Chapter 274 – Friends Through Fighting

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Chapter 274: Friends Through Fighting

The young lord stared gravely at Jian chen and said sternly, “Your sword is quite fast, and dodging your blows is becoming too tiring for me to continue doing. Since you were able to force me to use my ultimate defense, you are qualified to be my rival. From here on out, I’ll use my entire strength, prepare yourself!”

Brandishing his Light Wind Sword so that the tip of the sword was pointed toward the ground. His eyes stared at the young lord for a moment before saying, “Make your move!”

The young lord’s eyes gained a dangerous gleam of light before he grew serious. “Earth Storm!” Suddenly, a rich amount of earth Saint Force flew from his body and instantly transformed the earth and dust around Jian Chen and him into a dust storm ten meters in circumference.

Jian Chen’s visibility was limited so that he could only see the earth Saint Force and not even his hands. Everywhere he turned, he couldn’t see more than an inch in front of him; the sight reminded of Jian Chen of being stuck in a quagmire. There was an uncomfortable feeling that seemed as if it was restricting his movements and made him slightly cautious.

“Could this be a battle skill? What a strange one.” Jian Chen muttered to himself. All of a sudden, his eyes flashed once before stabbing forward with his Light Wind Sword.

“Ding!” Following a metallic sound, a sword that was previously hidden in the dust storm was revealed. Knocked away by the force of the Light Wind Sword, the dust storm began to waver before Jian Chen’s sword then struck out in quick succession once more.

Outside the dust storm, none of the spectators were able to see what was transpiring inside. They could only hear the continuous stream of weapons clashing against each other. The dust storm continued to ravage the area with an erratic pattern that felt as if it would dissipate at any moment.

On the other side, the Tianqin clan’s guardians all looked with an unwavering gazes at the dust storm. The outstanding young lord of the Tianqin clan versus the foreign youth, just which one of the two was stronger?

Some of the guardians had a worried look on their faces as they continued to wait. The genius that was the young lord of the Tianqin clan was their pride and joy. The guardians of the clan definitely did not wish for their pride and joy to be beaten by an even younger youth.

Even the young woman that was standing within the carriage couldn’t help but stare relentlessly at the two men fight within the dust storm. Despite not knowing just what was happening inside, she knew from the state of the dust storm that her elder brother was not doing well.

“Guardian, this disturbance is because of you, when we return back to the compound, you and the rest will be punished.” The lady complained to the guardian with a strict tone.

Upon hearing those words, the guardians all grew white as they started to panic. The patriarch of the Tianqin clan doted upon the second miss as if she were the favorite daughter. If she were to say some choice words to the patriarch, then there would be a fierce punishment to be had.

With that thought, a few of the guardians began to panic before apologizing, “The second miss’ lesson is just. This is the fault of our guardians, when we return we will receive our punishment in the punishment hall.”

At that moment, the dust storm shook once more erratically before the dust storm grew faint, revealing the situation inside.

Jian Chen stood at the center with his sword in his right hand pointing down toward the ground. Five meters away from him, the armored young lord stood with his giant sword stabbed into the ground.

While there didn’t seem to be a difference after fighting since both combatant’s clothes were still completely intact, but those with good eyes were able to see that the earthen armor on the young lord was dimmer than before. The flow of earth Saint Force that had been there before had all but disappeared.

Reabsorbing his sword, the young lord smiled at Jian Chen, “Not bad, your strength is quite strong. In this generation, you are the only one who made me feel that a loss was inevitable. I, Qin Xiao, accept my defeat.”

Reabsorbing his own sword, Jian Chen cupped his hands toward the young lord, “The lord is too polite. This battle was a draw, a conclusive outcome is far too early to say!” From the words of the young lord, Jian Chen had concluded that he was a straightforward person.

“A loss is a loss, there is nothing humiliating about it at all. I, Xiao Qin, am not a sore loser.” Waving his hand, the young lord spoke with a casual tone about the battle.

At this, Jian Chen’s opinion of the young changed drastically. He now started to see him in a more respectful light.

The young lord cupped his hands in respect, “What might be the name of fellow brother and which teacher have you studied under? With the strength you have at such a young age, there is no way you are a nameless person.”

Cupping his hands, Jian Chen replied, “The young lord praises too much. This one is named Jian Chen. My master is a nameless hermit within one of the deep mountain ranges.”

Qin Xiao walked up to Jian Chen. His physique was so defined that Jian Chen in comparison seemed very fragile. With the two standing next to each other, the difference was far too clear.

Slapping Jian Chen’s shoulder, Qin Xiao said, “Brother Jian Chen, just call me Qin Xiao. That way, it’ll sound much better to me. Everyone within my clan calls me that.” With that, he stopped speaking for a second before saying, “Brother Jian Chen, you are the first one in a generation to defeat me. I, Qin Xiao, truly admire that. Thus, I would like to invite you to my Tianqin clan as a guest, would you do me the honor?”

“This…” There was a surprised look on Jian Chen’s face as he hesitated for a moment. He hadn’t thought that he would suddenly be invited to be the guest of the Tianqin clan. He had only just arrived at Walaurent City and so he wasn’t familiar with the clan. He had only just learned of the clan not too long ago, and while the young lord seemed to be quite honest and straightforward, with this recent fight, if there was someone within the clan that harbored hard feelings then Jian Chen would be like a sheep walking into the den of a tiger.”

However, Qin Xiao didn’t even wait for Jian Chen to make a decision and pulled Jian Chen’s shoulder in a friendly manner to walk with him. “Let’s go, brother Jian Chen. The moment I first saw you I knew it was fate, let us go back to the compound and have a chat.”

The young lady who had been standing there looked at her elder brother who was holding Jian Chen close by as if he was his sworn brother with disbelief. What was even more unbelievable was that this was the first time that she had seen her elder brother treat such a person like a good friend.

Seeing how the relationship between the young lord Qin Xiao and Jian Chen changed for the better so quickly, the guardians who had previously looked at the fight looked at each other in disbelief. The one who had wanted to kill Ming Dong looked especially anxious. His face grew worrisome as his face scrunched up. When he had first recklessly tried to cast the blame, he had began to regret everything.

The Tianqin clan was an incredibly influential clan within Walaurent City. They could be said to be the number one clan in the city, and even the lord of the city was of the Tianqin clan as well as being the younger brother of the patriarch.

Even though they were the number one clan in Walaurent City, the Tianqin clan’s main compound was not in the middle of the city. Instead, they were on the edge of the city in one of the more elegant parts where there was a nice manor house. Around the manor, work had been done so that a stream of river flowed around it with countless of fragrant plants surrounding it as well. The mysterious fragrance was so strong that anyone who smelled it would be instantly awakened from their slumber.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong both accepted Qin Xiao’s invitation and walked alongside him. On the road, Qin Xiao continued to talk with Jian Chen about matters concerning his clan. However, none of which were anything confidential and were anything that anyone living Walaurent City could find out.

The Tianqin clan already had four hundred years of history. Ever since their foundation, they had resided within Walaurent City and silently grew. After four hundred years, their strength had reached an incredibly strong level beyond anyone’s comprehension. Even the young lord of the Tianqin clan, Qin Xiao only knew a thin layer of it.

The Tianqin clan had initially been founded by two people, thus the Tianqin clan was separated into two veins. One vein was called the “Tian”, the other was called the “Qin”. Both were of equal status and power. They would help each other all for the sake of the betterment of the Tianqin clan.

Walking into the compound, Jian Chen continued to look around himself. In his heart, he couldn’t help but compare it to his Changyang clan. Noticing that the clan guards were quite strict like his clan, it was still quite different from his Changyang clan in general.

Turning his head to his sister, Qin Xiao spoke up, “Second sister, since it’s been quite long since your return, you should go see father. After so long, father has been worried.”

The second sister of the Qin family stood quietly behind her elder brother. Both of her bright eyes blinked in a curious manner as she looked at Jian Chen’s back.

“Yes, I know. Elder brother, please go receive the guest while I go see father.” The second sister then walked away with two maids, leaving Jian Chen and her elder brother alone.

Within the Tianqin clan’s compound, Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Qin Xiao sat within his personal compound and talked over some wine and fine food. The aroma of exotic fragrances could be smelled as it tempted everyone’s appetite. On the side, there were a few maids pouring wine for the three.

“Brother Jian Chen, you are the first person I, Qin Xiao, have truly admired. You are the very first person that has beaten me within Walaurent City in this generation and forced me to accept my defeat. Come, let us have a toast.” Qin Xiao said as he raised his cup into the air.


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