Chapter 2271: Fortune Jade

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Chapter 2271: Fortune Jade

The rock was extremely strange. It did not seem to stand out at all when observed with the naked eye, and the senses of the soul were completely useless against it. As a result, Jian Chen secretly used his soul that had fused with Chaotic Force to closely observed the tiny slice of rock in his hand.

Very soon, he discovered in great surprise that a miniscule amount of the mysterious presence existed within the rock slice. At that moment, the remaining presence vanished at an extremely gradually rate.

When the presence remaining reached a certain amount, Jian Chen discovered that he could vaguely sense the rock slice with his soul.

The rock slice was no longer invisible to the senses of the soul.

I see. The reason why the rock can avoid being detected by the soul is not because of how special the rock is itself. It’s all because of the mysterious presence that has permeated the rock…

As soon as I sliced away this piece of rock, the mysterious presence began to vanish gradually. It looks like the origins of this mysterious presence is hidden within the rock…

Jian Chen thought to himself. The light in his eyes flickered as he immediately got to work, chipping away at the rock.

However, it was just too tough. The closer he got to the centre, the tougher it became. Towards the end, Jian Chen was only able to chip it away at an extremely slow rate even when using his full strength.

Jian Chen frowned at the sight of this. Since he knew the rock was not as extraordinary as he had imagined it to be, it also meant that the powder he spread on the divine hall would not be able to keep the structure hidden for long. Once the powder became useless, the peak experts who had gathered on the Desolate Plane would be able to discover the divine hall he had hidden at the bottom of the swamp easily.

There’s not much time left!” Jian Chen scraped off some new powder and spread it on the divine hall again. Afterwards, he drew the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways without any hesitation and began to chip away at the rock with careful control over the sword.

A day later, Jian Chen finally reached the very centre of the rock after replacing the powder on the divine hall several times.

Immediately, an extremely resplendent light burst out. It was blinding and dazzling, like the most beautiful color in the world. Anyone who saw the light would become entranced by it.

Along with the resplendent light, a light presence that could focus the souls of people expanded as well. It resonated with the laws of the world, causing them to tremble as if it was invoking the endless mysteries of the universe.

Jian Chen became completely stunned with the appearance of the somewhat-familiar light. He stared at the shining jade within the rock in a daze as intense joy and disbelief filled his eyes.

“It’s fortune jade! It’s actually fortune jade!” Jian Chen murmured blankly. At that moment, he was in emotional turmoil. Great surprise and delight had filled him completely.

He knew exactly how precious fortune jade was. It was a unique treasure of the world. He had even learnt from the sword spirits that the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, known as the greatest expert of the vast Immortals’ World, only possessed a piece of it, and it was not particularly big. It was only a third of the size of the Anatta Grand Prime’s fortune jade.

Jian Chen could not help but begin breathing heavily. He forcefully suppressed his excitement as he continued to swing the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, carefully controlling its power to carve away the rock around the fortune jade.

Very soon, a complete piece of the fortune jade was presented before Jian Chen. It was roughly the size of the projection he had previously seen on the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower.

The only difference was that the projection he saw was circular, shaped like a cushion, while the fortune jade before him was irregularly shaped and the size of a millstone.

“What a huge piece of fortune jade. It’s probably the same size as the Anatta Grand Prime’s one.” Jian Chen became overjoyed when he stared at the fortune jade before him. However, he seemed to think of something and immediately stowed the fortune jade into a Space Ring before leaving the divine hall and returning to the swamp.

At that moment, he could no longer care about whether the presence of the Anatta Tower would be exposed or not. He directly took out the tower in the bottom of the swamp and tossed the fortune jade in there.

Jian Chen believed that something as precious as fortune jade could only be truly safe when stored in the Anatta Tower.

If he was elsewhere, he would have never been bold enough to take out the Anatta Tower, as the risk of exposing himself would be far greater. It was much safer here as he could use the natural geography to his advantage.

“I hope that the presence of the Anatta Tower won’t be exposed,” Jian Chen prayed inside. Even though he concealed the tower’s presence to the best of his ability, he did not have complete confidence.

After all, the peak experts all possessed exceptional abilities. Their capabilities had exceeded Jian Chen’s realm of understanding.

Suddenly, Jian Chen noticed something and looked to the side. The light in his eyes flickered as he pushed the power of his soul to the limit.

He actually discovered an extremely well-hidden concealing formation there.

This is a natural formation, similar to the formation around where the ancient Skywolf passed away that I accidentally barged into. They can only conceal, but they’re flawless. All cultivators within formations like these basically only barge in accidentally,” Jian Chen distinguished the type of formation it was very soon with his special soul.

At this moment, something happened. The mud that pressed against Jian Chen in the surroundings began to churn violently. The powerful senses of a soul swept over with earth-shaking power, surging down from above. It approached the bottom of the swamp.

Jian Chen’s face suddenly changed. He had Mo Tianyun’s mask as a disguise and had no reason to worry about being exposed by the senses of the soul alone, but since it had come, it had definitely discovered something strange here. If he was discovered by the senses of the soul, there would be quite a lot of trouble. He might even face the risk of being completely exposed.

Without any hesitation at all, Jian Chen took a step and directly entered the concealing formation.

As soon as Jian Chen’s figure vanished, the senses of the soul followed closely and reached the depths of the swamp. It moved about there as if it was searching for something.

However, Jian Chen was prepared beforehand. He left none of his presence there at all, so apart from the powder that he did not manage to clean up, he left no other traces at the bottom of the swamp.

However, even though the presence within the powder had grown extremely thin, it had not dispersed entirely. Perhaps the minimal amount of presence was unable to hide anything from Jian Chen, but to someone else, it was impossible for them to discover it with the senses of their soul as long as some of the presence remained.

As a result, the terrifying senses of the soul failed to find the powder. It also failed to discover the natural concealing formation there. In the end, it returned without finding anything after circling the bottom of the swamp for a while.

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