Chapter 526 – Deep Feelings

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Chapter 526: Deep Feelings

With this sudden in-the-moment kiss from Huang Lua, Jian Chen’s mind had instantly gone blank. He stood there for a very long time. This was the very first intimate action a female had effectuated with him in both his lifetimes.

The tip of his nose could practically smell the unique womanly scent of Huang Luan while a wonderful sensation he had never experienced before could be felt. It sent his mind into chaos. At this moment, Jian Chen was utterly confounded and did not know how to react.

Perhaps it had been because Huang Luan had suppressed her emotions for Jian Chen for far too long, for they had suddenly come bursting out in this moment like the eruption of a volcano. Fierce beyond fierce and unstoppable in its motions, her body passed all of her intensity through this one kiss, releasing all of the worry she had accumulated in her heart.

This would be the very first time Jian Chen would experience such a thing. He hadn’t even time to bring a hand up to stop her and was now at a complete loss. Even after realizing what was happening, Jian Chen’s heart had begun to leap erratically after feeling Huang Luan’s soft tongue press against his. Even his usually drawn out breathing had become coarse.

Although Jian Chen had never thought about having to do anything with love, he was still a healthy male in the end. Huang Luan herself was very beautiful. In fact, she was devastatingly beautiful. Even under the heavens, she was very remarkable. So when such a beautiful woman offered a kiss, even Jian Chen wasn’t able to keep his calm. The hidden and deep feelings within Jian Chen had finally ignited, forcing Jian Chen to close his eyes.

Jian Chen’s arms suddenly flew out to grasp onto Huang Luan’s soft flesh and embrace her tightly to his body. Even through the thin clothes of Huang Luan, Jian Chen could feel the intense heat from her body, causing his heart to surge with emotions.

With their kiss, the two of them stuck close to each other. Jian Chen had been lit aflame due to Huang Luan’s initiative; therefore, he had responded passionately. At this current moment, they had thrown out everything else to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.

A good while after, the two finally split apart. Huang Luan was still holding onto Jian Chen with both arms, but her head was tilted up to stare tenderly at Jian Chen’s handsome face. As if obsessed, her head slowly leaned against Jian Chen’s shoulder as she closed her eyes to feel the warmth of his body with her own.

Jian Chen let out a drawn out sigh as he calmed himself down. Allowing Huang Luan to rest on his shoulders, he lowered his head slightly to study this beauty, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, with a complicated expression.

After a while, Jian Chen let another sigh to the ceiling and spoke, “Luan’er, won’t you regret what just happened? Am I truly worth your love?”

Huang Luan’s eyes slowly opened to stare lovingly at Jian Chen. WIth a shake of her head, she spoke, “I won’t. For this entire lifetime, I won’t regret this at all.”

“Jian Chen. Tell me, am I truly in your heart?” Huang Luan stared in anticipation.

Jian Chen sighed and stared at Huang Luan with a complicated look. He was silent for a while before finally responding, “Luan’er, I have no answer to give to you now. From the start, I never thought about settling down. There is far too much weight on my shoulders, and the pressure I face is tremendous as well. All I want right now is a way to become stronger.”

Huang Luan shook her head, “Jian Chen, that doesn’t matter. Luan’er is willing to wait. I’ll wait, even if I have to wait until the end of time! Forever I will wait, forever!”

Jian Chen was taken aback. It was at this moment that his mind shook fiercely. Just how did he never realize that Huang Luan’s feelings for him had reached such an unbelievably deep level.

However, he did not respond. He merely wrapped his arms around Huang Luan’s back and began to take in the scent coming from her body. Today would be the very first time he was ever intimate with a female, and today would also be the very first time he would hug the delicate body of a young woman. Such an experience left an impact on Jian Chen. The very beauty of the sensation ingrained itself within Jian Chen’s soul and branded itself into his mind. He would never forget this moment.

If that were the case, then he might as well add more to preserve this moment even more.

Together in this room, the two of them let this comfortable feeling envelope them. Time in this serene moment was completely forgotten by this bewitched couple.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the sounds of footsteps could be heard coming up the pavilion. Then, the hurried voice of a middle-aged man could be heard, “Luan’er, are you there? Your father has some good news to tell you.”

Upon hearing his voice, the two were like startled rabbits as they split apart from one another. Smoothening their clothes and returning to their normal expressions, they tried to pretend that nothing had happened.

The family head Huang Qinglan came walking into the pavilion with a succinct white robe when Jian Chen and Huang Luan saw him. With a smile, he spoke, “Luan’er, your father has some good news to tell you. After you hearing this, you’ll definitely…” While he was speaking, the family head suddenly realized that Jian Chen had beaten him here. He instantly grew stunned enough to pause mid-speech.

“Lord Huang!” Jian Chen cupped his hands nonchalantly with a smile on his face.

The head of the family regained his wits at that moment and gave an even wider smile. Cupping his hands in return, he spoke, “I did not think the Imperial Protector would be here. This matter was all thanks to the help of the Imperial Protector, and now Luan’er will be trouble-free.”

“The lord is too courteous. Miss Huang Luan is merely a good friend of this one. If she were to come across any trouble, this one should help anyways.” Jian Chen answered.

The head of the family smiled, but his eyes hovered between Jian Chen and Huang Luan in observation. Despite the two of them pretending that nothing had happened, the man was experienced in such matters and could detect a few peculiarities. What made the man overjoyed was the fact that Jian Chen’s eyes were completely different than before. They had changed so that Jian Chen was now looking at him like a future son-in-law looking to his father-in-law.

“I presume that the Imperial Protector has already told Luan’er the news. If that is the case, I have nothing more to say.” With that, the man turned to look at Huang Luan. “Luan’er, the Imperial Protector has wasted no small efforts on this matter. Even our ancestor has made an effort on this matter in person, you must make sure to express your thanks to him.”

“Your daughter understands!” Huang Luan spoke with a voice as low as a mosquito.

“Take your time to chat. I have some other matters to take care of, so I shall take my leave first.” Huang Qinglan didn’t have any intention to stay here any longer, so he quickly left the pavilion.

After Huang Qinglan left, only Jian Chen and Huang Luan were left. For a while, neither of the two spoke, creating a rather awkward atmosphere.

It was finally after a moment of silence that Huang Luan spoke. “Jian Chen, you brought the Qinhuang Kingdom into this now, will they truly help you in this matter though?”

“Don’t worry. The Qinhuang Kingdom has no relation to this matter at all. I have another extremely strong senior that has come to help us. This senior’s might is far stronger than the Qinhuang Kingdom, so your ancestor was more than willing to agree as well.” Jian Chen spoke.

Huang Luan’s heart was moved once more. She knew just how difficult it was to invite any strong senior to make an appearance for anyone. Aside from having a very close relationship, one would have to pay a disastrous price for their help.

Jian Chen remained in Huang Luan’s room for some time before finally leaving. Then at the behest of the ancestor of the Huang family, he remained for another day. On the next day, he and Ming Dong both bade farewell to Huang Luan and the ancestor to head back to the Gesun Kingdom.

“Friends Jian Chen and Ming Dong, this old man knows about the burned bridge between you and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. I shall give these two twin jade pieces to you, if the Saint Ruler tries to do something, just crush these jade pieces and this old man will come as soon as I can to help!” The ancestor spoke as he handed two thumb-sized jade pieces to Jian Chen and Ming Dong. After knowing of the intimate connection between the two and the grand elder of Mercenary City, the ancestor had spared no effort to get on the good side of the two. With this method, the Huang family could possible scale the giant tree that was the grand elder and perhaps gain the same treatment that the ancient clans would usually receive.

“Many thanks for senior’s kindness. This one will remember it!” Jian Chen took the jade piece happily. Over these past days, the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had weighed constantly on Jian Chen’s mind. Right now the ancestor was definitely willing to help stop the Saint Ruler from the sect; this was a very good way to resolve his biggest problem at hand.

“Hahahaha. My friend Jian Chen is far too polite. If there is ever any need for my Huang family, then please just ask. Our family will do our best to assist.” The elder couldn’t help but laugh.

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