Chapter 1437: Powering Up Together (Two)

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Chapter 1437: Powering Up Together (Two)

There were fewer Comprehension Tea Leaves compared to Violet Cloud Peaches. Jian Chen had only harvested three first grade Comprehension Tea trees and one fifth grade Comprehension Tea tree. Each tree bore eighty-one leaves and he had already used up almost half of the fifth grade Comprehension Tea Leaves.

“The difference in the numbers is just far too great and basically all the Saint Kings of the humans, magical beasts, and Sea race have gathered here. Although there were many of them who did not fulfil the standards, there are still over a hundred people beyond the Eighth Heavenly Layer. Just that would require over a hundred Violet Cloud Peaches and a few of them aren’t in possession of talent like Qing Yixuan’s, so they’ll end up wasting quite a lot of the energy in the heavenly resource. I need to give them immortal peaches that are not of the first grade,” Jian Chen murmured to himself as he frowned slightly.

“Other than that, there’s several thousand Saint Rulers who reach the standards to become a Saint King. If I just give them an immortal peach each, there won’t be enough at all. There’s even more Heaven Saint Masters, over ten thousand of them…”

“Looks like the Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers have to share an immortal peach between many people while the Saint Kings can consume an entire peach themselves. However, the people with great potential have to take priority…”

Three days later, Jian Chen finally emerged from the hall under the eager gazes of many Saint Kings. He appeared before all of them.

This was the day Jian Chen had promised to increase everyone’s strength. All the Saint Kings of the three races had gathered before the hall Jian Chen had stayed in as they stared at the tightly-shut door with anticipation and eagerness. As soon as Jian Chen appeared before them, all their eyes lit up and they politely bowed to him.

“Greetings to sovereign Jian Chen!”

“Greetings to sovereign Jian Chen!”

All the politeness from the Saint Kings originated from the bottom of their hearts. The world followed the rule of the jungle. They respected Jian Chen because of his strength. At the same time, Jian Chen had slain many foreign Saint Emperors in the battle before, protecting the continent. Just that was enough for many people to admire him.

The group of senior members from the Changyang clan stood nearby. They all watched this unfold with smiles. Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba had even teared up in joy. This was all because the person that the Saint Kings greeted was their child.

Jian Chen’s elder brother, Changyang Ke, was in the crowd as well. He stared silently at this scene with mixed emotions. He was filled with envy, but his gaze bore some gloominess and dejection.

Out of the four siblings of the Changyang clan, their eldest brother had been chosen by the Pure Heart Pavilion and had been taken there. Their sister had become the saintess of the mysterious Ice Goddess Hall, so she possessed an extraordinary status, while their youngest brother had become the greatest human expert now. He was an existence that had surpassed Saint Emperor and deserved the respect of all Saint Kings. Only he remained nameless. Even though his strength had been propelled to Saint Ruler by the Violet Cloud Peaches, he still felt the same as before. Even if he had become a Saint Ruler, he was still a nameless figure.

Bi Dao also stared at Jian Chen in the crowd. He smiled with great pride.

Uncle Chang, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, Changyang Zu Yeyun, Changyang Zu Xiao, and the others were all the same as they stared at Jian Chen quietly.

Jian Chen looked around and clasped his hands at everyone. He greeted a few Saint Kings before directly proceeding to the main topic, “Everyone, you must already know that I have some heavenly resources that can rapidly increase your strength. I used these exact heavenly resources a few days ago to allow some of my friends and family to reach Saint King. The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t have many of these heavenly resources left. However, the invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints is at our doorstep, so in order to strengthen all of us I am willing to share these heavenly resources with everyone and assist you in your breakthroughs.”

“Sovereign Jian Chen is such a selfless person. If we possessed these heavenly resources, we would have tried keeping them just for ourselves, yet sovereign Jian Chen is willing to give them to us. His selflessness is admiring…”

“Sovereign Jian Chen, I may be a magical beast, but if I become a Saint Emperor, I am willing to join the Changyang clan and become its guardian if I survive the battle against the foreign world…”

“Sovereign Jian Chen, if you can make me become a Saint Emperor, I’ll serve you until my dying breath and never betray you…”

The blood of many Saint Kings began to boil. Their old faces became flushed as they loudly swore oaths. They were unable to keep their composure. Although many of them had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer, they did not have much longer to live, and they also knew that they had no chance of becoming a Saint Emperor. However, they all saw a sliver of hope from what Jian Chen had just said.

Once they became Saint Emperors, not only would their strength undergo an overwhelming change, their life span would increase by four thousand years as well. More importantly, there was a greater chance for them to survive the upcoming battle as Saint Emperors. As a result, there were even a few of them willing to cast away the last portion of their lives just to become Saint Emperors.

The behavior of some of them seemed to be dim-witted, but they were all very clever. They knew that there would still be a very long road after Saint Emperor. Strength was still distinguished between the strong and the weak even in the Origin realm. If they could successfully follow an Origin realm expert with infinite potential, they would be able to obtain unknown benefits throughout their future cultivation.

Jian Chen began to divide the Violet Cloud Peaches. As even the weakest of the Saint Kings had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer, he had given them all second and third grade immortal peaches since they were not too far off from Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen used thirty first grade Comprehension Tea Leaves together to make a cauldron of tea, sharing it evenly among the people.

Afterward, Jian Chen personally brought them to an ancient forest for them to break through.

Several days later, a large swathe of nine-colored rainbow clouds enveloped the entire continent. The clouds were extremely thick, formed from over a hundred layers of rainbow clouds overlapping with one another. They shone with dazzling light as they flickered brightly.

With the assistance of the immortal peaches, over a hundred Saint Kings from the three races all successfully reached Saint Emperor. They became an extremely powerful force on the Tian Yuan Continent.

At the same time, in a miniature world some place on the continent, the rather pale path lord of carnal desires sat in a room to recover. He was naked while several other young, naked women lay dead in a corner of the room with blood splattered across their bodies.

Suddenly, the path lord opened his eyes, and they immediately glowed brighter. He seemed to be able to pierce through space with his gaze and see the outside world.

“Over a hundred Saint Emperors…” The path lord of carnal desires said with a deep voice as shock filled his eyes. Soon after that, his face sank.

“When I broke through to Saint Emperor, it was almost impossible. I used my entire life to create the path of seven emotions and six desires before I finally became a Saint Emperor, becoming the only Saint Emperor among the humans. Yet now, these people have all easily gotten through the bottleneck that I poured my soul out for, all with Jian Chen’s help. Jian Chen, I curse you a horrible death,” the path lord gritted his teeth. His sickly face had already become warped from intense envy and a sense of unfairness.

Why, just why did his breakthrough have to be so difficult while these people had it so easily? How was it fair that these people could just cultivate for a few days and reach what he had used several millennia to attain?


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