Chapter 495 – Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom (One)

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Chapter 495: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom (One)

Although Hu Ba knew from Georgien that he should not make contact with the azure and violet glow, he wanted to give it a try nonetheless. He wanted to see just how strong the oddity that the azure and violet colors were.

With an explosive shout, Hu Ba changed to a posture where he held his sabre in both hands. The veins in his arms bulged as his Saint Force rippled endlessly through them into his sabre. Imbued with the Saint Force, the sabre began to glow brighter and brighter as the earthen glow gradually transformed into a golden glow of light. The dazzling golden light it was giving off was immeasurably bright, as if it was the stare of a god. In mid-air, it was like the shining sun that made it hard for anyone to keep their eyes open.

The light in Hu Ba’s eyes became intensely strong as he locked onto Jian Chen’s figure. Then, with a low voice that barked out one word after another, he shouted, “Heaven Tier Battle Skill — Sun Devouring Golden Spark!”

At his words, an overwhelming amount of pressure suddenly came into being, as if a giant mountain had suddenly started to press down onto Jian Chen’s body. Jian Chen’s figure wavered in mid-air for a moment as the pressure locked on to him.

There was finally a serious expression on Jian Chen’s face. An Earth Tier Battle Skill was something he could ignore, but a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something that even he had to pay close attention to. In the past, the Heaven Tier Battle Skill that the patriarch of the Yangji Sect had used had posed a threat to him. For Hu Ba, who was even stronger than the patriarch, the amount of power would definitely be even stronger.

An Earth Tier Battle Skill was only a single tier away from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but the difference in strength was between the earth and the heavens themselves. There was no room for discussion, otherwise, they would not use the words “earth” and “heaven” to distinguish between the two battle skill tiers.

Two resplendent glows of light suddenly exploded from Jian Chen’s eyes. In the next moment, an azure and a violet glow appeared in them, causing his eyes to be overtaken by the two colors. They didn’t even resemble eyes anymore, but with the weirdness of them, it would not be wrong to say he looked like a monster. Instead, it would be more apt to say he looked like a demon.

Suddenly in the battlefield below, all of the crossbow bolts that hadn’t floated into the air earlier started to fly into the air. Even the crossbow bolts that were being prepared to fire began to feel an invisible energy pull at them. One by one, they shot into the air before finally coming to a stop around Jian Chen’s body. Every single crossbow bolt exuded the azure and violet Sword Qi, but the intensity of the Qi was even stronger than before.

In an instant, Jian Chen’s figure was completely surrounded by the crossbow bolts. With him situated in the center of it all, Jian Chen seemed as if he was a deity that could control everything with a might that made him inviolable.

With thousands and thousands of crossbow bolts floating in the air without moving, the sight was extremely strange. Shocked, all of the soldiers who had been fighting intensely earlier couldn’t help but lift their heads with stunned expressions.

A long story in words, but this series of actions had only taken a single thought worth of time. By now, Hu Ba’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill had already finished charging. Grasping his sabre with both hands, he charged toward Jian Chen with a fierce glow of golden light before doing what seemed to be an ordinary slash.

While this blade seemed rather ordinary, like an ordinary farmer brandishing a wood chopper, one of the mysteries of the world was contained within the strike. Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel an intense desire to evade the blow, but because of the potential of the blade to strike at any place, Jian Chen had nowhere to run. The only path available to him now was to defend.

Jian Chen’s hands slowly moved into action, causing tens of thousands of crossbow bolts to fly around him. Under Jian Chen’s powerful control of thought, they instantly formed a single thirty meter long steel sword that radiated azure and violet Sword Qi before flying toward his enemy.

Even after shooting the giant sword, Jian Chen didn’t stop there. Clutching at the air, two more blades of fire materialized. Jetting off after the steel sword with a trailing path of fire, the fire began to disperse around the area and increased the overall temperature.

Although this method wouldn’t fully prevent the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it could at the very least diminish its power and take some of the load from Jian Chen’s shoulder.

Jian Chen’s strike soon clashed with Hu Ba’s sabre. No one thought that in the midst of the explosion, the steel crossbow bolt made sword wouldn’t be able to go against Hu Ba’s strike and was split in two as a result. The fire swords that came after it were dispersed as well before fading into the world without a trace.

After overwhelming Jian Chen’s strike, Hu Ba’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill had diminished in strength. Although it was no longer at its max potential, the power was still terrifying.

Jian Chen’s right hand flowed with the Origin Energy before forming a three meter long beam. Flying up, he lashed out against the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.


Upon contact, another explosion could be heard as the air seemed to tremble and quake unceasingly. Jian Chen and Hu Ba’s figures had long since been covered by the explosion of energy.

Jian Chen and Hu Ba didn’t affect the battle of the other individuals. Soon afterward, the sounds of explosions could be heard one after another not too far away. The explosions of energy were released in a terrifying wave that instantly blew away all the nearby clouds. Several of the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom began to use their Heaven Tier Battle Skill, heavily injuring their enemies and causing several to fall to the earth. Two of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom experts had even been killed by one of the Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

With about twenty Heaven Saint Masters fighting about a thousand meters high in the sky above the soldiers, the waves of energy from their battle were enough to cause the soldiers below to be subject to heavy losses.

Soon, the energy waves began to dissipate, allowing Jian Chen and Hu Ba’s figure to slowly come back into everyone’s view. The two men were floating fifty meters away from each other with pale faces and ragged clothes. Neither of the two had the elegant poise from earlier with their clothes showing tears in it. There was a single bloody cut on Jian Chen’s chest that went down to his abdomen and soaked his robes in blood in a clear sign of injury. However, the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Qi was still glowing strong and pure as before.

Hu Ba was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master who could use a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. So avoiding an injury wasn’t within Jian Chen’s ability, but it was a light wound, nothing serious.

Up against Jian Chen, Hu Ba’s sabre in his right hand began to grow dim as it gradually lost its original luster. On the blade, two jagged chips could be seen quite clearly.

“Pch!” Suddenly, Hu Ba let out a mouthful of blood while his face grew pale from the sudden loss. Originally when he fought against Jian Chen, he hadn’t been injured, but when his Saint Weapon and the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits clashed, his Saint Weapon had been like a piece of tofu. His Saint Weapon had easily been damaged by the Origin Energy, which caused damage to his internal organs.

Hu Ba’s face looked grim as he stared at the jagged chip on his sabre. With startled eyes, he slowly looked to the Origin Energy in Jian Chen’s hand, “Would you tell me just what sort of energy that is for it to be so strong?” After truly experiencing the strength of the Origin Energy for himself, Hu Ba was now afraid of it. This energy was truly the bane of all strong individuals.

“No comment!” Jian Chen replied.

Snorting, Hu Ba spoke, “If not for that energy, you wouldn’t even be an opponent for me.”

Jian Chen gave a taunting look to Hu Ba, “If I was your age, even without this energy, you wouldn’t be an opponent for me either.”
Hearing Jian Chen’s words, Hu Ba was stunned for a moment before cursing himself on the inside. Unexpectedly, he had made the crass mistake of engaging in a battle of words with someone from the younger generation.

“Assistant sect leader Hu Ba, your strength may be above mine, but you are not an opponent for me. You cannot stop my mission to destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” Jian Chen spoke impassively.

Hu Ba answered coldly, “Changyang Xiangtian, while it is true we cannot stop it, our Sect of Dragon and Tiger will remember this. Although we are not as strong as the Qinhuang Kingdom, we are not that easy to bully either. The future is long, we shall wait and see.” With those words thrown down, Hu Ba gave a command to everyone before turning around to fly away.

Seeing their assistant sect leader retreat, the others from the sect gave up their fight and turned to retreat as well. In an instant, they disappeared beyond the horizon without a care for the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom experts that they left behind.

When they had left, the thirteen individuals of the Qinhuang Kingdom didn’t stopped them. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger was a top-tier family with a strength that was undeniably strong. They had no desire to create a deadlock with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and create an enemy for the Qinhuang Kingdom.

With the Sect of Dragon and Tiger retreating, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was reduced to a balloon without air. In a single moment, they had lost their fighting spirit. The Qinhuang Kingdom was stronger than them, so much so that they could fight them two to one with ease. Even with less people, they were easily capable of fighting them on equal grounds. With the incoming pressure on them now, not only would they lose if they continued to fight, but they wouldn’t even have the ability to flee.

“Stop, no more! We surrender!” The Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master with red hair was the first to surrender. He was the patriarch of a sect within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Although he had a nice relationship with the kingdom, it was not so much that he would throw his life away for it. Knowing that the chance to win had been lost, he had given up first.

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