Chapter 2282: Blood Medallion

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Chapter 2282: Blood Medallion

Somewhere on the Desolate Plane, there was an extremely remote swamp shrouded by poisonous mist. People rarely set foot in this place. Only a few venomous beasts prowled the surroundings, hunting for prey.

At this moment, the calm swamp suddenly began to churn in an extremely irregular fashion as if something was about to burst out.

The disturbance attracted the prowling beasts. They gathered over quickly as they stared at the place with their cold eyes.

Very soon, the churning swamp suddenly burst open. A figure in white robes and shrouded in light silently emerged from the swamp.

Unsurprisingly, the figure was Jian Chen.

The layer of light around Jian Chen kept the mud away from him. He rose up from the swamp at a steady pace.

The moment they saw Jian Chen, the few beasts who were clearly lacking in terms of intelligence immediately produced a deep growl and lunged at him.

Jian Chen did not even glance at the beasts. With a wave of his hand, he shot out a few Radiant Swords and cut them to pieces.

Afterwards, he found his bearings and immediately rose up into the air through the use of Radiant Saint Force. He directly head towards the Radiant Saint Hall.

Jian Chen only displayed the speed that a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore could possess, so he did not travel quickly. When he left the swamp and approached a city, he was suddenly stopped by a fighter who seemed to be in his thirties.

The fighter was a God and was extremely plump. However, he seemed like a simple and honest man. His appearance gave off a rather foolish vibe.

“Stop. Please show your blood medallion,” the man said with a soft, muffled voice.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that. He had remained underground for about two years, so he had no clue at all regarding what had happened in the outside world. He had no idea what this blood medallion was at all.

Before Jian Chen said anything, another middle-aged man flew over from the distance. The middle-aged man was dressed exactly the same as the plump man, clearly originating from the same organisation.

The middle-aged man arrived beside the plump man and smacked the back of his head. He said, “You idiot! You might not recognise the attire of the Radiant Saint Hall, but you should recognise Radiant Saint Force at the very least. The blood medallions of disciples from the Radiant Saint Hall will obviously be checked by people with greater status. What’re you taking part for?”

Afterwards, the middle-aged man clasped his hand towards Jian Chen amiably, paying no attention to Jian Chen’s one-colored soulcore at all. He said, “Little brother, my junior is rather slow. I hope that you can forgive the offence he has caused just then.”

Jian Chen smiled indifferently. After exchanging pleasantries with the middle-aged man, he asked, “Senior, may I ask what this blood medallion is about?”

Seeing how friendly the disciple of the Radiant Saint Hall behaved, without putting on any of the haughtiness that belonged to a disciple of a peak sect, the middle-aged man immediately gained a great impression of Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen’s question had surprised him.

“You actually don’t know about the blood medallion, little brother?” The middle-aged man stared at Jian Chen strangely.

“I have been cultivating in seclusion in the wilderness for two years. I haven’t been paying attention to the matters of the world around me, so I have no idea what happened during that time,” Jian Chen said.

“Is that the case?” The middle-aged man came to a realisation before explaining with great patience, “This blood medallion has actually only appeared recently as well. It’s something that the peak experts of the Desolate Plane have been distributing with the many peak organisations. They’ve ordered all people on the Desolate Plane, regardless of cultivation, where even ordinary mortal who had never cultivated before are included, to have their blood tested with a wondrous treasure. Afterwards, all of them will receive a blood medallion. Only with the blood medallion will they be able to move about on the Desolate Plane freely.”

“What if someone doesn’t have a blood medallion?” Jian Chen asked with a frown.

“They will obviously be captured and forcefully tested,” said the middle-aged man. Afterwards, he smiled resplendently and said to Jian Chen, “Of course, you’re a disciple of a peak sect. Disciples of smaller sects like us would never dare to offend you. However, there are a few envoys from other peak sects who handle this matter especially.”

“Look, this is a blood medallion. It’s made from a special material. Every single blood medallion has an imprint of our life, so it cannot be forged,” the middle-aged man was extremely polite to Jian Chen. He told him everything he knew and even took the initiative to show his own blood medallion to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen studied the blood medallion in the middle-aged man’s hands and asked no more. He thanked him before leaving.

“Protector Zhou, he’s only a weak disciple. Why were you so polite to him,” the plump man asked in confusion after Jian Chen had left.

The middle-aged man referred to as protector Zhuo smacked the plump man’s forehead with his knuckles again as he said in frustration, “You idiot. He’s no ordinary disciple. His attire is something that only an internal disciple can wear. Only starred geniuses possess something like that in the Radiant Saint Hall. Every single disciple like that has extremely great status. They’re not people that we can offend. Do you understand?”

However, Jian Chen’s face immediately sank after he left.

He perfectly understood that this so-called blood medallion was something the peak experts had come up with just to find him.

It had to be mentioned that the blood medallion had caused Jian Chen quite the headache. Even though he could hide the energy within his blood from people like Godkings, he was unable to hide the actual level of his blood no matter what.

This was because even when the blood of Godkings possessed no energy at all, it still differed drastically from the blood of cultivators at lower levels. Let alone through a certain type of treasure, a few experts with great cultivations could even see through it with a single glance.

It could be said that once he had his blood tested, his disguise as a Radiant Saint Master would immediately fall apart.

I need to enter the Tower of Radiance as soon as possible. I can only get what I want from there. It won’t matter even if my disguise falls apart by then,” thought Jian Chen. Time was getting tighter and tighter. He really did not have much of it left.

Afterwards, Jian Chen sped up. He used the teleportation formation in the nearby city and finally returned to the Radiant Saint Hall after several teleportations.

During this time, he frequently saw many people check the blood medallions of every single person in each city. However, his identity as a disciple of the Radiant Saint Hall had saved him quite a lot of trouble. None of the people checking for blood medallions dared to stop him.

The current Radiant Saint Hall had changed slightly compared to when Jian Chen had left. What stood out the most was that quite a large square had been erected near the Foreign Affairs Hall, where the words ‘Blood Test’ where written nearby. Many Radiant Saint Masters gathered on the square, having their blood tested in an orderly manner.

There were many Radiant Saint Masters among them who held a thumb-sized blood medallion. They studied it curiously.

However, compared to outside, the blood test in the Radiant Saint Hall was clearly much more casual. It was not as strict.

Jian Chen looked at the square deeply before leaving with a sunken face. He returned to the Soaring Clouds Peak.    

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