Chapter 2182: The Great Perfection of Sword Spirit

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Chapter 2182: The Great Perfection of Sword Spirit

At this moment, the three of them could not help but enter a selfless state as the Origin of Ways brushed past them. They became submerged in the comprehension of the laws. As a result, none of them realised just how much of the Origin of Ways the others had absorbed.

At this same time, near the Heniu Plane distant from where Jian Chen and the others were, the majestic Neptunean Divine Palace stood there quietly like a primordial beast.

Although it had already been several days since the Neptunean Divine Palace had closed, not all of the experts there had left. However, only thirty percent remained compared to before.

These people gathered before the Neptunean Divine Palace, maintaining a great distance from the structure. They were either calm, or they stared at the Neptunean Divine Palace in uncertainty. They did not seem like they planned on leaving.

A huge meteor hovered near these people. The Solitary Sword Ancestor with a sword on his back sat on it. He was also waiting there.

“I come from the Shangyun clan of the Loneheaven Plane. I represent the Shangyun clan in hopes of meeting the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

“I am the current person in charge of the Tianhe clan from the Godbarren Plane. I hope I can meet the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace and get to know the new master…”

“We come from planet Violet Brilliance of the eighty-one great planets…”

Similar voices rang out constantly. The people who remained in the area came from large organisations from various places. They learnt that the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace was young and possessed a weaker level of cultivation, so they wanted to take advantage of the situation and provide her with assistance so that they could establish ties with her, or even rope her to their side.

However, the Neptunean Divine Palace did not respond at all. The artifact spirit did not respond to their requests.

However, these esteemed experts with impressive strength did not become impatient. They waited outside quietly and calmly.

Clearly, after Xiao Man became the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, she had become one of the most desired people in the current Saints’ World.

At this moment, the Neptunean Divine Palace suddenly shone with a dazzling blue light, which made it seem like an ocean that floated in outer space. As this blue light surrounded the Neptunean Divine Palace, it shot off into the depths of outer space as a streak of light.

Many of the experts secretly sighed when they saw this. They did not pursue the divine palace because they knew that they had already lost their chance to befriend the new master.

However, not everyone was like that. At this moment, an ancient sword shot through the air and shattered space as it shone brightly. It destroyed the path that the Neptunean Divine Palace had to pass through, forcing it to a halt.

At a certain time, the Solitary Sword Ancestor who originally sat on the meteor had appeared before the Neptunean Divine Palace. He held his sword as he blocked the structure’s way.

“Old man, you’re blocking my way. What do you want?” The artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace appeared. He stood on top of the divine hall with his short stature. He roared at the Solitary Sword Ancestor as he pointed at him.

“My disciple’s corpse is still in the Neptunean Divine Palace. This is my disciple’s presence. Hand the person over, and I’ll leave immediately,” the Solitary Sword Ancestor said emotionlessly. With a wave of his hand, a presence that belonged to Gong Zheng appeared before the artifact spirit.

After sensing the presence silently, the artifact spirit snorted impatiently, “Here’s your disciple. Take him and get out of the way.” As he said that, a dishevelled corpse in tattered clothes flew out of the Neptunean Divine Palace. Afterwards, the Neptunean Divine Palace directly shot off and disappeared into the depths of the vast cosmos.

The Solitary Sword Ancestor looked at Gong Zheng’s corpse as he showed sorrow. He extended a finger towards Gong Zheng’s forehead and used a secret technique.

Immediately, the scene before Gong Zheng died clearly appeared in the Solitary Sword Ancestor’s mind. He personally saw a god artifact shining with starlight stab into Gong Zheng’s head with lightning speed.

“Does anyone recognise this person?” The Solitary Sword Ancestor’s eyes were cold. He extended a finger at the empty space, and Jian Chen’s face immediately appeared with great clarity.

“It’s Jian Chen! He’s Jian Chen!”

Immediately, a few supreme Godkings who remained beside their seniors and still had not left called out.

“He’s Jian Chen? That person who helped the girl the entire time in the Neptunean Divine Palace?” At this moment, even the seniors beside the supreme Godkings were stunned. They were taken aback.

“Leave Jian Chen behind!” The Solitary Sword Ancestor bellowed out as killing intent surged from him. He turned into a resplendent streak of light as he pursued the Neptunean Divine Palace.

“The great perfection of Sword Spirit. I never thought I’d reach the great perfection of Sword Spirit so soon,” Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly. His gaze contained undisguised joy as well as excitement.

Several years ago, he had reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit in the Neptunean Divine Palace, allowing his Chaotic Body to reach the twelfth layer and him to become a Godking.

Originally, he believed that it would definitely take an extremely lengthy period of time for him to break through again and reach the great perfection of Sword Spirit.

However, he had never thought that after just a few years, he would break through again with his Way of the Sword and reach the great perfection of Sword Spirit. It was like a wish come true.

Not only was the great perfection of Sword Spirit enough for Jian Chen to condense a fourth strand of Profound Sword Qi, but even his Chaotic Body could formally advance to Major Achievement.

The thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body was Major Achievement, and the layers after that—the fourteenth, the fifteenth, all the way until the eighteenth—were all a part of Major Achievement.

Beyond the eighteenth layer was the Great Perfection of the Chaotic Body. No one had ever reached it throughout history.

“The cultivation resources on me right now are plentiful. I have several tens of million fire divine crystals, two God Tier heavenly resources of unknown grades from the Grand Prime’s Space Ring, the harvests from the Divine Medicinal Garden, and resources from the Space Rings of many supreme Godkings. These resources should be enough for me to reach the thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body…” Jian Chen was eager. He had collected over a hundred million fire divine crystals in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Even after he had given most of them to his sister, there were still several tens of million left.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally awoken,” Kai Ya’s voice rang out from behind.

Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts when he heard that. He looked back and discovered that Kai Ya and the old woman had already awakened. They stood nearby and stared at him.

“How long have I been comprehending?” Jian Chen asked before looking at Kai Ya. He discovered that Kai Ya had already reached the peak of mid Godking now.

Kai Ya’s progress surprised Jian Chen very much. After all, when Kai Ya had been cultivating in the Tian Yuan clan before, her rate of advance was just startling. It could be said that Kai Ya went from the Origin realm to Overgod in a single stroke.

Yet, he discovered that Kai Ya’s cultivation speed had decreased dramatically after becoming a Godking, which left him perplexed.

Kai Ya glanced at the old woman before saying to Jian Chen, “I was the first to awaken. If we go from when I roused, you’ve been comprehending for a month.”

“Little brother, it looks like your luck is pretty impressive to be able to find something as precious as the Origin of Ways. Even I’ve benefited from you. Not only have I completely recovered from my injuries through the Origin of Ways, but my comprehension of laws has deepened as well,” the old woman looked at Jian Chen with mixed emotions.

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