Chapter 2287: Vice-leader Xuan Zhan (Two)

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Chapter 2287: Vice-leader Xuan Zhan (Two)

Xuan Ming was sitting on the floor of the second floor in the Anatta Tower. Currently, he was devoting himself to cultivation. Dense, sacred Radiant Saint Force enveloped him as the Laws of the Hallowed revolved about his surroundings. He was trying his best to condense a soultree.

This was because an extremely powerful demon threatened the lives of Hallowed Saint Masters who reached peak Radiant Godking. As a result, Xuan Ming did not dare to leave this place unless he broke through. He did not dare to go outside and would prefer permanent restriction.

As a result, only by breaking through and condensing a soultree, reaching something akin to the Primordial realm for fighters, would he recover his freedom.

“Xuan Ming!”

At this moment, Jian Chen condensed an illusionary figure using the sliver of his soul and appeared before Xuan Ming silently. At this moment, he was forced to disturb Xuan Ming’s cultivation. He roused Xuan Ming with a gentle call.

“Brother Jian Chen! Haha, long time no see. Oh right, how’s the situation outside right now? Have you avoided the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s pursuit? Have you made it onto the Desolate Plane?” Xuan Ming stopped cultivating and asked several questions immediately. In particular, his eyes lit up with undisguised eagerness when he mentioned the Desolate Plane.

“I’m already on the Desolate Plane,” said Jian Chen.

Xuan Ming’s face immediately lit up when he heard that. He said in excitement, “Really? You’re already on the Desolate Plane? Fantastic, this is just fantastic. Oh right. Brother Jian Chen, where are you on the Desolate Plane right now? C- can you…” Xuan Ming paused and began to hesitate.

Jian Chen smiled and said, “Xuan Ming, if there’s anything you want to say, just say it.”

After hesitating for a while, Xuan Ming gritted his teeth and clasped his fist at Jian Chen before saying, “Brother Jian Chen, can you pay a visit to the Radiant Saint Hall and tell my father I’m still alive and safe right now? After all, it has already been far too long since I left the Desolate Plane. I’ve cut off all contact with my father to avoid being discovered by the great demon for all these years. My father has no idea that I’m well right now.”

“Naturally. However, your father is one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall. He stands supreme. It’s not that easy for me to see him,” Jian Chen agreed without any hesitation. Xuan Ming’s request happened to align with his needs.

“That’s easy!” Xuan Ming bit his finger to draw blood and placed a droplet of it in a jade bottle before passing it to Jian Chen. He said, “Hallowed Saint Masters at my father’s level are extremely sensitive to their bloodline. Jian Chen, take this jade bottle and open it near the Radiant Saint Hall. As long as my father is in the Radiant Saint Hall, he’ll sense it.”

Jian Chen stowed the bottle away. After some thought, he said, “Just this isn’t enough. If your father misunderstands me and thinks that I obtained this droplet of blood through other means, I’ll be in trouble.”

“Then let me write a letter and tell my father that you, Jian Chen, are my best friend,” Xuan Ming immediately took out a jade slip from his Space Ring and began to engrave a message in there with the senses of his soul.

“Hold on. I’m using a different name on the Desolate Plane right now. Don’t use the name Jian Chen. Use Chang Yang instead. Also, don’t mention any details about me to your father. You can’t disclose the existence of this tower either.”

“You must have sensed it. This tower can hide you from the heavenly secrets, so it is an item of great quality. If your father learns about it, who knows if he’ll start targeting me,” Jian Chen warned sternly. He could not afford to be careless when handling this.

Xuan Ming thought Jian Chen was still being hunted down by the Azure Peng King, so he guaranteed, “Brother Jian Chen, you do not need to worry at all. The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance will not dare to take a single step onto the Desolate Plane.” However, Xuan Ming still followed Jian Chen’s request. After he finished writing, he passed the jade slip to Jian Chen for him to check the contents.

After all, he was hiding with Jian Chen’s assistance. He had to listen to Jian Chen for everything. If he angered Jian Chen, he might decide to not go to the Radiant Saint Hall to meet his father.

Jian Chen carefully checked the contents of the jade slip. After confirming several times that there was nothing wrong, he left the second floor with the jade bottle and the jade slip. He arrived on the ninth floor.

Jian Chen moved the droplet of blood to a jade bottle of higher quality on the ninth floor.

No matter how long this blood stays in this bottle, it will be like it was just drawn. As a result, Xuan Ming’s father won’t be able to tell when this blood was drawn and stored in the bottle,” thought Jian Chen. After arranging everything and ensuring that there were no problems, the sliver of his soul finally left the Anatta Tower.

Jian Chen sat in his dwelling as he looked at the jade bottle. He hesitated slightly before opening the bottle cap.

At the same time, two middle-aged men sat before each other within a well-decorated room of the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Xuan Zhan, who do you think will become Chosen Saint this time?” One of the middle-aged men enjoyed the good alcohol leisurely as he asked in a casual tone. He was rather skinny, but his resolute face possessed a dignified presence of supremacy, much like a king. He just seemed to be naturally awe-inspiring.

He was one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall, Mo He.

The middle-aged man referred to as Xuan Zhan seemed especially burly. Just his body alone seemed to possess terrifying amounts of power. His chiselled face seemed cold, and it was enough to cause people to shiver. His gaze was piercing as well. It was difficult to maintain eye contact with him.

There was always worry, sometimes more, sometimes less, on his face; it was like something weighed on his heart permanently.

Xuan Zhan was also one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall. He held great authority in the Radiant Saint Hall, making him an existence second to only the leader himself.

“I have no interest in that. It will be up to their luck as for who emerges victorious,” Xuan Zhan said indifferently. Worry always lingered on his face.

Mo He looked at Xuan Zhan and sighed gently, “You’re worrying about your treasured son again?”

Xuan Zhan said nothing. He looked at the sky outside blankly with his piercing eyes.

Mo He sighed inside when he saw this. He had no idea how to comfort Xuan Zhan. After all, Xuan Ming was Xuan Zhan’s only child. Xuan Zhan had always treasured and spoilt Xuan Ming, raising him with everything that he had. If Xuan Ming had really died, Mo He had no idea how great of an impact it would have on Xuan Zhan.

However, at this moment, Xuan Zhan suddenly shuddered. His eyes immediately shone brightly as he leapt out of his seat. He became fixated on a certain direction as he could not help but show excitement.

In the next moment, he took a step and vanished. As if he had teleported, he left the sacred hall and appeared in the mountains below.

What is Xuan Zhan doing?” Mo He was surprised by Xuan Zhan’s actions. However, he did not follow along. Instead, he sat there to enjoy his rare liquor as he secretly paid attention to everything in the Radiant Saint Hall.

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