Chapter 2281: Leaving the Cavern

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Chapter 2281: Leaving the Cavern

Whatever, I’ll absorb these three portions first.” Jian Chen crossed his legs and sat down. First, he carefully studied the three portions of vital energy. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with them, he immediately began to absorb their tremendous energy.

Although the three portions of vital energy were nowhere near enough for his Chaotic Body to advance to the next layer, it did make his chaotic neidan swell up, increasing the Chaotic Force within it. As a result, the energy he needed for his future breakthrough had lessened slightly.

Jian Chen had already reached the Major Achievement of the Chaotic Body, so he both absorbed and refined energy at an extremely fast speed. One of the portions of vital energy in his hand decreased at a visible rate.

Not only did the vital energy contain a tremendous energy, but it also possessed a tiny portion of the three vital energies and some of their fleshly essence.

As a result, Jian Chen benefited tremendously when he absorbed the three portions of vital energy. Not only could he feel his chaotic neidan rapidly swell up, but his three vital energies increased as well. A pleasant feeling immediately overwhelmed him, especially when the fleshly essence fused with his Chaotic Body. All his pores opened up uncontrollably as every single cell and every single atom in him devoured the scarce fleshly essence greedily like hungry tigers.

The fleshly essence came from three extremely powerful beasts after all, so they were of an extremely high level. It was indeed exceedingly nourishing for Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body.

Jian Chen could clearly sense his Chaotic Body rapidly strengthen as he absorbed the fleshly essence, where the very quality of his body transformed by leaps and bounds.

In just one and a half months, Jian Chen completely absorbed the three portions of vital energy.

Even though his Chaotic Body remained at the thirteenth layer, his body had become slightly tougher than before due to the fleshly essence.

My Chaotic Body is probably no less tough than the fourteenth layer,” Jian Chen rejoiced when he sensed the explosive power within his body.

His Chaotic Body had first been reforged by a strand of true Chaotic Force when he fused the twin swords. Coupled with the fleshly essence he had just absorbed, his Chaotic Body had completely exceeded the toughness of the thirteenth layer.

Coupled with the amplification from the Laws of Strength, my Chaotic Body will become slightly more powerful once again. I wonder which Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime my current battle prowess is equivalent to,” Jian Chen thought. However, he was certain that his current battle prowess was far greater than when he killed the Infinite Prime on planet Tianming.

At this moment, with a flip of his hand, a tender, beautiful flower hovered in his palm.

The flower seemed to be intelligent. As soon as it appeared, it swung its body towards Jian Chen like it was trying to curry up to him. It was close to him.

This was the Immortal Devouring Orchid that Jian Chen had obtained from the Neptunean Divine Palace. He had learnt from the sword spirits that the Immortal Devouring Orchid was extremely renowned in the Saints’ World, and it specialised in devouring the bodies of immortals. Its growth rate was extremely astonishing.

However, the Immortal Devouring Flower was just too weak right now, while Jian Chen’s opponents were either Godkings or Primordial realm experts. As a result, the Immortal Devouring Flower could not eat their corpses, so its growth was rather gradual.

However, even with that being the case, it had reached the Origin realm after ingesting some of Jian Chen’s chaotic blood.

“I’ll bestow a droplet of my essence blood to you. Hopefully, you can become a Deity soon. Once you become a Deity, you should be able to absorb the blood of Godkings slowly. There are two Godking corpses in the divine hall waiting for you. Once you’re powerful enough, there will even be the corpse of an Infinite Prime.” Jian Chen dripped a droplet of essence blood onto the Immortal Devouring Orchid. Due to the impressive comments from the sword spirits, Jian Chen held high expectations towards the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s future. He would spare no effort to nurture it.

The Immortal Devouring Orchid seemed to be able to understand Jian Chen. After receiving the droplet of essence blood, it furled up happily and began absorbing the energy.

Although Jian Chen’s blood was far more powerful than the blood of Godkings, his blood was unable to harm the orchid at all because he had purposefully controlled it, and the orchid had already accepted him as its master. The orchid was able to absorb it smoothly.

Jian Chen stowed the orchid away and went to find Kai Ya in the cavern. He saw her seated on the ground as she stared into the depths in a daze.

“Jian Chen, are you about to leave?” Kai Ya looked over and asked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded and said, “The competition between the candidates for the position of Chosen Saint is about to start. I must head back.”

Kai Ya looked at the depths of the cavern and said gently, “The vital energy there hides a very terrifying energy. If you can obtain this energy, you will benefit tremendously.”

Jian Chen immediately looked towards the pool of blood that nourished Gusta’s body. He sighed gently, “Indeed, but approaching that place is very difficult.” When he reached there, he thought of something, “Let me try with the Anatta Tower. Kai Ya, for the sake of your safety, enter the tower with me.”

Kai Ya nodded. She had no objections.

Afterwards, the two of them entered the Anatta Tower, and Jian Chen piloted the tower to approach the pool of blood carefully.

When he arrived within a hundred kilometres of the pool of blood, it began to surge violently again as if a serpent was stirring up the entire place. Powerful vital energy erupted and shot over.

Immediately, space trembled as the chains danced. It seemed like a terrifying storm was being charged up. It was extremely powerful and frightening.

The vital energy was just too powerful. The further he advanced, the greater the impact he received. It was truly devastating, where even Primordial realm experts dared not venture far in.

However, no matter how ferocious it became, it could not stop the Anatta Tower. Under Jian Chen’s control, the Anatta Tower endured the incoming vital energy, tottering along the way as it rapidly advanced through the violent storm.

Jian Chen’s eyes gradually began to shine as he watched the Anata Tower inch forwards. However, when the Anatta Tower reached three kilometres away from the pool of blood, a powerful barrier suddenly rose up in the end.

No matter what Jian Chen did with the Anatta Tower, he was unable to charge through the barrier. He had been blocked outside.

“It doesn’t work. I can’t approach it at all,” Jian Chen sighed gently and in pity from within the Anatta Tower.

He could sense that the barrier had been cast down by extremely terrifying experts, and it was probably the handiwork of the other two kings of the Ancient Great Apes.

“Jian Chen, I want to stay here a little longer,” Kai Ya said from beside Jian Chen.

Jian Chen glanced at Kai Ya with a strange expression, but he nodded in agreement right afterwards. He did not say anything else.

After all, this was Kai Ya’s freedom. He had no reason to say no. Moreover, this underground cavern was extremely well-hidden. It would be extremely safe if Kai Ya remained here.

“Kai Ya, you have to be careful. Don’t get within a hundred kilometres of the pool of blood. Do you understand?” Jian Chen warned sternly before taking Kai Ya to somewhere safe and leaving all by himself.

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