Chapter 2744: News

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Chapter 2744: News

Gong Ruize, who had been blown away by a punch from Jin Hong, stood up with some difficulty. He wiped away the sliver of blood from the corner of his mouth and roared furiously at Jin Hong, “Jin Hong, stop spewing bullsh*t! Who said we wanted to destroy the sliver of power from Yang Yutian’s soul? We just wanted to confirm whether Yang Yutian had died in the depths of the Two World Mountains. Instead, you’ve injured me all of a sudden. Do you really think that our Gong family is that easy to walk over?”

When he reached there, Gong Ruize’s entire presence suddenly changed. He suddenly looked behind him and yelled out, “Where are the sacrificial soldiers loyal to our Gong family?”

With that, the presences of several hundred Godkings immediately erupted from behind. The sacrificial soldiers of the Gong family all stood up, gathering behind Gong Ruize.

These several hundred sacrificial soldiers were the source of Gong Ruize’s great confidence, because they had all grasped formations that the Gong family had passed down to them. A formation composed of several hundred sacrificial soldiers could rival a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“Jin Hong, I’ve been sent into the World of the Fallen Beast by my clan, so I represent our Gong family. You’ve attacked me recklessly and even injured me. You’ve severely provoked the dignity of our Gong family. I can ignore what happened just then, but if you continue getting in my way, you can’t blame me for ignoring the bigger picture,” Gong Ruize said coldly. Now that he had emerged from the Two World Mountain, he was safe. He no longer believed he needed assistance from anyone else anymore, so his confidence obviously swelled up.

Although Jin Hong’s identity as the successor of a Grand Exalt brought him great respect, he had yet to grow to a point where the Gong family had to take him seriously. If Jin Hong did not purposefully get in his way, he obviously would have respected Jin Hong as well, but now that Jin Hong had already injured him, Gong Ruize would never remain silent in the face of humiliation anymore.

Jin Hong did not become angered over Gong Ruize’s haughtiness. His expression did not change at all, but his aura did become even stronger. He said nonchalantly, “Ignore the bigger picture? Gong Ruize, I’m not going to threaten you. I just want to make it clear to you that if you really do forget the bigger picture and ruin everything for all of us for the sake of your personal matters, I, Jin Hong, will personally take your life without any hesitation.” Jin Hong was direct and straightforward and spoke with firm resolve. He was imposing.

With that, not only did Gong Ruize’s expression suddenly change, so did the expressions of over half of the prodigies present.

Over the few months they spent together, everyone gained some understanding towards Jin Hong, so they knew Jin Hong’s personality very well. They knew Jin Hong was not one to boast and he would be serious with anything he said. There were basically no falsehoods in the words that came out of his mouth.

Since he said he would kill Gong Ruize, it meant that he really did have the resolve to do that. He was not just trying to frighten him.

Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect said as well, “Gong Ruize, don’t forget about your identity. If I remember correctly, the greatest figure that your branch in the clan depends on is a great elder, an Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. Who knows how many descendents the great elder has who are countless generations from him, just like you. The funny part is that even the ancestor of your branch can’t represent the Gong family, so what right do you have?”

Ping Yingsheng paused, before continuing, “Let me just say something unpleasant. Even if I kill you right here and now, what can your ancestor do to me? Is he supposed to kill me in revenge?”

Gong Ruize’s expression darkened. He stared at Ping Yisheng coldly, but that was all he could do. He could not refute him.

In terms of status, he was indeed lower than Ping Yisheng, because the greatest figure in his branch was just a great elder, just as Ping Yisheng had said. In the Gong family, great elders still had to follow the arrangements of their Grand Prime ancestor.

As for Ping Yisheng, he was a direct disciple of the current sect master of the Empirelotus Sword sect. The sect master might not have been particularly powerful, but his master was the Grand Prime ancestor of the Empirelotus Sword sect.

The ancestor behind Gong Ruize was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime great elder, while Ping Yisheng’s grandmaster was a Grand Prime. There was no point in comparing statuses.

“It’s true that just Gong Ruize alone can’t scare you off, but what if you include us?” With that, Kong Feiying, Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi and Zhou Wenbin all walked over, standing in a row with Gong Ruize.

Over half of the prodigies present watched on like it was all just a show. None of them were concerned with Gong Ruize and the others’ personal grievances with Yang Yutian, as well as Jin Hong’s treatment of them. They would not interfere.

As a result, the five of them formed a group. Coupled with the Godking sacrificial soldiers behind them, they formed a force to be reckoned with.

Jin Hong remained unfazed. He glanced past Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Wenbin and Zhou Zhi. His gaze that had remained indifferent the entire time actually now shone with some coldness.

“He Qianqian, why don’t you give the divine hall to me to hold on for now? I’d like to see who’s bold enough to take things from me.” After a moment of silence, Jin Hong suddenly said to He Qianqian. His voice became rather cold.

He Qianqian obviously did not turn him down, agreeing to give the divine hall to him, because if the divine hall remained in her hands, she would be outnumbered and easily overpowered against the five of them if they insisted on taking it from her.

And, Jin Hong’s tone made He Qianqian understand that he was angry. Jin Hong who had remained at ease the entire time had lost his temper for the first time.

“Oh no! Oh no! There’s bad news!” At this moment, a frantic voice rang out. One of the sacrificial soldiers who had been sent out to gather news had returned. As soon as he saw Jin Hong and the others, he immediately reported, “There’s bad news. The Hundred Saint City has been completely occupied by the Darkstar race. Everyone that our various clans has stationed in the Hundred Saint City has been slain.”

The news was like a pack of explosives, shaking up everyone’s hearts. All of the prodigies changed drastically in expression.

Even though they already knew that something had probably happened to the Hundred Saint City, they never imagined it to be so horrible. The Hundred Saint City had actually been occupied by the Darkstar race and the people stationed there by their clans were all slain? Was the Darkstar race planning on declaring war against them?

“That’s impossible. We don’t have any particular big grievances with the Darkstar race. Why would they do that?”

Many of the prodigies became dumbfounded, struggling to accept the reality. Even though they had mentally prepared themselves, they never thought the situation would be so severe.

The sudden news disturbed everyone. At that moment, no one could care about Yang Yutian anymore. Only a single message resounded through their heads. The Hundred Saint City had already become occupied by the Darkstar race.

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