Chapter 2691: Exposure of Ability

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Chapter 2691: Exposure of Ability

Jian Chen’s voice was filled with killing intent. It did seem a little like an adult harassing children when he stooped to the level of these measly Godkings. It did not match his identity much at all.

However, every person had a temper, and they could lose it. Chu Jie’s actions had clearly crossed Jian Chen’s bottom line.

If it were just some petty matters, Jian Chen would not be bothered at all. However, since it was about respect and dignity, it was no longer petty.

The dignity of Primordial realm experts could not be impinged on.

Jian Chen raised Chu Jie into the air by the neck. Chu Jie struggled desperately with his feet. He also tried to pry away Jian Chen’s hands instinctively, but he just seemed so powerless before Jian Chen with his cultivation at early Godking.

Moreover, Jian Chen had restricted him with a great power as he gripped Chu Jie’s neck. Under the restriction, Chu Jie’s movement was unaffected, but he had lost control of the power within his body.

At that moment, the surroundings fell silent completely. Jian Chen had moved just too suddenly, so fast that many of the prodigies present were unable to react. All of the prodigies stared at the struggling Chu Jie who had been lifted off his feet by his neck in shock. Their heads had blanked out.

In their opinion, Chu Jie was not one of the particularly powerful Godkings, but he was still a Godking nonetheless. However, he was actually so flimsy before an independent cultivator who was also a Godking. He was so frail. It had completely overturned their prior beliefs.

He Qianqian was surprised as well. She thought about how even if she used her full strength, she would not be able to grab Chu Jie so effortlessly. As a matter of fact, it would take quite some effort for her to defeat him.

Yet, the Yang Yutian who had always maintained a low profile by her side had caught Chu Jie right from the start. He even seemed to have done so leisurely. Clearly, it took him no effort.

How did Yang Yutian suddenly become so powerful? He’s definitely no ordinary Godking.” He Qianqian was shocked.

Yang Yutian is actually so powerful, and from his appearance, he doesn’t seem to be using his full strength. Good. In somewhere as dangerous as the Two World Mountains, we need powerful people like him. The more people like him we have, the more likely we are to emerge from the Two World Mountains alive.” Jin Hong was surprised as well. He stared at Jian Chen and became slightly excited.

“Stop, Yang Yutian. What are you doing? Hurry up and release Chu Jie.” At this moment, a prodigy on good terms with Chu Jie returned to his senses and immediately bellowed out. Several dozen sacrificial Godkings surrounded Jian Chen in an instant.

Perhaps due to being deterred by the strength Jian Chen had suddenly displayed, the prodigy and his people dared not stand too close to Jian Chen when they surrounded him. The prodigy stood behind his guards.

However, he still did not seem to feel safe enough. He immediately called out to the crowd, “Gong Ruize, Zhao Wenbin, Kong Feiyin, our brother is being harrassed, so why don’t you stand forward for him?”

With that, three other prodigies immediately stood forward from the crowd. They all surrounded Jian Chen with some of their own guards.

“Yang Yutian, release Chu Jie immediately and apologise to him. Otherwise, it won’t be our fault when we gang up on you…”

“He’s a mere independent cultivator, yet he’s so arrogant. In my opinion, not only will he have to apologise, but he’ll need to severe his own arm as well. Otherwise, he’ll have to die here today…”

“Chu Jie is our sworn brother. If you dishonour him, you dishonour us, and anyone who dishonours us will die—”

The three prodigies were extremely haughty. Even though Jian Chen’s strength had exceeded all of their expectations, they were still prodigies from peak clans in the Saints’ World after all. They were nurtured by Primordial realm experts since they were young, so their knowledge and insight were extraordinary. They had seen their share of experts before, so the strength Jian Chen had displayed was obviously not enough to frighten them.

Of course, their greatest source of confidence were the sacrificial soldiers they had brought with them from the outside world.

“Although we don’t have any experts from our clans to protect us in the World of the Fallen Beast, once the sacrificial soldiers fall into formation, even some weaker Infinite Primes will struggle against them, let alone Godkings.” The prodigies were all confident. Against Life-devouring Beasts, they would be suppressed by the beasts’ ability to devour life, limiting the advantages of the sacrificial soldiers drastically. However, there was nothing to worry about against cultivators.

With their interference, He Qianqian’s face changed. If it were only the Chu family, she would be able to hold them off, but now that four other large organisations had shown up, she felt rather helpless.

Surrounded by over a hundred Godkings, Jian Chen remained composed. He said coldly, “You slow-witted lot. Since you are asking to be disgraced, I’ll give you what you want.” With that, he tossed Chu Jie aside like a dead dog. Chu Jie knocked down three trees before landing on the ground. All of his joints had almost been dislocated, and he struggled to stand up again.

Jian Chen immediately vanished, appearing before the four prodigies who stood behind their guards. He raised his hand and dealt out four slaps.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

With the four crisp sounds, the four prodigies suffered the same fate as Chu Jie. They had been slapped away mercilessly, with half their faces reduced to a bloody pulp. The guards they had brought were basically useless.

“Yang Yutian, y- y- ptui, you actually hit us…” A prodigy struggled to his feet and spat out a mouthful of blood and shattered teeth. He pointed at Jian Chen with a trembling hand as his eyes turned bloodshot like a wild beast.

That’s impossible. We’re both Godkings, so how did he knock me away in a single strike? I couldn’t even react.” The three other prodigies were much calmer. They closely recalled what had happened earlier. As they felt humiliated, they also broke out in cold sweat.

“Oh no, protect the young master…”

“Everyone, kill that person…”

At the same time, bellows rang out from among the sacrificial soldiers. All of them began to move, drawing supreme quality saint artifacts as they charged at Jian Chen.

“Reckless.” Jian Chen snorted coldly. He formed a sword with his finger, and immediately, a silver-white stream shot out. He had condensed a sword from a simple strand of sword Qi.

He waved his sword, and a crescent sword Qi immediately shot out. Wherever it passed by, the space distorted and pulsed.

Under the pulsing of space, the sword Qi suddenly erupted in speed, travelling several times faster. It passed through eight Godkings at an unbelievable pace.

The eight Godkings only felt their waists scream out in agony. In the next moment, their bodies separated. They had been bisected along their waist.

However, they were not dead. As long as their souls remained intact, they could recover from flesh wounds.

Jian Chen clearly had no intentions of killing them. He had only injured them and did not target their souls.

“Fall into formation!” Having witnessed Jiann Chen’s strength, the other guards reacted immediately. They quickly gathered together and prepared a formation.

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