Chapter 2747: The Medicinal Garden

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Chapter 2747: The Medicinal Garden

“Kun Tian, have you even forgotten about me? Think carefully. Recall as hard as you can,” The tenth hall master Feng Xue said rather sorrowfully. She struggled to believe that Kun Tian had just lost his memories like this.

This was because this was the Darkstar World. The Darkstar World was not a complete world. It was only a miniature world formed within a planetary beast. The variety of cultivation resources it could produce were nowhere as rich as the Saints’ World. As a matter of fact, due to the environment, some special heavenly resources could not even be grown in the Darkstar World.

The Darkstar World severely lacked heavenly resources that could influence the soul, because it was just impossible for them to produce heavenly resources like that. They could only rely on outsiders to bring them in.

However, the grades of all the heavenly resources brought in from outside would have heavily restricted.

As a Primordial realm expert, regular heavenly resources were insufficient for Kun Tian. Feng Xue was obviously extremely worried about how Kun Tian would recover.

Afterwards, the second hall master Arna, the tenth hall master Feng Xue and the three vice hall masters under Kun Tian tried various methods to repair ‘Kun Tian’s’ memories, but the results only disappointed them.

They discovered that Kun Tian’s memory had been wiped clean. Aside from remembering the Land of Soul Destruction, he had truly forgotten everything else. He had even forgotten the things that he had held onto deeply in the past.

The people in the hall all sighed at this sight. The second and tenth hall masters originally wanted to properly congratulate Kun Tian on his successful breakthrough, but they could only give up on that thought now.

The second and tenth hall masters did not stay for long. They left very soon.

With their departure, only Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin remained in the large hall of the fifth divine hall.

Disguised as Kun Tian, Jian Chen lowered his head and sank into his thoughts, while Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin stood there silently, because they had no idea what to say now that their hall master could not recall anything of the past.

“Were the three of you once my subordinates?” Jian Chen ended up being the one to break the silence. He did his best to act like he knew and understood nothing at all as he asked the three of them.

“Yes, hall master!” Dou Wujin replied. Within the Darkstar race, the vice hall masters all had to follow the hall master’s command, so they were basically his subordinates.

“Hall master? What’s this hall master thing about? Tell me about myself from the past. I can’t remember anything…” Jian Chen said in a vexed fashion.

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin looked at each other, before all chiming in, telling him about Kun Tian’s past. They spent a very long time, basically going through everything they knew regarding Kun Tian, whether big or small.

In particular, they would go into extremely great detail when they recalled matters that they believed to be extraordinarily significant to Kun Tian. They tried to use these significant matters to stimulate their hall master’s mind, so he could awaken his lost memories.

However, their attempts would definitely be in vain.

From them, Jian Chen actually managed to obtain some useful information. A part of it included that apart from the seventh divine hall, the fourth divine hall had always been on bad terms with their fifth divine hall too.

He also managed to deduce from some minor details that the tenth hall master Feng Xue was a little more than just friends with the fifth hall master Kun Tian.

Of course, Jian Chen was not Kun Tian, so he had no idea just what Kun Tian and Feng Xue’s relationship was, or what level it had reached.

Aside from that, he had even learned about the existence of a treasured land within the Darkstar race that only Primordial realm experts knew about.

This treasured land was actually a place to plant heavenly resources, or as it was known in the outside world, a medicinal garden.

The medicinal garden was treated by the entire upper echelon of the Darkstar race as their greatest piece of property. Even the Darkstar Emperor himself personally took part in the construction of the medicinal garden, using tremendous amounts of resources to cast down an extremely powerful protective formation in its distant outskirts.

“And what’s this blood about? I feel like this isn’t the blood that our race possesses.” With a flip of his hand, he took out fifteen droplets of essence blood from Kun Tian’s Space Ring.

Jian Chen could not help but let heavy killing intent and intense anger flow through him with the appearance of the essence blood. However, he hid it very well, so none of it appeared on the surface.

Just a hall master like Kun Tian possessed fifteen droplets of essence blood. The Darkstar race had a total of ten hall masters. It was obvious. The nine other hall masters must have possessed Sacredfeather’s essence blood as well.

Sacredfeather never had much essence blood to begin with. Now that he had lost so much, Jian Chen began to worry for Sacredfeather’s safety.

Besides, twelve out of the fifteen droplets on Kun Tian had been completely refined already. He could no longer sense any of Sacredfeather’s presence within the essence blood anymore. Instead, the heavy presence of the Darkstar race lingered on it.

It was as if the essence blood had already become part of the Darkstar World, having been imprinted by the Darkstar race.

“Hall master, these are the essence blood of a divine beast. The emperor had personally taken action in the past, capturing a divine beast that had entered from outside. The emperor once stated that the power of the divine beast’s bloodline is tremendous, which would be extremely beneficial to the ceremony of our race…”

The three vice hall masters told him everything they knew, answering all of Jian Chen’s questions in detail. When they felt that Jian Chen was confused by any part, they would automatically explain it to him, even before he could ask about it.

This was because the three of them were deeply convinced he was Kun Tian, without any suspicions over his identity at all. They had not even considered doubting him to be an imposter.

That was because the hall master right in front of them was a legitimate Primordial realm expert with the strength he possessed. The various aspects of him all indicated he was Kun Tian who had just broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

Within the Darkstar race, Primordial realm experts only totalled to several dozen. They were familiar with every single one of them, let alone the fact that the only people able to reach the Sixth Heavenly Layer were hall masters. As a result, it was impossible for any imposters to appear.

As for him being an outsider, they would have never considered that even in their wildest fantasies.

“Divine beast?” Upon hearing that, Jian chen immediately appeared to be interested, but he also made it seem like he knew nothing at all. Only after learning in detail what a divine beast was from the three vice hall masters did he finally ask, “Where has the divine beast been locked up? I suddenly want to see it.”

The three vice hall masters all smiled bitterly with that. Dou Wujin said, “Hall master, the divine beast’s been imprisoned by the emperor personally, while the emperor’s in secluded cultivation as well, so we probably won’t be able to satisfy your request to see it. Moreover, you’ve actually seen the divine beast in the past already. There’s not much to see at all. It’s just a beast with a slightly stronger bloodline and pitiful strength, that’s all.”

“And, the emperor’s drained far too much essence blood from the divine beast, so it’s on its last breath now. It’s only alive due to some heavenly resources, so the divine beast can last until the day of the ceremony. The emperor probably won’t let it out so easily.”

Jian Chen was slightly relieved with that. His greatest worry was Sacredfeather would die before he could rescue him.

But as it seemed now, there would be no threat to Sacredfeather’s life at least until the day of the great ceremony, even though he had lost a lot of essence blood.

As long as he was alive. As long as he was alive. No matter how severe his injuries were, he could recover from them.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s expression changed, because he sensed a tablet suddenly shake violently in Kun Tian’s Space Ring while shining brightly.

At the same time, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin’s expressions changed as well. A similar tablet appeared in all of their hands, all shaking and shining as well.

“It’s a warning from the formation. Something’s happened near the medicinal garden. From the level of warning, it doesn’t seem to be a small matter like usual either.” The three vice hall masters all changed in expression. Dou Wujin immediately clasped his fist at Jian Chen, “Hall master, something must have happened near the medicinal garden. We need to hurry over immediately.”

“Then let’s go.”

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately left the fifth divine hall with the three vice hall masters. He had already heard about the medicinal garden from the three vice hall masters, the thing that the Darkstar race viewed as their most precious treasure. He just happened to want to check it out as well.

When Jian Chen emerged from the fifth divine hall, he could not help but glance at the other nine divine halls. He discovered that it was not just their fifth divine hall, but the hall masters and vice hall masters of the ninth other divine halls had all emerged as well. They all made their way towards the teleportation formation set up on the square in front of their respective divine halls.

All ten divine halls had their own teleportation formation.

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