Chapter 2285: The Lord of the Snowfall Peak’s Death

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Chapter 2285: The Lord of the Snowfall Peak’s Death

“I have to enter the Tower of Radiance no matter what,” Jian Chen secretly made up his mind.

The Snowfall Peak was not far from the Soaring Clouds Peak. They were only separated by three mountains.

On this day, three middle-aged men dressed in Radiant Saint Master attire arrived beyond the Snowfall Peak. They smiled as they hovered there. One of them said, “Zhou Yuan, your old friends have come to visit. Are you busy?”

The three middle-aged men were all lords of peaks in the Radiant Saint Hall. They all had seven-colored soulcores.

In the past, they did not need to announce their arrival when they came to visit the lord of the Snowfall Peak. They would directly set foot on the mountain.

But now, Zhou Yuan had become one of Donglin Yanxue’s nine retainers; it was extremely likely for him to enter the Tower of Radiance. His status differed greatly from before, so the three of them were unable to visit him as liberally as they used to.

The three peak lords waited there. However, before Zhou Yuan could answer them, the first disciple of the Snowfall Peak, Zhou Mu, had come to receive them.

Zhou Mu was a man who looked to be in his thirties. He had a calm and cool personality and possessed quite a bit of talent. He had only been cultivating for around two thousand years, yet he already possessed a four-colored soulcore. He had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed when he had a three-colored soulcore. The lord of the Snowfall Peak took the most pride in this disciple.

“Zhou Mu greets the three peak lords. The three peak lords have come at a bad time. My teacher is not on the Snowfall Peak right now,” Zhou Mu clasped his fist politely.

“What? Zhou Yuan is not on the Snowfall Peak? Where did he go then?” The three peak lords were surprised.

Zhou Mu hesitated before replying, “In a few days, the competition between the Chosen Saints will begin. Teacher is preparing for that right now, so he has already left the Radiant Saint Hall to buy some saint artifacts that will increase his strength.”

“If that’s the case, we won’t trouble you anymore. Let’s go.”

The three peak lords became disappointed. They did not set foot on the Snowfall Peak, turning around and leaving instead.

A figure silently emerged from the dense mist after the three of them left. He seemed to be in his twenties, and his appearance was nothing special. He did not stand out at all.

He was Jian Chen, who had disguised himself as Chang Yang.

“The lord of the Snowfall Peak has actually left the Radiant Saint Hall…” Jian Chen stared at the Snowfall Peak from afar. He did not use the senses of his soul, only his regular, superior senses to listen in on the entire conversation between Zhou Mu and the three peak lords.

“Perfect,” a gleam of vicious light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He hid in the clouds again and vanished as if he was never there in the first place. No one discovered his presence.

Afterwards, Jian Chen concealed his presence. He did not register his leave in the Foreign Affairs Hall. Instead, he avoided everyone and left the Radiant Saint Hall like a ghost.

With his current cultivation, even the Godkings stationed in the Foreign Affairs Hall would not be able to discover him at all if he really wanted to remain hidden. As a result, no one knew about his departure.

Jian Chen continued to cover up his tracks after leaving the Radiant Saint Hall. With a flash, he disappeared into a bush several hundred thousand kilometres away from the Radiant Saint Hall.

A while later, he reemerged. This time, he was dressed in black robes, and his appearance had undergone an overwhelming change. He disguised himself as an especially burly man who stood over two metres tall. He had quite the vicious face.

It was impossible for anyone to connect his current stature with the Radiant Saint Masters that had delicate bodies.

“Although the lord of the Snowfall Peak ventured out, no one knows where he is with how vast the Desolate Plane is. As a result, I can only wait for him in a place he must pass to return to the Radiant Saint Hall,” Jian Chen stared into the distance as his gaze became piercing. They shone with astonishing killing intent.

“I can’t let the lord of the Snowfall Peak return to the Radiant Saint Hal alive this time,” thought Jian Chen. Then he pushed off the ground with his feet as the Laws of Strength revolved around him. Like a loose arrow, he turned into a black streak of light and shot off into the distance with lightning speed. He instantly vanished into the horizon.

In the end, Jian Chen stopped when he was far enough from the Radiant Saint Hall. Afterwards, he found a place to hide and carefully concealed his presence. He waited for his prey silently.

Zhou Yuan had to pass this place to return to the Radiant Saint Hall. Regardless of where he went, he would definitely come here once he wanted to return to the Radiant Saint Hall.

Jian Chen’s wait lasted for three days.

Three days later, peak lord Zhou Yuan dressed in his white robes appeared in a teleportation formation within a bustling city that was closest to the Radiant Saint Hall. He walked out excitedly, and without any hesitation, he immediately took to the air and headed back to the Radiant Saint Hall.

“This trip was worth it. It was completely worth it. I didn’t come out for nothing. Although I’ve basically used up all my savings, I’ve managed to buy this. It’s all worth it.”

“With this, my battle prowess will be no weaker than those Radiant Saint Masters with mid seven-colored soulcores. Although my cultivation is the lowest among the nine of us, my battle prowess is probably enough for me to rank in the top three as long as I use this…”

The peak lord was overjoyed. He had indeed benefited greatly from this trip. It was enough for him to stand out, make a name for himself, and become renowned during the competition between the candidates that everyone paid attention to.

To him, this was a great honour.

Moreover, this honour would only be the start to his wonderful future.

The peak lord left the city very soon. He flew in the sky using Radiant Saint Force. There were no teleportation formations he could use for the remainder of the journey, so he could only fly slowly.

However, when the peak lord flew over a barren mountain range, a black figure suddenly shot up and directly blocked his path.

“Sir, who are you? Why do you block my path?” The peak lord came to a halt as he frowned impatiently.

He was in a hurry to return to the Radiant Saint Hall right now to make his final preparations for the competition between the candidates. He was unwilling to waste any time when every second mattered.

“Zhou Yuan, you’ve forgotten about me so soon?”

The person who blocked Zhou Yuan was Jian Chen, who had disguised himself as a burly man. He stared at Zhou Yuan and sneered. At the same time, his gaze became piercing.

The peak lord was filled with doubt because he was certain that he did not know this black-robed man. However, when he felt the man’s piercing gaze, his heart actually lurched. His heart began to beat faster as he became rather afraid of making eye contact with this person.

“That gaze seems to be rather familiar,” thought the peak lord. Very soon, he shuddered violently and immediately stared at the man in disbelief. He felt emotional turmoil as he cried out, “Y- you’re…”

At that moment, he finally recalled the owner of this familiar gaze. It was the gaze that Chang Yang revealed when the peak lord defeated the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Han Xin.

Chang Yang clearly only had a one-colored soulcore, but he had now completely transformed into a fighter who gave off the presence of a Godking surrounded by the Laws of Strength. Immediately, the peak lord was covered in cold sweat; he was dumbfounded.

He clearly understood what it meant to be both a fighter and Radiant Saint Master.

However, before the peak lord had time to think more about it, Jian Chen had already struck out decisively. His hand directly moved towards Zhou Yuan’s head.

Not only did the palm strike contain the strength of his thirteenth layer Chaotic Body, but it was also amplified by the Laws of Strength. As a result, despite not using the Laws of the Sword, his attack resembled a strike from the Primordial realm. The air rumbled as he struck out; space shook.

The peak lord’s expression changed drastically. He could not dodge or react in time. He could only watch Jian Chen’s hand approach him.


Jian Chen’s hand landed on the peak lord’s head without any suspense. Not only did the peak lord’s head directly explode from the terrifying power of the Chaotic Body amplified by the Laws of Strength, but the force of the attack even reduced his body to mincemeat.

The lord of the Snowfall Peak, Zhou Yuan, had died from the first strike!

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