Chapter 2091: The Ninth Disciple (Two)

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Chapter 2091: The Ninth Disciple (Two)

Before long, the young man had changed into a set of clean clothes. He put on snow-white robes and followed the woman in a red dress as he wondered inside. His wounds had recovered miraculously in that short amount of time, returning him to peak condition.

The two of them remained silent along the way. In the end, the young man was brought into an extremely majestic hall under the lead of the woman.

As soon as he entered the hall, the young man’s heart suddenly shuddered. He studied the hall and showed a sliver of sternness. At that moment, he felt like he had arrived in a boundless universe as he stood in the hall, where he actually felt like he was insignificant.

At the same time, there seemed to be a pressure that crushed down on his soul, causing it to tremble uncontrollably.

“Disciple Bai Rong greets master!” At this moment, the woman at the front dropped to the ground and bowed. Her voice was filled with respect.

As for the young man, the tremendous presence of the hall seemed to steal his mind as soon as he entered the place. He had fallen into shock and became lost. Only when the woman’s voice rang out did he suddenly snap back to his senses, immediately gazing over.

To one end of the hall sat a figure on a throne. A thick layer of light conjured from laws radiated from the figure, causing the space to distort. It completely obscured the person’s appearance, where even the person’s body was reduced to a blur.

This was what the young man had seen with his first glance. Just when he continued to study the person out of curiosity, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his eyes, forcing him to close them. Afterwards, his body directly dropped to his knees uncontrollably, astounding the young man.

“Disciple Ming Dong greets master!” The young man knelt on the ground as he brought his head down very low. He did not dare to raise his head to even glance at the person on the throne. He felt fear from his very soul when he faced the figure on the throne, where even his soul trembled.

He firmly believed that even though he was no longer weak now, the person on the throne could kill him without attacking him at all. Just a glance would be enough.

Unsurprisingly, the young man was Ming Dong, who had entered the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower with Jian Chen, before being sent to the Saints’ World by the projection of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

After arriving in the Saints’ World, Ming Dong understood everything. He had been brought to the Saints’ World all because of the handiwork of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng’s artifact spirit.

Although the artifact spirit of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was located in the distant Saints’ World, it possessed a connection with the projection on the ninth floor. After sensing Ming Dong’s talent, it made a decision by itself to bring Ming Dong over through using up all the energy in the projection.

“Ming Dong, I still have not taken you in as a disciple, so calling me master is too soon,” said the person on the throne. Their voice seemed to possess all the sounds in the world, making it impossible to tell whether they were male or female. There was only a sense of coldness and emotionlessness from the voice.

“However, you indeed have extraordinary talent with the Laws of Destruction. To be able to comprehend the Laws of Destruction to such a level in such a short amount of time, you indeed have the right to become my disciple.” The figure continued emotionlessly with a dignified voice, “I am the Anatta Grand Prime, and I am willing to take you in as a formal disciple of mine today. Ming Dong, will you accept me as your master?”

“Disciple is willing. Disciple Ming Dong greets master!” Ming Dong said politely.

“From today onwards, you are my ninth disciple, and you will inherit my Way of Destruction. Whether you can comprehend it to the limit will be up to your personal fortune,” said the Anatta Grand Prime. Extending a finger, a streak of light immediately shot into Ming Dong’s forehead.

Ming Dong quivered as he closed his eyes uncontrollably. The streak of light contained a tremendous amount of information. Even with the current strength of Ming Dong’s soul, he was unable to digest it all in a short amount of time.

After who knew how long, Ming Dong finally opened his eyes. He looked at the blurry Anatta Grand Prime, who sat high up, and after hesitating for a while, he finally made up his mind, “Master, disciple has a request. Disciple knows that master’s abilities are boundless, so disciple hopes that master can send disciple back to the world where disciple came from because disciple still has a friend that has gone through thick and thin with disciple. Disciple hopes to take this brother to the Saints’ World as well. I ask for your permission, master.”

“The brother you speak of is already in the Saints’ World. If you want to find him, go to the Neptunean Divine Palace. Bai Rong, take your ninth junior there,” said the Anatta Grand Prime.

“Yes, master!” Bai Rong replied politely before leaving with Ming Dong.

Ming Dong. on the other hand, had become lost. Some disbelief still lingered on his face. He had tried coming up with everything to return to the Tian Yuan Continent for Jian Chen, but he had never thought that he would learn that Jian Chen was already in the Saints’ World from his master, the Anatta Grand Prime.

“Eighth senior, how does master know about my brother? And how does master know that my brother has already come to the Saints’ World? And how does master know all this with so much certainty? Oh right, and what kind of place is the Neptunean Divine Palace?” Ming Dong looked at Bai Rong in perplexion after leaving the hall.

Bai Rong’s expression did not change at all. She replied calmly, “Master’s cultivation realm has already reached an unbelievable level. Master stands supreme in this world, making master an existence like the very laws of the world. All master needs is a single thought, and master can see through all the mysteries of the world, allowing master to peer into both the past and the future. Learning where your brother is is naturally a piece of cake.”

“Woah, master is so powerful. In other words, in the entire Saints’ World, or even the myriad of lower worlds, master can find anyone with a single thought no matter how far away they are, even if they are separated by thousands of worlds, right?” Ming Dong asked in shock.

“That’s true towards some weaker existences. However, if it’s other Grand Primes, there’ll be many difficulties in finding them even with master’s abilities because experts like that can hide their traces,” said Bai Rong.

After formally becoming a disciple, Ming Dong’s status was completely different from before. Bai Rong answered all of his questions. However, Ming Dong had also learnt a shocking piece of news from Bai Rong. Of the nine great disciples of the Anatta Grand Prime, four were already dead. Only the first senior sister, third senior brother, fifth senior sister, and eighth senior sister remained.

“Eighth senior, may I ask what kind of palace the Neptunean Divine Palace is?” Ming Dong asked. As soon as he thought about how Jian Chen was in there, he could not help but become emotional. He wanted to reunite with Jian Chen immediately.

“The Neptunean Divine Palace hasn’t been very peaceful recently. Probably almost half of the kiddos from the Godkings’ Throne have gone there,” Bai Rong murmured sternly. Then she looked at Ming Dong and said, “Ninth junior, since you want to go to the Neptunean Divine Palace, allow me to accompany you. The Neptunean Divine Palace this time will be quite a good chance for you to train and see the outside world.”

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