Chapter 2184: Coming for Her

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Chapter 2184: Coming for Her

Although the old woman said that, Jian Chen did not give up. This was a Grand Exalt’s legacy after all. It tempted him so much that he struggled to remain calm.

Afterwards, Jian Chen let out the power of the bloodline once again in an attempt to pass through the barrier.

However, Jian Chen failed this time. Using the power of the bloodline as a support, he tried everything he could think of, but it all resulted in failure in the end.

It was as if the old woman was right, and only members of the Wolf clan could enter.

“Don’t even think about attacking the barrier and wasting all of its energy because this was personally cast down by a Grand Exalt. That will never work,” the old woman added at the end. With that, she turned around and left.

Jian Chen looked at the indestructible barrier in pity. He sighed helplessly. He knew that the ancient Skywolf’s legacy was not something that he could possess, so in the end, he could only leave reluctantly with Kai Ya.

After passing through the stone doorway, the two of them returned to the barren meteor. They flew out from the hole they had dug and discovered the old woman standing on its edge, staring at the dark sky sternly.

“They’ve come. They’ve come faster than I imagined. The concealing formation has gradually become useless,” the old woman stood there and sighed deeply.

“Is it the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?” Jian Chen also frowned and stared at the pitch-black sky that had no starlight. He became rather nervous. The Anatta Tower was still on him.

“That’s right; it’s them. They’re the most loyal guards of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Every single divine general has been picked from countless prodigies after tight screenings. All of them have received the full support of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, so they’re all extremely powerful. Only those supreme prodigies can match these divine generals, making them very difficult to deal with,” the old woman said slowly. Then she looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya and said sincerely, “The two of you should go quick. You should leave here before the divine generals arrive just in case it leads to any unnecessary problems.”

“The Origin of Ways from before should have all been yours, but I couldn’t control myself, so I absorbed some of it. As a result, I owe you a favour. However, I am in trouble now, and after fleeing for all those years, I’ve used up everything I have. As a result, I probably can’t return this favour,” the old woman said in some shame.

“Senior, why don’t you enter the tower? We can escape together,” Jian Chen took out the Anatta Tower and said to the old woman. The old woman was not a bad person. She had only been hunted down because of her master. He really wanted to help her out.

The old woman shook her head. She said bitterly, “After fleeing for all those years, I’ve grown weary. I don’t want to live a life on the run anymore. I’m choosing to die here, to die where the ancient Skywolf passed away. It’s quite the honour for me.”

The old woman looked at Jian Chen deeply, “I must warn you sincerely that the tower in your hands is an object of desire. It’s impossible for you to keep it with your strength, so find the time to return it to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

“You must bear in mind that the tower cannot end up in the hands of the divine generals. Otherwise, this great merit would be stolen away by them. You must go to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng personally and return it. Only then will you benefit the most. You might even receive the protection of the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

“In the current Saints’ World, being able to receive the protection of the first majesty is more important than anything else because the first majesty is one of the most powerful existences in the Saints’ World apart from Grand Exalts.”


At this moment, a deafening rumble rang out from the sky, and a pulse of energy that frightened Jian Chen wreaked havoc in outer space.

The sudden occurrence made all three of their expressions change.

“Oh no, they’ve actually arrived so quickly. They must have used secret techniques and directly teleported over from somewhere distant. It looks like they’re determined to kill me this time. They don’t want to give me any time to catch my breath,” the old woman said gravely. Then she glanced at Jian Chen and Kai Ya and said urgently, “The two of you, go. Leave here as quickly as possible. Don’t get caught up accidentally.” With that, the old woman shot off into the sky. She unleashed her presence at the Primordial realm without holding back at all, charging into outer space with determination and a spirit that did not fear death. She went to fight the divine generals who hunted her down one last time.

The concealing formation outside the meteor had already shattered, and a damaged formation disc fell out of space, turning to dust.

Xuan Ming had cast down this formation disc. It was quite of impressive quality, and it could kill Infinite Primes. However, under the attacks of the divine generals, it had already shattered before it was of any use.

Without the obstruction of the formation, the concealed starlight appeared before Jian Chen and Kai Ya once again.

However, the two of them were in no mood to admire the enchanting starry sky. Instead, they stared up ahead sternly.

Booms rang out in outer space in a grand fashion. He could clearly see the old woman locked in an intense battle against two experts shining with golden light. Primordial realm laws interwove as they clashed in the most intense fashion. It was devastating to the point where even the celestial bodies seemed to dim. The entire region of space trembled as cracks appeared one after another.

“Kai Ya, let’s go,” Jian Chen glanced at the frightening pulses of energy in outer space one last time before taking out a small spaceship from his Space Ring without any hesitation, leaving with Kai Ya in the other direction.

It was impossible for him to interfere in the battle between the old woman and the two divine generals. Even after reaching the great perfection of Sword Spirit, he would be of no help at all.


Just when the spaceship flew off the meteor, it seemed to collide against an invisible wall. It shook violently, coming to a sudden halt.

“Oh no, it’s a spatial barrier. The divine generals have sealed up this space. We can’t escape,” Jian Chen cried out as his expression became extremely ugly.

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