdom was due to him borrowing the power of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. But now, Chang Wuji had been able to injure a Second Cycle Heaven Saint Master in a single blow. This type of strength had far exceeded any of their expectations.

Beneath, the entire Changyang Manor had been sent into disarray when a large amount of killing intent had flooded the area. But when they all looked up to see the eleven Heaven Saint Masters, their faces instantly slackened and instantly found it hard to swallow their saliva due to their mouths dropping open.

“Unhand his Majesty and Bi Dao straight away or face the consequences.” Chang Wuji didn’t continue to attack and instead stared heavily at the men in front of him.

With both the king and Bi Dao captured, Chang Wuji wasn’t able to fully attack without fear of hurting the two as a result.

“Be at ease, Chang Wuji. While I admit that your strength is beyond any one of us in a one against one match, but you are only just one man. Combined with Changyang Xiangtian, there is only two Heaven Saint Masters within the Changyang clan. Compared to the ten of us, do you think the two of you have a chance?” An elder reasoned.

Chang Wuji gave a cold smile, “You underestimate our Changyang clan. Now, release the two immediately, we’ve still time to talk about this. Otherwise, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will become the enemy of our Gesun Kingdom. Your annihilation will be in due time by then!”

“Hahaha, what a great joke you know how to spin. Your Gesun Kingdom has no way of destroying our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” The crane-haired elder laughed in disdain.

At that moment, the one that flew at Chang Wuji had flown back up. His face was pale, and a hint of fear could be seen in the lights of his eyes.

A man wearing a bright red robe with equally red hair spoke, “They are all dead men walking, why waste words and time on them? Have some people deal with Chang Wuji, two others will go search for Changyang Xiangtian. What a coward for life he is if he doesn’t dare to come out.” The red-haired elder was a Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and also the strongest of the group. Within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, many had already seen him as their leader for the mission.

“That works. Leader Zhou, patriarch Huang, elder Mu Bai, and elder Ping Yun. The five of us will face off against Chang Wuji then.” The frail elder laughed. The five of them were Third Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. With their powers combined, then they would be able to give a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master a headache.

The five elders took a stride forward in midair at the same time. Smiling, one of them spoke, “I’ve heard Chang Wuji has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. We’ve benefited greatly from the Gesun Kingdom it seems.”

At this, the other four men began to talk among themselves for a moment before quickly engaging Chang Wuji into a brawl.

“Father!” Suddenly, a frantic cry could be heard from below only for everyone to see princess You Yue and Bi Yuntian standing beneath them. Their faces had a terrified look as they saw the king within the hands of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. You Yue’s lovely face had already turned pale as she feared what might happen to her father.

Seeing his own daughter beneath him, the king’s face quavered for a moment before shouting, “Yue’er, run away! Run away now!” A battle between Heaven Saint Masters could easily injure a large multitude of people, so the king was worried about the potential damage that could occur to her.

The father and daughter conversation allowed the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom to confirm that she was the princess. Straight away, two men flew down to the ground to capture her — she was one of the two capture targets.

Suddenly, before they could even touch the ground, a strange development had occurred as five figures suddenly flew in at tremendous speeds. A boundless amount of energy could be felt radiating from their bodies with an overwhelming amount of pressure.

“What?” The two Heaven Saint Masters cried out in surprise. They never would have expected that the Changyang clan would have five hidden Heaven Saint Masters. Furthermore, these five Heaven Saint Masters were no weaker than them — three of them were already far stronger than any of them.

The five Heaven Saint Masters from the Qinhuang Kingdom had finally revealed themselves!

The five Imperial Advisors hadn’t given the two men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom any time to react. The five of them instantly drew close to the enemy, and together, they quickly delivered multiple blows to the two, causing them to fly back with blood coming out from their mouths.

“What? The Changyang clan still has five Heaven Saint Masters?!”

“How is that possible, since when the did the Changyang clan gain so many?”

“Could all of the experts of the Gesun Kingdom be gathered within Changyang Manor?”

The entire Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was startled since this had been far beyond their expectations. None of them had thought for a single moment that the Changyang clan would have any hidden experts, especially people with the same amount of strength that these five Heaven Saint Masters were exuding. This led the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom to feel especially grim, since this new group seemed as if a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master was the weakest among their group, and even he wasn’t any weaker than Chang Wuji.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were now all looking extremely grim. At this moment, the entire group finally thought that they had tried to kick through an iron panel.

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