Chapter 646: Class 3 Spirit Pills

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Chapter 646: Class 3 Spirit Pills

“Yes, captain! I’ll make haste to procure a Radiant Spirit pill shell upon my return!” He Yun replied before leaving the chamber.

After He Yun left, Jian Chen and Bi Lian were the only two who remained in the brilliant room.

Jian Chen’s eyes rested upon the wooden box on the table with unhidden glee apparent on his face. With these pills, Bi Lian would undergo a transformation that would give her a talent for cultivation. With this pill, she would face no bad obstacles in her path.

“Lian’er, hurry up and eat it. From now on, you won’t ever need to worry about your strength being behind.” Jian Chen handed the bottle to her.

The aroma coming from the bottle had been enough to send Bi Lian into a tizzy. This pill was made from a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource. She hadn’t ever seen of a thousand year old heavenly resource before, let alone a ten-thousand-year-old one.

She was once upon a time the golden daughter of the Yun family. A thousand-year-old heavenly resource would have been an undeniably precious treasure for her family back then, but be given something a thousand times more precious than that, she felt conflicted. At the same time, she was touched that such an item was given to her. Such consideration like this filled her entire body with warmth.

“Brother, thank you. Aside from my mother, you are the only one that treats me so well in this world!” Bi Lian blinked away her tears. She could barely hold back the droplets flowing from her eyes.

Jian Chen laughed and wiped away some of her tears with his hand. “Silly girl, you’re my little cousin. By all rights, I should be treating you well. Now, let’s have you take this pill first and talk later. Who knows how much time it’ll take for you to completely absorb it all.” Jian Chen spoke before putting the pill into her mouth.

As soon as the pill passed through her throat and into her stomach, a warm but docile energy began to spill forth from the pill and flow throughout her body.

Subconsciously closing her eyes, Bi Lian tried her best to use the meditation techniques Jian Chen had taught to her to help guide the energy through her body. At the same time, Jian Chen closed his eyes as well to use his will to assist Bi Lian in her attempt to convert the energy into her own.

The Geofruit was a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource. The Spiritual Qi in it was far more potent than anyone could possibly imagine. To have the Spiritual Qi split into two pills only showed just how much energy there was in total. It would take several dozen days for a normal person to absorb the energy, but with the help of Jian Chen, Bi Lian would only need half a day to absorb the energy within the pill.

With the completion of the absorption, Bi Lian’s body would undergo a complete transformation from an average body to a body completely suited for cultivation. Her aptitude for cultivation would skyrocket to a level comparable to Dugu Feng or Huang Luan at the very least.

A ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource could alter the human body. It was an item that could make a Saint Ruler drool at the mouth, and its miraculous effects made thousand-year-old heavenly resource insignificant.

Not only was her body altered, Bi Lian’s strength also skyrocketed exponentially. In just this half day alone, she went from someone who hadn’t even condensed her Saint Weapon to a being that surpassed the limitations to breakthrough to become a Saint Master. All that was left was a single step more to become a Great Saint Master.

Indeed, a ten-thousand-year old heavenly resource was life-altering. Its effects on a person were miraculous, but to use them to only alter someone’s body was a simple matter. Even the mighty Qinhuang Kingdom would be loathed to use it due to the difficulty of obtaining a heavenly resource. In short, it was an absolute waste to use it on a normal person, and not a single person would be willing to go through such a waste.

“Brother, I’ve become a Saint Master now! How unbelievable is this? In just half a day, my strength has gone from barely a Saint to a Saint Master!” Exuberant with just how much strength was coursing through her body, Bi Lian never thought that she would wield such power before.

The power of a Peak Saint Master was more than enough for Bi Lian!

Even Jian Chen himself felt happy to see the smile on Bi Lian’s face. “Lian’er, hurry up and familiarize yourself with your new strength as fast as possible.”

Thanks to the ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource, she would experience no problems with her growth. If anything, her foundation in cultivation was set in stone now.

Afterward, Jian Chen gave a few more personal notes of how he would often circulate his strength to familiarize himself before leaving her in peace. She would have to stay in the room herself for better results. Although she was a Saint Master now, she became one far too fast. Thus, her Saint Force almost felt foreign rather than being as easy to operate as her arm. Time was needed to familiarize herself.

As soon as he walked out of the room, Jian Chen could see that the day was already getting dark. Realizing that an entire day had passed by, Jian Chen could sense that the night patrol were already making their rounds nearby. As the elites of the Flame Mercenaries, each one of these patrolmen were of exceptional strength.

The alchemist He Yun came scurrying over at this precise moment with a small box clutched to his chest. Fatigued, he said to Jian Chen, “Captain, your subordinate has managed to procure a batch of Radiant Spirit pill shells as you ordered. They are all within this box.” He presented the box to Jian Chen.

Accepting the box offered to him, Jian Chen could see that there were several small palm-sized bottles all arranged nicely in it. Plenty of brown pills could be seen through the glass exterior of the bottles, but these pills looked rather unsimilar to the snow-white Radiant Spirit pills that Jian Chen was used to.

“Master He Yun, you said that Radiant Saint Force needed to be infused inside in order for these to be called Radiant Spirit pills, correct?” Jian Chen asked again.

“Correct. As long as Radiant Saint Force is infused, then the shell will seal in the Radiant Saint Force without a drop of it leaking.” He Yun answered.

“Master He Yun, you’ve worked hard. Go and take a proper rest for now.” Jian Chen dismissed He Yun before taking the box of pill shells to his own personal chambers. Instructing the maids and guards to not have anyone bother him, Jian Chen locked himself in his own room.

As it were, the room had gone through a complete rehaul in decoration. While plenty of things remained from the past, just as many things had been added to the room such as a nice and fluffy bed.

Jian Chen’s bedroom was the bedroom that the king of the past Heavenly Eagle kingdom once owned. The old decorations and furniture that the king had once enjoyed were all gone. With Jian Chen being the new owner, there was no way You Yue and Bi Lian let that room possess lingering memories of its past owners.

On the bed was a completely white, fluffy, small tiger sleeping comfortably. In the past two days, it had managed to consume twenty-something thousand-year-old heavenly resources, and was in the midst of absorbing their energy.

Taking the small box to the middle of the bed, Jian Chen took out one of the bottles and cracked it open to take out several empty pill shells.

A series of slightly gray-brown pills tumbled out, but Jian Chen levitated them, keeping them from falling onto the ground, with his mind power.

These pills were thumb-sized. There was around thirty pills total.

Jian Chen found it extremely difficult to calm himself as he looked over each pill with his eyes. Whether or not these pills would become Radiant Spirit pills were completely reliant on the upcoming moment.

Jian Chen was no stranger to the precious nature of the Radiant Spirit pills. If they were said to be life-saving miracle drug, that saying would not be an exaggeration. If a person were to sustain serious injuries, that person could consume a Radiant spirit pill to aid in their recovery. It couldn’t completely heal their wounds in one go, but it could at the very least temporarily stabilize their conditions and prevent their body from further decay. If there were enough Radiant Spirit pills, they could even bring back a man on the brink of death to a healthy state. Their uses and effects were unquestionable to anyone.

However, the pills were rare in numbers and expensive in price. Radiant Spirit pills became extremely rare objects on the continent because of the wide-scale hoarding of what remained. Only a few top-class experts and households would possess them, but even they only owned a few.

The main reason why Jian Chen wanted to manufacture Radiant Spirit pills was because of his close friends and family. Should he make enough for them all, he wouldn’t have to live each day concerned for their well-being should they come across an enemy. If something were to happen to them while he was away, the Radiant Spirit pills could at least prevent the worse from happening.

Refocusing on his thoughts, Jian Chen exhaled to stabilize himself. Closing his eyes, he began to separate the Radiant Saint Force from the world. He moved it into the space in front of him.

As things were, Jian Chen was a Sixth Class Radiant Saint Master. This meant that he belonged to the higher echelons of Radiant Saint Masters, so with practically just his mind alone, a faint flow of milky-white light started to converge in front of his chest. With time, this light grew brighter and brighter, and in no time at all, it became a rich-white sphere of light that illuminated the entire room in it’s warm white glow as if the room had become a world of snow.

As soon as Jian Chen was able to guide the Radiant Saint Force with his hands, he began to try to infuse the pill shells with the Radiant Saint Force. In the beginning, he came across some resistance as He Yun said before. To try and force his Radiant Saint Force inside  was like stabbing a hole into a stone using the finger. The average person wouldn’t be capable of that. This was the most difficult part of making a Radiant Spirit pill, and was also the most limiting stage in the process.

However, even this difficulty barely posed a challenge to him. He was a Sixth Class Radiant Saint Master with his powerful mind ability. Therefore, he was able to successfully infuse the pill shells with the Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen managed to fill the shells completely with an unending flow of Radiant Saint Force. The previously gray-colored shells began to turn milky-white before finally becoming as white as snow.

When the shells became completely white, it meant the pills had reached the utmost capacity of what they could contain. No matter how much Jian Chen tried, he couldn’t add anymore Radiant Saint Force to them. The shell would only keep what it could contain while leaking out the surplus.

Ceasing his attempts, Jian Chen broke off control and allowed the concentrated Radiant Saint Force to dissipate into the air. Very quickly, the snowy-white room turned back to its normal dusky atmosphere.

With another thought, Jian Chen levitated the thirty Radiant Spirit pills into his hands. He admired his own handiwork with a satisfied smile, and knew that he had succeeded.

However, when he sensed just how much Radiant Saint Force was in them, his eyebrows furrowed together. “These have to be Class 3 Radiant Spirit pills, they’re very lacking in efficacy. What a shame that these pill shells limit how much Radiant Saint Force can be contained in them. Otherwise, I would have made even better pills.”

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