Chapter 2280: Vital Energy

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Chapter 2280: Vital Energy

While the peak experts went to extreme means to find Jian Chen, the cause of all of this, Jian Chen, hid in the cavern underground as he devoted himself to cultivation. He was completely unaware of his surroundings, focusing everything on comprehending the Laws of Curses.

Invisible laws of the world revolved in his surroundings, giving off the power of curses. It was filled with the mysteries of laws as if all the curses in the world were hidden within.

Below him, there was a piece of fortune jade shaped like a grindstone. It shone with dazzling light as it gave off the power of fortune, filling his soul and allowing his mind to become flexible and unpredictable. It resonated with the world to a greater extent, becoming even closer to the laws.

Cultivation was timeless. After who knows how long, a formation engraved in the ground around the fortune jade suddenly lit up. It gave off a wondrous pulse, allowing Jian Chen to gradually rouse from cultivation.

As soon as he stopped cultivating, the power of curses around him immediately vanished. It had completely disappeared.

It was a Rousing Formation, a simple formation cast down by Jian Chen. It could rouse him from cultivation at a certain set time, preventing him from becoming too involved with cultivation and missing out on the opportunity to enter the Tower of Radiance.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at the formation he cast down on the ground indifferently and murmured softly, “There are still two months left. I can’t keep comprehending laws.” His Laws of Curses did not reach Godking like his Laws of Strength and his Laws of Space after the few months of comprehension. It remained at mid Overgod.

There was just far too little time. It was impossible for him to comprehend the Laws of Curses from Deity to Godking in one sitting within four short months.

Jian Chen stood up from the fortune jade and sent the senses of his soul into the Anatta Tower.

Qing Yixuan sat on the ground on the ninth floor with her eyes closed as she comprehended the Laws of the Sword. Sharp strands of sword Qi gathered as the power of the Laws of the Sword revolved around her.

Jian Chen did not enter the Anatta Tower. Instead, he checked on Qing Yixuan’s situation with the senses of his soul. He silently observed Qing Yixuan who had become unaware of her surroundings and could not help but think about the sudden agitation he experienced when he first began comprehending the laws. Immediately, the light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty.

He was no ordinary person but a powerful Godking who had grasped a portion of the truths of the world, having comprehended multiple laws. More importantly, he was a powerful cultivator who could kill Infinite Primes. He would never experience any feelings for no reason, so he was certain that something bad had happened.

However, he was unable to find the source no matter how hard he searched or thought about it. As a result, he could only bury the matter in his heart.

Now that he saw Qing Yixuan inherit the golden core of laws from the human expert, Jian Chen could not help but connect it to the agitation he experienced before.

For a time, he had no idea whether it was a blessing or a curse for Qing Yixuan to inherit one of the laws from the eight experts.

However, when he thought about how the righteous presence never dispersed from the human expert even after death, he stopped worrying.

He knew that even if there was a scheme involving the golden cores of laws, bearing other intentions, at the very least, the human expert would never do something like that, as it did not match up to his righteous bearing at all.

At Qing Yixuan’s current rate, she’ll probably need over two hundred years before she becomes a Godking,” Jian Chen observed Qing Yixuan silently. After hesitating slightly, he placed the fortune jade under her.

He could control a portion of the Anatta Tower’s power now, basically making him half a master of the Anatta Tower. As a result, he was able to do something like that without disturbing Qing Yixuan at all.

I hope that she can reach Godking as soon as possible,” Jian Chen held anticipation for Qing Yixuan. Just when the senses of his soul were about to recede from the Anatta Tower, Kai Ya suddenly appeared on the ninth floor. As if she knew Jian Chen’s senses were present, she said, “Jian Chen, I want to spend some time in the cavern.”

Jian Chen already knew that the nine floors within the Anatta Tower were unable to obstruct Kai Ya, so he was not surprised by her sudden appearance at all.

Afterwards, Jian Chen let Kai Ya out of the Anatta Tower with a thought.

As soon as Kai Ya appeared in the cavern, she studied the shackled bodies of the eight experts before looking towards the depths of the cavern, where the strongest king of the Ancient Great Apes, Gusta, was located. She sank into her thoughts.

“Kai Ya, have you discovered something?” Jian Chen asked when he noticed Kai Ya’s unusual behaviour.

Kai Ya shook her head. A sliver of bewilderment filled her eyes. She said nothing.

Jian Chen did not keep asking. He said to her, “Then be careful. I’ll go retrieve the three portions of vital energy.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen left Kai Ya alone and directly flew towards the ancient beasts.

The three portions of vital energy had been promised to him by three of the eight experts. The original forms of the three were all colossal ancient beasts. The method to collect the vital energy had been embedded in Jian Chen’s mind as he inherited their legacy.

Before long, Jian Chen arrived before one of the ancient beasts. He stood before its huge head and used a secret technique through the power of laws from the legacy before gently pressing his hand on its head, drawing out the vital energy hidden within the beast’s body.

Soon, a fist-sized ball of pure vital energy appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. It radiated with powerful energy.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly as he looked at the portion of vital energy. There was not a lot of vital energy, but its purity had completely exceeded his imaginations. The terrifying energy within it astonished him.

“What terrifying energy ripples. Just the energy within a single portion is enough to raise the Chaotic Body from the twelfth layer to the thirteenth with some left over,” Jian Chen was amazed. He thought about the tremendous amount of resources he had to spend to make the breakthrough to the thirteenth layer, yet now, the vital energy in his hands was more than enough to cover all of it.

“This portion of vital energy is tremendous to me, but it’s not even one-ten-thousandth of the ancient beast when it was still alive,” Jian Chen thought. When he drew out the portion, the tremendous vital energy within the ancient beast did not decrease at all. It was just that the remaining vital energy had been sealed in by the shackles, preventing him from extracting it.

The portion he extracted had not been sealed up by the shackles because the ancient beast had left it behind when it was still alive.

Afterwards, Jian Chen approached the other two ancient beasts and used various methods to obtain two more portions of vital energy. Every portion was extremely powerful, and the energy contained was so tremendous that it was enough to fulfil his needs to break through from the twelfth layer to the thirteenth layer.

Unfortunately, my Chaotic Body has already reached the thirteenth layer. I need ten times more energy to break through to the fourteenth layer compared to the thirteenth layer.

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