Chapter 173 – The Auctioning of the Class 5 Magical Beast

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Chapter 173: The Auctioning of the Class 5 Magical Beast

The area had two stories worth of seats, and the two stories combined had a total of over 10,000 seats. Installed on the sides of every seat were dozens of private rooms for the honored guests, each separated by a tinted glass wall. From the inside they could still clearly see the outside, but no one on the outside could see what was happening on the inside.

In the front was a two meter tall stand where the items would be auctioned. At the moment, there was a huge piece of cloth covering the majority of the stands, making everyone unable to see what was hidden underneath.

Finding a relatively isolated seat, Jian Chen calmly sat down and waited for the auction to start. People all around him were slowly starting to settle down as well.

After some time, the auction hall had been completely filled up, with every last empty spot being crowded with people standing close together.

Just as the final seats were taken and everyone had settled down, a golden eruption of fireworks exploded overhead. The concealed stand up in front slowly started to ascend into the air as the red cloth on it began to rise, the mysterious items concealed were slowly revealed to the entire audience.

Standing on top of the stand was an elderly man around 60 years and in front of him was a red colored wooden table.

The elder’s eyes swept the audience as he cleared his throat and loudly announced, “Honored guests, I thank you all for participating in our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House’s annual auction. I, Xiu Gerong, will be the host for this year’s auction, and so I hope everyone today will be able to see an item they will want to buy!”

The elder paused for a moment to clear his throat once more before continuing to speak, “This year the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House has seen its busiest year. That is because this year, this year we shall be auctioning off two precious items that our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House has already announced. What these items are, I am sure many people here are already aware of. So I, Elder Xiu will not waste any more time describing them.”

“Good, then I declare that the auction is now officially starting…”

“I didn’t think that the host of the auction this year would have the strength of a Saint Master.” Jian Chen muttered to himself. When the elder was speaking, he had used his Saint Force to magnify his voice so that everyone in the auction hall would be able to hear it.

At the sound of the elder’s words, ten men suddenly walked toward the stand, encircling it. Their eyes stared coldly at the audience, as if showing off their positions as bodyguards.

Afterward, a young, elegant woman slowly walked into view from behind the stand. A tray covered by a red cloth was lifted high into the air by her hand, as she skillfully walked toward the host. Carefully, she set down the tray on the table in front of the host.

“Honored guests, we shall now auction away the first item. What this hidden item is, I shall reveal it to you all.” With that, the host extended his arm to grab the cloth and abruptly tore it away to reveal a palm sized jade bottle.

“The very first item is the Miraculous Hundred Herbs Pill. For the honored guests who are unfamiliar with this item, it is a hard to come by medicine that has the healing effect of a hundred herbs. In a time of crisis, this medicine can be an additional safeguard!”

“This bottle has 5 pills of the Miraculous Hundred Herb Pill and has a starting price of 10 purple coins! Every new call will add an additional purple coin minimum, you may begin bidding!”

“11 purple coins!”

“12 purple coins!”

“13 purple coins!”

“15 purple coins!”


Just as the host finished speaking, the people in the audience immediately started to fight over the Miraculous Hundred Herb Pill. This medicine had a very strong healing effect that could heal not only physical wounds, but internal injuries as well. Once this pill was eaten, the wounds would quickly stabilize themselves. Although the healing effect was still vastly inferior compared to when a Radiant Saint Master healed someone, this item was still readily welcomed by everyone. Radiant Saint Masters were a rare breed in the Tian Yuan Continent, and with such a majestic identity, only a few influential clans would be able to have a Radiant Saint Master render their services to them. Thus, herb based medicines were well received within the Tian Yuan Continent. The higher effect they had on healing, the more expensive they became.

As Jian Chen sat and watched the people around him fight for the medicine, there was a faint smile on his face. Although the Miraculous Hundred Herb Pill had a strong healing effect, he could control the Radiant Saint Force just like a Radiant Saint Master, so this medicine was completely useless to him.

After a fierce battle, the bottle of Miraculous Hundred Herb Pill was sold to the highest bidder for a price of 28 purple coins.

People began to fight over item after item, especially for the ones that were rare and very hard to come by. Among all of these items, not a single one of them were of interest to Jian Chen.

Quickly, noon came to the auction house as the auction house workers passed lunch to all of the participating guests. Although the auction itself did not cease and items continued to be sold.

One by one, precious but strange treasures were sold off to the highest bidders, and soon, the auction was already reaching the ending point.

“Honored Guests, the next item will be one of the last two items for this year, and is also one of the items everyone is most interested in.” The host suddenly stopped speaking as his eyes swept over the audience. Almost as if everyone was one huge collective consciousness, the whole audience concentrated on the stand up front.

The host began to smile, “It can be said that these items are what everyone has been anticipating for a very long time. With that then, I, Elder Xiu, will not speak anymore. Come, bring the item up!”

Just as he finished speaking, a few lumber workers came up onto the stall with a stretcher. As soon as they appeared, everyone in the audience zoomed in on the stretcher.

There was a huge black cloth covering the stretcher, making it so that no one could see what was underneath it. However, there was a huge protrusion underneath the cloth that allowed many people to guess just what was being hidden.

The men slowly lowered the stretcher onto the table and left the stand. Strolling toward the table, the host stooped over and placed a hand on the black cloth.

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