Chapter 2735: The Seventh Hall Master

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Chapter 2735: The Seventh Hall Master

The emperor of the Darkstar race is within the imperial palace. Although his cultivation remains at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, his presence is so powerful that it’s completely on par to First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes.” Jian Chen’s eyes deepened as he gazed at the imperial palace. The high quality god artifact divine hall was severely damaged and coupled with the fact that the Darkstar Emperor never tried to keep his presence hidden, Jian Chen was able to sense his presence even when seated in the establishment.

Of course, not everyone could sense it like Jian Chen, unless their senses were as powerful as his.

As for him, he used the effects of the mask to hide himself completely. Unless there were Grand Primes who stood at the very peak, no one could see through him.

The Darkstar Emperor really is powerful. I’m still not his opponent right now.” Jian Chen became slightly cautious. In the Darkstar race, the only existence he feared was the Darkstar Emperor.

I can’t sense Sacredfeather’s presence. However, I’m certain he’s in the imperial palace. He’s so important to the Darkstar race that perhaps the Darkstar Emperor’s watching over him personally,” Jian Chen felt some pity. However, he dared not to look through the imperial palace carelessly with the senses of his soul. If the Darkstar Emperor sensed him, saving Sacredfeather would instead become even more difficult.

Afterwards, he looked below the imperial palace, at the ten divine halls that also hovered in the air.

The ten divine halls were humongous. They all differed in appearance and were all low quality god artifacts. They were also severely damaged, with their artifact spirits dead. They barely had any power remaining.

Even without investigation, Jian Chen knew the ten divine halls were the ten absolute existences only second to the Darkstar Emperor in the Darkstar race.

The structure of authority in the Darkstar race was very simple. The Darkstar Emperor reigned on top as the paramount ruler, while below him were the ten divine halls.

The Darkstar Emperor normally did not manage anything, so the various matters in the Darkstar race were handled by the ten divine halls below. As for the ten divine halls, each of them would wield power for a thousand years.

This millenia just happened to be the seventh divine hall’s turn!

Below the ten divine halls were the thirty-six cities.

Under that were various small towns and villages.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed and turned towards one of the divine halls. He saw a Primordial realm expert of the Darkstar race emerge from the divine hall on the floating square in front. His face was frigid and he quickly made his way over to the teleportation formation with several dozen Godkings. Afterwards, there was a flash of light and he had already departed this place.

A Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. He’s left through the teleportation formation in such a hurry, so he should be going to the Darknight City,” Jian Chen thought. He looked at the divine hall. That should have been the divine hall currently in power, the seventh divine hall.

The imperial palace was being watched over by the Darkstar Emperor, so Jian Chen would never probe it so easily. However, there were no qualms with the ten divine halls below.

The senses of his soul extended over slowly, approaching the seventh divine hall. He was extremely careful.

His soul had changed after fusing with the sliver of Chaotic Force. Under his purposeful concealment, it would be very difficult to discover his existence unless the disparity in strength was just too great.

The ten divine halls of the Darkstar race actually do not have any defensive measures like inscriptions or formations. Even the imperial palace does not appear to give off any energy pulses of formations. Seems like they’ve had it easy for far too long. But that’s good too. It’ll save me quite a lot of trouble,” Jian Chen rejoiced inside, but at a closer thought, it made sense. The Darkstar race was rigidly stratified and they were not under any external threat either. With the paramount status of the ten divine halls and the imperial palace, was there anyone bold enough to snoop around with the senses of their souls?

In such a safe environment, the outcome would be the same even if they had defensive formations.

Moreover, the Darkstar World was not a complete world. It originated from a colossal beast. The production of the veins of energy were limited, so avoiding the use of formations would instead save some energy.

The senses of Jian Chen’s soul entered the seventh divine hall easily. Although there were no formations or inscriptions there, he could not afford to be careless even in the slightest. He carefully made his way deeper and also made preparations to pull out at any time.

There were several tens of thousand people inside the seventh divine hall, ranging from Gods to Godkings. They all had their own jobs, workers in perfect arrangement, responsible for recording and managing the various miscellaneous matters within the Darkstar race.

In the depths of the divine hall, Jian Chen sensed the pulses of the presence of three Infinite Primes. From the strength of the strongest, it should have reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, while the other two were at the Third and Fourth Heavenly Layer.

Coupled with the one that left earlier, the seventh divine hall already has four Infinite Primes, and I don’t even know whether it’s all of them. If all ten divine halls are like this, the Darkstar race probably has close to fifty Infinite Primes, or even more.” Jian Chen became rather surprised by the calculation. With so many Primordial realm experts gathered together, he had to avoid them as well.

This was because the Primordial realm experts here were different from the Saints’ World. Anyone who could reach the Primordial realm in such an environment all possessed great willpower, great wisdom and great fortune. They were prodigies amongst prodigies, and they had remained at their current realms for an extremely long amount of time.

If they were in the Saints’ World, any Primordial realm expert of the Darkstar race could challenge those at higher cultivation levels.

The Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime should be the seventh hall master. I have to treat him like a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime from the Saints’ World at the very least,” Jian Chen thought and immediately became even more careful.

As he ventured deeper, Jian Chen captured the conversation between the three Infinite Primes.

“Please don’t worry, hall master. Since Duff has already ventured to the Darknight city personally, nothing will happen to the droplet of the divine beast’s essence blood allocated there. Even if the city lord of Darknight City, Bai Jin, has experienced a mishap and passed away in the Two World Mountains, Duff should be able to retrieve the droplet of essence blood with his strength…” The Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime said in the depths of the seventh divine hall.

Jian Chen could only hide his senses carefully by remaining far away, afraid of approaching them. As a result, he did not know how these people looked like. He could only capture their voices that had carried over.

“It’ll be all fine and dandy if the essence blood really can be retrieved. But if it can’t, how am I supposed to face the emperor? Both of you know exactly how important the matters connected to the essence blood are. If something really does happen, sigh…” The seventh hall master said sternly, with a tinge of worry.

But soon afterwards, the seventh hall master seemed to think of something. He suddenly emitted an icy-cold killing intent and his voice coldened as well, “An outsider seems to be the perpetrator of everything that happened in the Darknight City. These outsiders have caused quite the problem for my race this time. Send orders to the Hundred Saint City to execute all of imprisoned outsiders. Leave none alive…”

“Execute all of them? Hall master, t- this doesn’t seem too wise. After all, our race still needs to rely on them to supply us with some resources from the outside world,” said the Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“Hmph. The day of the great ceremony is approaching. If we don’t clean up the outsiders now, they’ll definitely affect our great ceremony drastically. The Darknight City’s the best example with what they’ve done. Although some of the resources from the outside world are crucial to our race, how can they compare to our great ceremony?” The seventh hall master said coldly.

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