Chapter 211 – Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries (One)

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Chapter 211: Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries (One)

With a sword pointing straight at his throat, the mercenary didn’t dare to try and put up a courageous face. Without hesitating to answer Jian Chen’s request, he took him to the headquarters of the Zhou Mercenaries with a look of alarm.

Jian Chen and the mercenary walked out of the restaurant, but within it, the previously silent building exploded with chatter as everyone looked on with disbelief at the three dead corpses of the Zhou Mercenaries. In shock, each diner started to chat to one another about the event that just happened in front of them.

“Who is that youth? His strength is unexpectedly high to be able to kill three Zhou Mercenaries. I didn’t even get to see his movements at all since they were so quick!”

“What a truly shocking event! I am already forty years old, but my strength hasn’t even passed that of a Primary Saint Master. But that youth is barely twenty years old and he killed a few men that are around my strength in a flash! How inconceivable.”

“That youth is far too strong, I estimate that he is at the Great Saint Master level. Could it be the Zhou Mercenaries have offended him and he has come to take revenge today?”

“The Zhou Mercenaries captain Zhou Yun also has the strength of a Great Saint Master. They also have multiple Saint Master experts, this youth has raised the banners of war so quickly for the Zhou Mercenaries main army, I am not sure if he will even be an opponent for them.”

“This mysterious expert youth surely has a vendetta against the Zhou Mercenaries. After that marvelous fighting ability, I wish to see their fight.”

“Right, there’ll surely be a fight in a moment, let’s hurry up and go see it!”

“Let’s go! Everyone has to go see this once in a lifetime event!”

After that, every single person in the restaurant cried out their approval and stampeded out of the restaurant practically leaving the place empty.

Jian Chen didn’t bother to hold his Light Wind Sword at the Zhou Mercenary. Instead, he slowly walked behind him with a calm look as the two flowed through the streets. Although he wasn’t paying much attention to the mercenary in front of him, if the mercenary wanted to run away, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword would instantly pierce through his neck.

Behind Jian Chen, the group of people from the restaurant followed at a distance of fifty meters.

The Zhou mercenaries were based within Wake City in a single central house. Right above the gates to the house, a single board written in fancy calligraphy had the words, “Zhou Mercenaries” written on it with a group of four heavily armored mercenaries standing right below it.

Seeing the giant board on top of the gates, Jian Chen couldn’t help but have a gloomy yet dark smile on his face as a flash of killing intent appeared within his eyes before following the mercenary to the headquarters.

“This is the territory of the Zhou Mercenaries, speak your name!”

Just as Jian Chen approached the giant gates, the guards at the gates blocked his path with a cold look and a loud shout.

“Hmph!” Jian Chen snorted once more as the Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand. In a flash, the heavily armored mercenary had his throat pierced as blood began to spill all over the ground.

The Zhou Mercenary gripped at his neck with his hands as his face began to pale before ultimately, his body fell to the ground.

Seeing their dead comrade on the ground, the other three mercenaries were all shocked. They quickly regained their bearings and cried out in anger.

“How brazen! To kill one of our Zhou Mercenaries, you are impatient for death!” Immediately two Saint Weapons flew at Jian Chen as the last one retreated in between the gates to report the commotion.

Suddenly, just as the two mercenaries moved into action, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword flashed silver and stabbed into the throats of the two before they could even react fast enough to register the sword.

In a single moment, Jian Chen had killed three of the four guards at the gate and the last one had escaped inside to warn the others.

Staring coldly at the three dead bodies on the ground, Jian Chen looked at the board overhead. “Zhou Mercenaries, today is the day you will be eradicated from Wake City.” With that, he leaped into the air with the faint glow of his Light Wind Sword and slashed apart the board symbolizing the Zhou Mercenaries.

After destroying the Zhou Mercenaries’ board, Jian Chen immediately kicked apart the gates with a crashing noise. The wooden gates had been instantly blasted off the door hinges before landing on the ground far away from him.


Just as the large gates fell to the ground, a large sound reverberated through the air along with the doors breaking into pieces and flying everywhere in a storm of splinters.

“Hmph, who is so audacious to go and attack our Zhou Mercenaries?” At the same time, a furious voice called out to Jian Chen from inside.

Jian Chen walked forward casually step by step. He walked with a gentle approach as if he were on an evening stroll. Even his face was calm as if he wasn’t taking the Zhou Mercenaries seriously.

As Jian Chen walked into the courtyard, the figures inside the house suddenly appeared in front of Jian Chen’s eye. In the previously empty space in front of him, a single blue robed middle aged man stood there. The man looked to be around fifty years old with a few scars adorning his face. They made his appearance rather frightening.

Following the entrance of this man, another group of twenty people flew into the courtyard in quick succession; a few of them running while the others flew down from the ceiling.

In a short moment, there was a total of over a hundred men filling up the courtyard with Jian Chen in the center, surrounded.

The man with the scarred face stared coldly at Jian Chen as he measured him up.”Kid, who are you and why are you here to fight with us Zhou Mercenaries?”

Jian Chen returned the glare as he looked around himself. Instead of answering the man, he asked his own question, “Is this everyone from the Zhou Mercenaries?”

Hearing this, the middle aged man furrowed his eyebrows, “What is the meaning of your question?”

Jian Chen let out the smallest of smiles as his right hand clenched the Light Wind Sword. A sharp amount of Sword Qi filled the air around it as he whispered, “From here on out, Wake City will no longer have the Zhou Mercenaries.”

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