Chapter 491 – City Invasion (Two)

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Chapter 491: City Invasion (Two)

On top of the stronghold walls of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was a scene of bitter war. The walls were covered with rivers of blood and bodies. The silver armor of the Eastern Deity Swords was dyed with the blood of their enemies and filled with dents and holes all over. If not for the superb protective ability of the armor, then some of the soldiers would never have been able to survive.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom wasn’t filled with weak individuals after all. Sometimes, an expert from their side would appear, and sometimes, a soldier of the Eastern Deity Swords would be attacked by multiple enemy soldiers at once, becoming injured.

Jian Chen hadn’t participated in the battle and moved back with his mount to where princess You Yue was.

Paying close attention to the pale face of the princess, Jian Che knew that this was the very first time she had ever witnessed such a bloody battle. In a rare moment of concern, he spoke, “Princess You Yue, are you alright? If things get too much, please close your eyes.”

The princess displayed a disturbed expression on her face, but she shook her head and mumbled, “Just how many people will die here? War is truly too cruel.”

Sighing, Jian Chen replied, “There’s no other way. War is always as such, this is a scene that occurs almost every day on the Tian Yuan Continent. The weak are the food for the strong — that is the law of this world. Trying to avoid such a rule is an impossibility unless you are one of the Three Great Empires. When one has a strength on par with theirs, no one would dare cause trouble with them.”

“Changyang Xiangtian, have them surrender. There is no need to kill anymore, those soldiers have a family.” The princess couldn’t bear it anymore and began to ask. Although she knew that war was cruel and unavoidable, she still found it extremely hard to accept the sight in front of her.

Jian Chen’s eyes focused on the beautiful princess You Yue, “Princess You Yue, before you say those words, I would like for you to remember just how the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom treated your father in the past. Not only did they lay waste to the imperial palace, but they even kidnapped your father. If not for the five Imperial Advisors in my Changyang clan beating back the individuals from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, then your father would have been captured and brought back to their kingdom to be nothing more than a prisoner.”

The princess went quiet, since she couldn’t think of any words to refute Jian Chen.

Jian Chen continued to speak. “Princess You Yue, to live in this world is to not live with any feelings of pity. The only thing you should look at is the road you walk on underneath your feet. I gave them a chance to surrender, but they didn’t cherish it. In this world, there is no such thing as cruel or uncruel. There is only strength. Strength is what is needed in order to survive.”

“When I survived by myself all those years in the past, do you know how much blood was spilt by my hands? Let me tell you, no more than ten thousand and no less than a thousand.”

“Yue’er, Changyang Xiangtian speaks logically. If not for the Qinhuang Kingdom’s assistance, then we would not have been able to repel the four armies against us. This matter did not start in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but within the imperial palace of our Gesun Kingdom. The ones who attacked our cities were the four kingdoms.” The headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir spoke.

The princess remained quiet. She understood the logic the two people used. It wasn’t often that she saw a massacre, but whenever she thought about how easy it was to take away a life, her heart couldn’t help but feel emotionally pained.

This wasn’t a simple matter where just tens of people were dying after all. Millions of lives were at stake. The bloodbath and carnage being revealed in its crude sight was not a sight for any woman to see. Even a man who had never experienced war would not be able to take such a sight easily.

The death count of the soldiers from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom continued to climb for half the day. By the end of the day, their death count totaled over 150,000 soldiers while the soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords were extremely unequal in number. Their casualty rates were almost negligible with several tens of soldiers dying while the rest only received minor scratches.

Seeing the situation around them, the elderly general in charge of the soldiers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom grew inexplicably serious. The elite soldiers of the Qinhuang Kingdom were far more amazing than he had calculated. Even with five million soldiers, they were not able to suppress a measly 500,000.

“Retreat!” The elder quickly gave the command to retreat. At this rate, even if the entire army were to sacrifice themselves, the damages done to the Qinhuang Kingdom’s army wouldn’t even be detrimental.

At the command to retreat, the army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom felt cowed. Like water, they immediately fled back within the stronghold while many soldiers had thrown down their armor in an attempt to flee even faster. Faced against the fierce beasts and soldiers of the Eastern Deity Swords, they had long since lost their fighting spirit.

In their eyes, this group of silver-armored soldiers were like the unkillable cockroach. Their Saint Weapons found it hard to pierce through the silver armor the enemy had on. Even when a dozen men surrounded one, the enemy would break through their defenses with his indomitable spirit.

On their magical beast mounts, the Eastern Deity Swords gave chase to the enemy. With their magical beasts being much faster than the army in front of them, the army was quickly overtaken with no path to escape to.

“Spare the ones who surrender!” A loud cry could be heard as the general of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Qin Wuming, commanded with a powerful cry that could be heard across the horizons.

“I surrender!”

“I surrender, don’t kill me!”

Finally, several men with wavering determination began to cry out their request to surrender. With a precedent now established, the final barrier in everyone’s mind had fully collapsed, leading to more and more people crying out to surrender. Within a moment, the entire army was echoing with the sounds.

As the army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom surrendered, the eleven Heaven Saint Masters from the same kingdom gave each other a look. With a silent agreement, they turned around and flew away. They would not do battle with the Heaven Saint Masters of the Qinhuang Kingdom here. The only battle that would happen today would be the five million strong army against the elite soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom. With their army losing their morale, the Heaven Saint Masters of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would not stay here any longer.

Without even waiting for Jian Chen’s command, the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom gave chase. In a flash, the group disappeared out of sight.

After some time, a distant explosion of sounds could be heard as the Heaven Saint Masters from both kingdoms finally began to fight.

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