Chapter 1706: A Gathering of Gods

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Chapter 1706: A Gathering of Gods

After reaching mid Deity, Shen Jian spent several days consolidating his cultivation before he emerged from secluded cultivation.

“When do we set off?” Shen Jian immediately asked when he saw Jian Chen. The two of them spared the small talk, as they no longer needed things like that with their current relationship.

“Tonight,” said Jian Chen. He revealed heavy killing intent in his eyes. The ancestor of the Lu family knew his greatest secret, so he needed to eliminate the ancestor regardless of the price.

Shen Jian nodded. Even if he were alone, he could put up a fight against an early God after breaking through to mid Deity, coupled with his major achievement of Sword Origin. If Jian Chen were present, killing an early God would no longer be a problem.

On the same night, Jian Chen and Shen Jian left the Mo clan quietly. Only the God in the Mo clan, the ancestor, seemed to have sensed their departure, while everyone else, including the patriarch, knew nothing.

From within the depths of the Mo clan, Mo Ling stared outside as his eyes shone with an eager light. He murmured, “Looks like Shen Jian and Jian Chen are already moving against the Lu family. They’ve already become rather eager just after breaking through. Looks like they’re vengeful people, yet they just happen to possess such great power and talent as well. We can’t offend people like that no matter what, unless we are completely confident about killing them. Otherwise, even those large clans and sects across the Saints’ World won’t be able to withstand their wrath once they fully mature.”

“Just how lucky was Mo Yan? Just some people she saved outside would be so impressive. I wonder if they’re a blessing or a curse to our Mo clan. In the present at the very least, they’re a blessing I guess.”


Shen Jian and Jian Chen shot towards the Lu family. Under their full speed, they crossed over ten million kilometers in just a few hours and arrived near the Lu family.

This time, Jian Chen and Shen Jian had come prepared. They had complete confidence in preventing the Lu family ancestor from fleeing like last time.

Once the ancestor of the Lu family was dead, the other people in the Lu family would no longer be able to pose a threat to the two of them at all. At that time, all the wealth that the Lu family had accumulated across the years would belong to them. Although the wealth might not be enough for Jian Chen to reach the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body, it would be more than enough for Shen Jian to break through again. It might even be enough for him to directly become a God.

Once Shen Jian became a God, they would have the power to put up a fight even against the more powerful clans in the Dong’an province with Jian Chen and Mo Ling backing him up.

Oh no, so many Gods have appeared in the Lu family.” However, Jian Chen’s face changed as soon as they approached the Lu family. He and Shen Jian immediately erased their presences and approached carefully.

These Gods all gave off powerful presences in the Lu family, and with so many standing close to one another, the presence became even stronger. It could be even be sensed from far away, so Jian Chen had discovered the Gods while they had not discovered him as they were too distant.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian approached the Lu family carefully. They discovered from afar that there were actually six Gods in the air above the Lu family. They were all bathed in light, making it impossible to see them clearly. They stood there as six sources of light that illuminated the surroundings while their clashing presences enveloped the entire Lu family.

“Lu family, think about it. Are you willing to work with our Desen clan?” At this moment, a dignified voice rang out from above the Lu family. One of the Gods had spoken.

“Lu family, our Shangyun clan sincerely invites you to join forces with us. What do you think of it?” A second dignified voice rang out as well. It was another God.

“Our Jin family invites the patriarch of the Lu family to visit…”

“Our Kang family also invites the patriarch of the Lu family to visit…”


All six Gods above the Lu family spoke out. They all represented their own, powerful clans.

From afar, Jian Chen and Shen Jian became stern when they saw this scene. They were not unfamiliar with the clans that these six Gods represented. They were all from the more powerful clans in the Dong’an province. Any single one of them was far more powerful than the Mo clan, Atomos Sword sect, Ando clan, or Lu family.

This was because the minimum standard to gain a footing in the provincial city was to possess three early Gods, and that was only the minimum. In reality, many of the clans in the provincial city possessed mid Gods or even late Gods.

“Looks like news of the Lu family’s high grade divine crystal mine has been leaked and many more powerful clans have learnt about it,” Shen Jian said gruffly. What they least wanted to see had finally happened.

At this moment, another God’s presence rapidly appeared from the distance. An old man flew towards the Lu family with lightning speed. His face sunk drastically when he saw the several Gods gathered in the sky.

“Ancestor, you’ve finally returned,” the patriarch of the Lu family immediately became relieved when he saw the old man arrive. The gathering of Gods from many powerful clans in the Dong’an province had pressured the patriarch of the Lu family heavily.

The old man was the ancestor of the Lu family, Lu Tian. At such an important moment, he had finally hurried back from the royal capital. However, he had never expected the matter that he least wanted to see would happen as soon as he had come back.

Lu Tian hovered in the sky with a sunken face. After a moment of silence, he clasped his hands towards the Gods and said, “Everyone, please gather in the main hall.”

The six Gods all clasped their fists towards Lu Tian. After all, Lu Tian was also a fellow God. He possessed a similar status to them. They all followed Lu Tian into the Lu family.

“Looks like we can’t kill Lu Tian for now,” Jian Chen said to Shen Jian secretly while keeping his presence hidden.

Shen Jian nodded and asked, “What do we do now?”

After a moment of silence, Jian Chen gritted his teeth, “Let’s go to the Dark Cloud Mountains and hope that the powerful clans haven’t sent anyone there.”

Immediately, the two of them set off.

A black-clothed man stood before a middle-aged man in luxurious robes in a bow within a large manor in the provincial city.

“Patriarch, the news about the Dark Cloud Mountains has been leaked. Quite a few clans in the provincial city have learnt about it, and several Gods have already gone to the Lu family,” said the black-clothed man.

The middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed and he sighed gently, “It has already been leaked? Looks like you really can’t contain fire with paper. We’ve already devoted ourselves to locking down the news, yet they still learnt about it. It’s just that they’re moving a little too quickly. Ancestor Yan is still out journeying right now… Zhan Yi, you can go.”

Under the request of the ancestor from the Lu family, Ando Fu emerged from a cave while guarding the Dark Cloud Mountains. He said helplessly, “The powerful clans have still ended up learning about this place in the end. Sigh, all those Gods have already gone to the Lu family. Before long, someone else will own this mine. There’s no point in me guarding this place any longer.”

Ando Fu arrived at the chasm and directly found one of the elders stationed there. He said, “The people of the Dong’an province have already gone to the Lu family, so I’ve also completed Lu Tian’s request. I am going to leave soon.”

The elder bowed towards Ando Fu politely before offering up a Space Ring. He said, “We’ve troubled senior.”

Ando Fu accepted the Space Ring and checked through it. He nodded in satisfaction before leaving without any reluctance at all.

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